Wisdom from Samwise Gamgee

Quote – Elizabeth Gilbert

Mark Twain

Antonie Von Leeuwenhoek


Eckhart Tolle

Downton Abbey – You are my stick

Oscar Wilde

a Poem for the Week


8 August 2014 – Quotes for the week

22 July 2014 – Quote for the week

Quote by the Queen of Books 

F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince – Best Funny Moments

25 April 2014 – Book Quote

Motivational Quotes to get you through the day

Quote for the week – Perks of being a wallflower

Walt Disney Quote

Book Quote for the Week – Reading is Dreaming

Quotes for the Week – 26 June 2014

Quote for the Week – 12 June 2014

Life Lately and some great quotes – May 2015

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