Blindspot 2018: Choices


Well, I’m still need to watch two movies on my 2017 Blindspot list, but here are my next pickings. They are as eclectic and all over the place as last year’s list, which I actually enjoyed so much because it had a bit of everything.

Ghost Busters (1984) 
Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson 
Credit: Columbia Pictures/Courtesy The Neal Peters Collection

Ghostbusters – Time to see exactly how great this is and to get why all the men got so huffy about the all-female cast of the 2017 version, which I also haven’t seen yet.


The Matrix – I am assured I only need to watch the one

erin brockovich - cinema quad movie poster (1).jpg

Erin Brockovich– I am a huge Julia Roberts fan and I really need to finally see the film she won her Oscar for.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s – For the joy of seeing Audrey Hepburn in her most iconic role


Shutter Island – need I say more? A psychological thriller with Leonardo DiCaprio


Blade Runner – I was really interested to see the 2017 version (hello, Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford), but felt it would not be the best idea to start at the second film.


Revolutionary Road – It is another film with DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, so I am definitely okay with that. #JackAndRose


Jaws – chomp chomp chomp


Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – I’ve been threatened with my life if I don’t rectify this apparently appalling crime.


Silence of The Lambs – I’m probably going to tuck my feet safely under blankets with the lights on for this, but I’m game.

Die hard

Die Hard – I really do enjoy action films and this film seems like one consistently considered a favorite among them

the curious

The Curious Life of Benjamin Button – This film was the most frequently almost-replaced-on-here-film, but I am still ready to watch and enjoy and watch a young Brad Pitt.

There are a few I’d almost chosen, listed below, which I would still like to get to. Although since I’m not done with 2017’s list yet, just focusing on finishing the chosen ones seem like a pretty sound decision.

  • Ant Man – literally the only Marvel movie I haven’t seen yet in later years
  • Good Fellas – because, Pacino.
  • The Sixth Sense – this was a close call but the internet has long since spoiled every single scene in this so I’ll just watch it when I can
  • The Hateful Eight, because Tarantino. Did not make the list because I’ve heard while it is Tarantino, it isn’t the Tarantino
  • American Pie – A bit of lightheartedness to these proceedings, if you will

If you are taking part this year, let me know!

13 thoughts on “Blindspot 2018: Choices

  1. No, DO watch Benjamin Button. It’s long and slow but deeply emotional. Whether you feel rewarded for the time spent watching it is going to vary person to person but it’s really good.

    As are a lot of things on this list. Super excited to hear what you think of the old Ghostbusters. I gotta say though, it isn’t really fair to lump all guys into the conversation surrounding the remake. I know plenty of dudes who were hardcore geeks for the original and came away from the new one having a lot of fun. A few overzealous idiots do not represent us all.

    • I’m certainly going to 🙂 Even though I might not like it, I can at least KNOW whether I like it or not haha.

      It really isn’t fair to generalize, I’m sorry! I hope to enjoy it, it sounds like such fun, and you know, Bill Murray.

  2. Great picks, including many classics I’m surprised you haven’t seen yet. Matrix, Ghostbusters, Die Hard, and Benjamin Button are all among my favorites. Blade Runner was one of my Blindspots last year, and it bored me terribly. Just don’t have very high expectations for that one. I’m doing the Blindspot thing again this year too; it’s a really cool way of catching up on those films you keep meaning to see.

  3. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have not watched American Pie? I thought that was like… a freaking teen right of passage for people our age!! Okay, but moving on to other things.

    While the other two Matrix movies are not as intense as the first, DO watch the trilogy. Well worth it. I go back to them every now and again and enjoy them every time! Loving all the DiCaprio on here. I really need to watch Benjamin Button, I watched like 30 minutes, was liking it, and then had to do something and never got back to it, sadly.

    Also, blow by blow rocket updates on Whatsapp when you are watching The Silence of the Lambs! I expect it.

    • I know right! It is unacceptable!
      Let me just get through one, you know how I am with Blindspots hehe. I would LOVE to understand all the references.
      You must get back to it! I hope I like it!

      Hehehe, you KNOW they are coming your way because there will be so many nopes.

      • And I just watched the first and second in this last week, and will watch the third this weekend xD

        You totally should watch at least the one, but eventually watch them all to have the whole story. SO GOOD.

        Hells yeah so many nopes hahahaha!

  4. I can’t wait to get through all of them – the Blindspot series is good to help narrow down the list of movies you haven’t seen yet. I’ve really seen some great ones the last couple of years.

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