Movie Review: The Fast and the Furious (2001)


Plot: Los Angeles police officer Brian O’Connor must decide where his loyalties really lie when he becomes enamored with the street racing world he has been sent undercover to destroy.

Rating: 6/10

Mini blog run alert! I will be reviewing the entire Fast and the Furious franchise each Friday for the next seven weeks, starting today. It is one of the most longstanding franchises and one of the most successful ones. It is also the largest case of audiences repeatedly flipping the bird at critics, because the first couple of films have terrible ratings online and yet the films just kept on rolling till everybody couldn’t help but to love and accept them. Today I am reviewing the film that starting everything, the 2001 installment titled The Fast and the Furious.


  • Before we start anything, can we just discuss Lettie’s clothes (especially the shoes?) Life. Changed. Her attitude is also so bad. She doesn’t care what anybody think! I’ve never been a huge fan of Michelle Rodriguez, but she is tailor made for this role – that bad attitude transcends screen and into real life.


  • Oh gosh, Paul Walker, so young and sweet and fresh. His acting is still a bit flaky in this film, but I enjoyed his undercover cop story and falling in love not only with Mia but the whole underground car scene and the strong family ties Dom so obviously believes in.

“I’m in charge” move

  • Dom is so sexy. And feisty and family orientated and badass. That scene where he is introduced he is so impressive looking.
  • I can’t reconcile Dom and Mia (Jordana Brewster) being related. They look nothing alike.
  • I enjoyed Mia’s pretty and clean look in this movie, but not the acting of Jordana Brewster.
  • They try so hard to be ghetto. It is the best. The racial stereotyping is pretty bad in the first few films and I know for sure it would have gotten a lot of flak in today’s hyper sensitive everyone-needs-to-feel-included climate.
  • The cars are ridiculous. I thoroughly laugh and enjoy that you can solve everything in this franchise with a car race!


I’m beginning to realize that I’ve probably only seen four movies at most in this franchise. This certainly felt like the first time I saw this particular movie, but I’m sure I must have seen it as a teenager. The Fast and the Furious is without a doubt really corny, very predictable and sometimes ridiculous, but the franchise has managed to become one of my favorite because it spans so many years and has managed to improve with time

The first installment to this franchise is ridiculously bad. I enjoyed it because I am so fond of Dominic Toretto and his band of misfits, but it is no secret that the series only got much better later on. This movie is still clearly low budget and was probably constructed as a once off event, but it clawed into our hearts and remained there forever.


7 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Fast and the Furious (2001)

  1. I saw this movie in the cinema and have always had a soft spot for it! I enjoy the entire franchise really.

    I found Dom sexy in the film too, not so much the rest but he was haaawt in this 🙂 always loved that scene where he picked up Lettie and put her on the car! His arms!

    Great review Natasha!!! And you’re right about Michelle Rodriguez, she was made for this role lol. She reminds me a little of a bulldog, but a very attractive bulldog.

    • I loooove this franchise. It’s all flaky plots bad acting , bulging muscles and the brotherhood, but gosh, it’s fun. I saw a few of these when they came out, but was surprised that I haven’t seen all of them!

      Hmmm I love those arms! And he has such a sexy voice. I loved him and Lettie together!

      Hahahaha she sure is a very attractive little bull dog. I wonder if she’s as “tough” in real life. Talk about a typecasted actress!

  2. Sweetest Kidney,

    I’ve never been a fan of Diesel so i haven’t seen any of these. I did try watching one with The Rock in it but I thought it kind of sucked so I never finished it. I’m probably the one that sucks but there we have it.


    Uncle Pappy

    • My sweet Uncle Pappy,

      I like Vin for aesthetic reasons mostly, and this franchise grew on me. Maybe like fungi, maybe not.

      You could never suck!


  3. Love, love, love this review!

    Ah man, I loved the shit out of this movie in my teens. You have got me itching to watch these all hahahaha. Come on, not ALL the cars were terrible xD Dom’s Charger was beautiful! Okay, okay, I have to do this run again hahaha.

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