Episode Review: Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 2


Poor Walda has birthed a baby – I really feel so sorry for her and her new son. Ramsay is obviously destined to be the worst older brother ever, especially when Roose Bolton is dumb enough to mention to the son he knows is deranged that should there be an legitimate heir, Ramsay can forget about getting anything. Ramsay is his deplorable self, kills his dad, threatens everyone around him and then proceeds to feed Walda and the baby to his darling dogs. I hope Ramsay’s death is particularly painful when it arrives, but at this point, he’s Lord Bolton and also the Lord of Winterfell. The death count has now risen again, and even though I never appreciated Roose Bolton, I really liked him more than his son.


A look is given again to the Iron Islands, where it rains and rains and rains. Balon is still a bastard, but he gets killed by a new addition – his brother Euron Greyjoy, who swifly disappears to who-knows-where. Yara’s most prominent emotion is anger and at least seems somewhat upset with her father’s death, vowing to avenge him. I say this having not read the books, so if you disagree on that front I actually don’t care, but the Iron Islands arc is just a waste at this point.

In a return of anonymity, there seems to be some progress in Arya’s life when Jaqen appears and she satisfies him by being no one. I hope things look up slightly for her at this point, she’s had a hard time this season.


Tyrion is still dealing with Dany’s bad leadership when he learns that slavery is thriving again in Astapor and the Yunkai. It’s obvious that he’s a privileged white kid, even though he’s a lovable one, because he doesn’t seem to understand how bad slavery is for the slaves. I get that he’s trying to keep the cities from falling apart, but he’s playing with fire – very literally during a scene with the dragons, because I think they wanted to show everyone the dragons again to remind their watchers the GoT actually has dragons. It’s a touching moment with the dragons, and everyone is reminded why they love Tyrion.

Bran is viewing some interesting Winterfell business – I am enjoying this older and more confident Bran at this stage. What he is viewing is hopefully leading up to the R + L = J theory, and this is finally a new development that I’m truly interested in.

Back in King’s Landing everyone is still against each other while they should all be against the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant. Tommen is as useless as his brother was horrible, and even though he apologizes to Cercei and is forgiven, it seems like the new mad woman is almost at peace with the fact that all her children will die.


Castle Black remains one of my favorite places right now, and the Wildlings return is great because it shows that Jon was respected among them and that while they are generally Wild (duh, name); they show loyalty. Jon awakes, causing everyone around the globe to be really happy.

Rating: 6.5/10

Episode 2 was also quite good, still littered with scenes that are just a waste of time right now. I’m still totally invested in Castle Black at this point, and enjoyed Tyrion’s heroic (if MAD) stunt. Bran also has the potential to be interesting, though we will see where that goes.

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