Blindspot 2016: To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)


Plot: Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge, and his children against prejudice.

Rating: 9/10

YESSSSSS. Guess who is finally done with their 2016 Blindspot list?! MEEE! It hasn’t been easy. 2016 was such a busy, annoying year and I had some really heavy movies on my list. I was lagging behind all the time. It’s bad! Anyway, I finished this one up last night, and patted myself on the back.


To Kill A Mockingbird was so good. I loved Atticus Finch (I guess everyone does) and Gregory Peck was so good in the role. The character is kind and wise and ahead of his time. I appreciated that he stood by his morals even when it would have been a lot easier than just to punch someone. The children were surprisingly non-grating and their games reminded me of an Enid Blyton book. They were sweet and adventurous. Scout was so amusing with her tomboy ways and love for fighting. Her brother was a young miniature of their father – admirable when Atticus Finch is your father. The kid actors were also all very good – that is so rare these days.

TKAMB also deals with material that could only have been considered extremely risqué in the time the book was published as well as the movie. It is now so clear to me why the book was banned. An innocent black man? That must have boggled everyone’s minds back then!

It always amazes me that black and white films manage to show so much more than color films, being able to draw attention the smallest aspects of the shot. To Kill A Mockingbird is surprisingly easy to follow despite many events occurring at the same time, which in itself speaks legions about how well the film was written and directed.

I really liked this film – it’s not upbeat and it’s not depressing. It manages to show both the best side of humanity and the worst side of humanity all in one go, and makes you think a bit about on which side you really are. I only have one request – that they NEVER remake this film.

PS: Robert Duvall is Boo Radley?!?!

7 thoughts on “Blindspot 2016: To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)

  1. Awesome that you’ve caught this for a Blind Spot, I really should do one. Maybe I will this year.

    This movie is just damn excellent and in my opinion the best book-to-film translation of all time. Everything about this movie (I haven’t seen in it wayyy too long) felt like what I imagined things looked like and felt like in the book. I need to revisit this ASAP!

    • I was resisting sitting down and finishing my Blindspots and ended it with this! My second favorite one of my 2016 list now.

      You should! It is a great idea, but I must say sometimes I am absolutely terrible with following set timelines for any project. And yet I’m doing it again in 2017.

      You should rewatch – such a great film. I will read the book soon, I must know!

      • Yeah that’s the only thing stopping me from embracing it. The idea of scheduling myself is not as much fun. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says in Kindergarten Cop: “I LACK DISCIPLINE!!”

  2. “PS: Robert Duvall is Boo Radley?!?!” – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

    Great review, mah vestie, and glad you enjoyed it so much. You should definitely read the book, worth it!

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