Movies 2016: Worst to Best

The year 2016 will be known for a number of things – an inordinate amount of celebrity deaths and an equally inordinate amount of lackluster movies. Are these two correlated? I’m not convinced its’ not. Anyway, here is my list of movies I watched this year that was released in 2016. It’s not been a good one.


Number 19: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice 6/10


Number 18: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them 6/10

Number 17: Before You 6/10


Number 16: The Choice 6.5/10

How to be single poster

Number 15: How to be single 6.5/10


Number 14: The 5th Wave 7/10


Number 13: SUICIDE SQUAD 7/10

Number 12: Rogue One: 7/10


Number 11: The Huntsman: Winter’s War 7/10


Number 10: Legend of Tarzan 7.5/10


Number 9: Finding Dory 7.5/10

Civil war poster

Number 8: Captain America: Civil War: 7.5/10


Number 7: Zootopia 8/10

JB poster

Number 6: The Jungle Book 8/10


Number 5: 10 Cloverfield lane 8/10


Number 4: Dr. Strange 8/10

deadpool poster

Number 3: Deadpool (8/10)


Number 2: Bridget Jones’ Baby: 8.5/10


Number 1: Pride and Prejudice vs. Zombies 8.5/10

9 thoughts on “Movies 2016: Worst to Best

    • Thanks bestie! I listed these out on the ratings I gave them – I don’t think one of these will really ever get onto my favorite films of all time list or anything as dramatic as that. It was a shitty year for films.

  1. Love these lists! It’s been a strange year. There are plenty movies from 2016 that I enjoyed, but very few that I truly loved. Thankfully, I managed to avoid most of the year’s stinkers!

    • I love lists so much – they are excellent for when I am too lazy to write real posts out 😀 I really don’t think that any 2016 films will remain in my mind for long. Too lackluster. Let’s hope for a better 2017!

      • I feel the same way, and then I end up spending about 5 times the amount of time a normal post would make! They’re just too much fun.
        I have everything crossed!

  2. The only one I watched from this list is The Jungle Book, and that one was pretty good. I am a bit surprised that Bridget Jones’s Baby was so good, I skipped it because the trailers didn’t look that great. Will have to catch it on Netflix when it comes.

    • I also enjoyed that. I rated BJB pretty highly looking back, but I found it hilarious and I am a huge Bridget Jones fan. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Nice list! Aww… I thought 2016 was a great year for movies in the end. But I think we saw very different movies – none of my top ten are here. Arrival & Room (2016 in the UK) were two of the best movies I’ve seen in years. I hope 2017 brings more movies you like! : )

    • Thanks! I actually just list everything on here that I watched according to their initial ratings. But I didn’t get to see nearly close to everything I wanted, so I will hopefully revise it at some stage!

      Thanks 🙂 I hope so too, for all of us!

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