Five Things Friday

FTF – My Five favorite Leonardo DiCaprio films

FTF – Five movies I’m excited to see in 2016

FTF – Five things I’m excited about

FTF – Trailer Time

FF – Life Lately and Award responses

FTF – Most annoying Hollywood Couples

FTF – Books I plan to read in the next few months

FTF – What happens when you stop reading the news

FTF- Five favorite books as a child

FTF – Five beautiful speeches on screen

FTF – A Collection of Thoughts

FTF – Five Stars who completely changed my opinion of them in the last few months

FTF – PEOPLE, I agree with you

FTF – Five Things I am completely excited about

FTF Halloween edition: Scary Supernatural episodes

FTF Five personalities that need a slap at work

Five completely random thoughts

Five Best Book Series

Five favorite Nora Roberts Books

Five things that make me happy right now

Five things on my mind

Five Things South-Africa can talk about except Oscar Pistorius

The Five most annoying things people do on Facebook

Five Romantic Movies that won’t make you want to puke because it’s so lame

Five movies in 2014 I’m totally excited about

Five movie deaths that made me shed a tear

Five females who totally kick ass on the small screen

Five most Villainy Villains on the small television

Five impressive movies I’ve watched lately

Five things Friday: Where I will be for a while

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