Book Review: Beautiful Creatures (Kami Garcia and Magaret Stohl)


Book: 74/100

Ethan Wate lives in Gatlin, South-Carolina. He dislikes the small town and wishes to move away from its narrow-minded townspeople. He lives with his recluse of a father, Mitchel, and their housekeeper Amma who is like a grandmother to Ethan.

Ethan has recurring dreams of a girl but doesn’t know who she is and always seems to lose her. he doesn’t tell anyone that he has fallen in love with her. When the girl he has been dreaming about shows up at his school, he is elated. His friends, however, don’t like her at all. Lena Duchannes is strange by many people’s standards and definitely by the closed and conservative community of Gatlin.

Ethan and Lena starts to grow close despite her strange family and Amma warning him to steer clear. She tells him her secret one day – that she is a Caster (witches) and that her family carries a curse: that they have no choice whether they become good or bad, and that it has already been decided.

Ethan and Lena’s relationship becomes more complicated when they have visions of their two ancestors who also fell in love. They realize that Lena’s ancestor did very dark magic to bring back Ethan’s forefather from the dead, and that is the reason her entire family has no rights in choosing their path in life.

The two realize if they can find the Book of Moons, the book that contains the ancient curse that bounds Lena, they can perhaps set her free of the curse.

As events unravel, the two rushes to find the spell that will break the curse. Will they be in time? Which side will be chosen for Lena and will she remember Ethan afterwards?

Rating: 4/10

No. Just no. I saw the series in the shops and thought it would be a good idea to try out, but I can now admit it was a big mistake and I will never attempt it again. The book itself is fairly well written. The two authors obviously has some idea how to write, it is just a pity that this is the best work they could have produced between the two of them.

Firstly, there are too many additional plotlines and info and changed theories to fully work. Witches are fine, do that. Just don’t bring witches and vampires (who feeds on effing dreams), and ancient history and tens of millions of types of each mythical being you can into the story. There is no proper explanation of anything – just a brief mention then continuing with the story, expecting the reader to keep up. That is especially strange since the target market for these books are teens. So yes, confuse their brains more and more.

Thoroughly not recommended.

Life Lately

Social media causes fights. I was in the most intense disagreement on Facebook last Friday. It is so ridiculous that people seem to think they can attack you on your (very innocent) status and then get a fit when they are put in their place. Said person has since unfriended me, but I am completely okay with it. BUT I am still astonished to see how bigoted and idiotic people are. I am gobsmacked that people don’t realise that what they put on Facebook and Twitter can negatively impact their careers. That putting something out there can say something about your country or race when the majority really doesn’t feel that way. I am shocked that people who I grew up with, who had exactly the same opportunities as I, raised in the same social-economic environment, can become so completely weird and blind. It makes me truly, truly sad.

A Trio of losses.

Three greats died this week in three important circles: Paul Walker in Entertainment, Baby Jakes Matlala in sport, and then of course the colossal President Nelson Mandela of my home country, South-Africa. I am so honoured that the world is grieving with us. Currently, 70 heads of states are flying in for his funeral, which is the greatest amount of leaders ever gathered for a funeral. That, in itself, speaks of his legacy. This past few days I have witness our great nation once again showing the world who we are: Broken, sure, but mending and refusing to be told who we should be. We are once again united, and stand firm against the grief that threatens to overwhelm us.

Moving on

I have been trying to block out most of the Mandela coverage now. Save for news bulletins and tweets, I am trying to function. It is very difficult to actually read other news too, and rightly so, but I don’t want to get caught up in the frenzy. It has been exhausting this weekend, and I am too much affected by any news, always. So this weekend we went to Monte Casino, played ten pin bowling (I SUCK at it), watched Catching Fire and then ate and the Met Grill. It was lovely and I felt much better for it.

Unisa Results

The final release dates for all results is now the 20th of December. It irritates me to no end. I need to plan my syllabus for next year, you know. And who keeps results till 5 days before Christmas?!

I seriously need to buy Christmas presents. Like ASAP and I have no idea what to get. Perhaps I am slower than usual because I still can’t get my head around the fact that it is DECEMBER.

Movies: I finally saw Catching Fire after weeks for delays, and it was so amazing. This weekend I will hopefully watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I hope it is good. I wasn’t overly impressed with the first movie (A lot of theatrics and very little loyalty to the book) so I will reserve judgement for now. Also, I re-watched one of my favourite movies, PS, I love You. I have always enjoyed that film and to me, that is Gerard Butler in his prime. He is gorgeous, and kudos to Hilary Swank’s Holly for getting over his death – just not sure if I would have done it.

Currently reading: Beautiful Creatures (my 74th book). It is odd, but still good enough to try and finish it. I am nearly on holiday, so then I will most likely be closing in on 100 books if I have nothing else to do but read. Which is unlikely, since it is December and everyone and their aunt has a function, but I will do my best.

Speaking of holidays:  This is my last week at work, and between power-cuts, closed off roads (for the Nelson Mandela memorial at Soccer City FNB Stadium) and dumb nurses, life is going to be interesting. I apologise for any rants that may occur, blog or elsewhere. I can’t wait for the holidays. I am planning a visit to my best friend, who lives in the hottest place on the planet (okay, that is slightly exaggerating but Nelspruit is pretty toasty) and furthermore just relaxing back home. I really, really need it. I am at that point where I am likely to snap quickly.