Ultimate Transformations – the actors who really took their jobs seriously – PART 1

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve been thinking a while now about putting a post up like this. There are likely ten million of these floating around, but it was so much fun (for me) putting up a post that explored the actors and actresses who made incredible changes for their roles. Let me know what you think!

Manu Bennett

Manu Bennet

  1. Manu Bennett as Azog the Defiler

This is more about CGI than anything else, but it is still disconcerting to see the very attractive Deathstroke (Arrow) become so very unattractive. Azog was truly gross and something The Hobbit franchise created disgustingly well (despite its many flaws!)

2. Tom Hardy as many of the characters he chooses to portray

Ah, Tom. He is as talented as he is beautiful, but he has no issues in becoming very intense and doing massive body changes for a role when needs be.

Tom hardy

Tom Hardy in Bronson – I haven’t even seen this. I’ve heard more than once that this film is pretty gross, hence the avoidance. I mean, look at it.


Tom Hardy as Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy star trek

Tom Hardy in Star Trek – I can’t even!


3. Chris Hemsworth

Yep, you KNEW I would go here. Chris tapped into some serious muscle power to become Thor, but even though it broke my heart, he’s turnaround for Into the Sea was even more frightening impressive.


4. Benedict Cumberbatch in Zoolander 2

Yep, it happened.


5. Javier Bardem – Skyfall

*sobs uncontrollably* There are a few hair colors Bardem must never use. Like blonde.

good bardem

Good Bardem,

bad bardem

Bad Bardem

6. Christian Bale, who ties with Tom Hardy as the most insane with body transformations


The cast of 'American Hustle' filming

Bale as Irving Rosenfeld in American Hustle


Bale as Trevor Reznik in the Machinist – this is actually really painful to even look at! 😦

There we go for this round! I’ll put up another one at a later stage – it continues to be amazing (and terrifying) the extent these actors will go to to look the part, especially with the current technology where pretty much anything can be created.

What did you think? Which actor has gone the greatest length in your opinion?

12 thoughts on “Ultimate Transformations – the actors who really took their jobs seriously – PART 1

  1. Great work bestie! I always think Bale does crazy things to his body, but it’s impressive. Looking forward to your next list!

  2. Great post! Really interesting, love the pictures. I had NO IDEA about the actor who played Azog, I mean OMG! Azog really scared me in the Hobbit series lol (the orks always really scare me in those LOTR/Hobbit movies!)

    Bronson is quite a strange film, it’s not like a regular ‘crime/thug’ movie, it’s pretty surreal in places and a bit ‘arty’ even. There are some pretty heavy fight scenes and if I remember rightly you see Tom Hardy’s schlong at one point…!

    Christian Bale is a crazy transformer!!

    • I mean… Right? According to me Manu Bennett is very attractive, and Azog was scary AF. The Orcs scare me too… especially Lurtz in Two Towers. meh!

      I haven’t seen it yet… Is it any good?

      He is crazy – I can’t think it’s a good idea to go that far with your body!

      • Definitely! I know who I’d rather wake up next to lol.

        I didn’t ‘love’ Bronson but that sounds negative, I certainly did enjoy it but it’d never be a favourite film 🙂

  3. Sweetest Kidney,

    I can never unsee that scene from The Machinist. My eye. My fucking eye!


    Uncle Pappy

    • Thank you! It was in my inbox for a while and I needed something to put up – I am way behind on watching movies! So this seemed like a good idea.

      It freaks me out and is so scary to look at 😦

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