Series Review: Arrow Season 2


Rating: 6/10

You might have seen my very snarky review of Season 1 here, and let me tell you, I walked into this with some trepidation. I am deliriously happy (okay, not really so deliriously) to report that most people aren’t stinking liars and that Season 2 is much better than season one. There are notable efforts, both from the cast and the storyline, and it reflects well in the show.

What I liked:


My main man John Diggle is still my main man. He’s awesome. I wish he had his own show. On the one hand I really enjoyed the character development and flashbacks he got but as I mention below, there are way too many arcs at this point.

Felicity Smoak. I still love her, her awkwardness and hilarious commentary. I also noted how short her dresses are becoming, just proving the fact that men can be badass on screen in suits and full outfits whereas women are only allowed tight leather and skimpy dresses.


Slade Wilson. The actor. Goodness. Manu Bennett is massive, impressive and scary as hell. I think he suits Deathstroke quite well. I don’t blame him for wanting to kick Oliver’s ass, I really don’t. He looks impressive in a suit too *super innocent whistling*


Kevin Alejandro as Sebastian Blood. The character had a lot of potential and I wish Alejandro can get some permanent fixture somewhere – I loved him in True Blood and he also did very well in here. Blood is written well enough and I was never really sure if he was truly bad or just really messed up. He walks a very thin line and his connection to Slade Wilson was unexpected from my side and well done. However, I did not like how bluntly the show ended for him.

What I didn’t like:


There are way too many things going on. We are sitting with Slade Wilson arriving at the party to kick some ass, Sebastian Blood being insane AF, the whole Felicity and Oliver thing, Malcolm being alive and a stealthy assassin to boot, John Diggle entering the management of the Suicide Squad, his flashbacks into Afghanistan, all his relationship dramas, Roy and Thea, their dramas and Roy’s mutation, Sarah Lance returning (saw that one coming a mile away), Moira Queen continuing with making us wonder if she’s bad or if she’s not, Thea’s patronage (FFS man) and Laurel Lance becoming the hugest pain in everyone’s butts. And I’m not even mentioning everything here at this point.

Laurel. UGHHHHH. Why did she have to become the long suffering whining alcoholic petty and selfish character? Over that. Really. Your sister and your boyfriend were tortured for five years and you’re upset that everyone doesn’t love you the most? Go away.

The arc of the CEO of Queen Consolidated. Go away. No acting skills, no sassy, nothing. Go away. Her face is really annoying, but I could have lived with it if she was a better actress.

Overall, Arrow Season 2 is a bit better than Season 1 (That was quite atrocious!). Arrow is much more day time drama and much less the excellence we now rightfully expect from superhero-world.  I started season 3 but it was immediately so awful I couldn’t continue. Who knows, maybe a bit later!


2 thoughts on “Series Review: Arrow Season 2

  1. Oh gosh bestie, I just don’t know if I could ever go back and try with these. EVERYTHING about it pissed me off. Except Deathstroke. Like, he should have had his own show/movie, and Rix and I would have been content. Instead, so much whiny Oliver and Laurel and everyone knowing who he is and bad acting and stupid stories and such bullshit. HOWEVER, that being said, there are few things as entertaining as the Whatsapp messages you send while watching this xD


    • hahaha I have forgotten about #SLAYWILSON – one of my best hashtags 😀 😀 😀

      I started three, but FML, I just couldn’t hey. Maybe a bit later!

      When he says “you have failed this city” I feel constipated. for reals.

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