Weekend, Final Countdown and Birthdays

This weekend was hectic and lovely. I really like a busy weekend once in a while. On Friday I went to Gino’s to have some pizza with some colleagues. It was really wonderful. The pizza was delicious!

Saturday morning I read Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter. I am so happy I finally started on her work. Slaughter’s books are really descriptive and intelligently written, without being too violent and therefore unreadable. The only glitch is I figured out who the killer was way before the book’s end, but luckily it didn’t deduct from the joy of discovering a new author.

Saturday night we had a braai for my sister’s birthday. It was really nice. Touch wood, but it seems the temperatures are slightly dropping in Johannesburg.

Sunday we went for a picnic at Rietvlei Zoo farm. It was also really lovely and so relaxing to sit under the trees and enjoy the cool temperatures.


Skies at Rietvlei Zoo Farm

Book Challenge

It is the final countdown! I am on 94 books at the moment, and with only this week I will be reading my ass off to finish the last six. I can’t believe a year has passed!

Happy Birthday

To the best older sister I have. Happy Birthday Theranne!

And a quote for today:

Oscar Wilde



24 Things you might not know about me


I am turning 24 on the 25th (next year I will turn 25 on the 25th so that is going to be AWESOME). Twenty-four is not such an impressive age to be. It is between somewhere and nowhere and feels somewhat insignificant when you realize that you will be at your quarter life crisis in a year’s time (NOTE: I fully plan to have a quarter life crisis. Will get a tattoo and dye my hair some silly color. Or something) I compiled these twenty four facts for me and for you – one day when I’m old I will look at these and remember the kid I used to be.

  1. I am right handed
  2. I have naturally dark brown hair, although it is slightly purple right now.
  3. I have brown eyes
  4. I am South-African
  5. My home language is Afrikaans, which means I speak one of the rarest spoken languages on Earth.
  6. My second language is English, and it is the language which SA operates in (we have eleven official languages, so it is important to share one common tongue)
  7. I am currently studying Microbiology at the University of South-Africa
  8. I work as a laboratory technician at a research company.
  9. I am an introvert, but if I am around people I’m comfortable with I can get out of hand.
  10. I confuse the words “Purple” and “Orange” in my head. I fully know which color is which; it just doesn’t come out that way.
  11. I sometimes can’t remember if I dreamt something or if it really happened.
  12. I can’t swim.
  13. Reading is currently my only one true love. (That you do know, as it is what this blog is mostly about)
  14. I wanted to be a fashion designer growing up.
  15. I like all kinds of music, especially rock. I like very very little Pop music.
  16. Speaking of which, the only boy band worth mentioning EVER is Westlife.
  17. My favorite color varies on my mood, but it is mostly strong colors like black or red or white.
  18. My favorite old movies are Dirty Dancing and Grease.
  19. If I can only visit one other country ever I wish to visit France to see the Eiffel Tower.
  20. If I can visit a lot of countries I would especially want to go to Germany, Ireland, Italy, and France, China and Brazil and somewhere where I can experience the Aurora lights.
  21. Favorite food and drinks: Chips, Coffee, Coke, Wine and Ice cold Savannah light.
  22. Favorite authors: Nora Roberts, Tolkien, Marian Keyes, Rowling.
  23. My best friend is Zoë, who lives in Nelspruit, SA. It is about five hours from where I live in Johannesburg.
  24. Hobbies: Reading, writing, blogging, watching series, going to movies, and visiting new places.

I hope that gives you some idea about me. Please tell me some interesting things about you too! J


Thoughts 1.2

Happy Wednesday!

“thoughts” posts will now be labelled 1.2 as per month (1 = January) and number of post within that month (.2 is the second one in January so far)

Some completely (and very random) thoughts for this week

I am nearly twenty four. Getting older and older, and I still barely have an idea where I am going in life. I have a basic outline of things I want to accomplish, but that is it

Decent phones are way too expensive! Where were the days when you spent 60 bucks a month for your Nokia 3310?

Speaking of which, exploring phones and specs and what I want. I want a big phone but I also want a laptop, so I need to find the best deal out there.

I have a good layout idea for my blog. So excited!

I finally started rebuilding my book challenge list. Will post it on blog and save three times in different locations to prevent any file losing again. TRIPLE MEH

Kicked the book-block in the ass and started reading again. Finished the Great Gatsby and started another Nora Roberts. Next book will be some Galaxy book thing. I just can’t remember the name (ever).

My war on mosquitoes is still on. I hate them.

It is getting closer and closer to buying a car time. I am excited and terrified in equal measure.

I sometimes feel that the world and I are not friends. Like we move at different speeds and never fully understand each other.

If my family were the leads of Two Broke Girls, I would be Max and my sisters would collectively be Caroline. We are broke too so we are following the plot. Just wish I could date Johnny as part of being Max 😉

And there comes a time where you just have to finally admit that something won’t work out no matter how much you want it or how good the idea was.

I really wish for winter now. I will likely moan about winter three months into it, but this oppressive heat is getting to me.

Getting in shape is a daily struggle. I keep needing to remind myself on why I want to lose weight (I have three holidays planned this year and it helps you live longer). I am cautious about becoming obsessed. I have read way too many articles about weight obsession this year. What people don’t understand is that it isn’t only an obsession when you are bulimic/anorexic/overeater, but also when you constantly obsess and fail and then hate yourself for it.

Some hope for the residents of the Central African Republic I hope.

And a motivational for the week.


What is on your mind?

Friday’s Five Favorites – Five useless facts!

Good morning!

Not wanting to mention my glee that it is finally Friday, but I am supremely happy it is weekend, just like everybody else. This week has not been overly hard. It contained the usual amounts of frustration, irritation and challenges. So all in all, just the normal amount of shizz.

Here are some Five (very) useless facts for you to enjoy.

You can use them over the weekend to suitably impress your friends with your knowledge.


Between 1902 and 1907 the same tiger killed 436 people in India.

This gives a whole new meaning to Eye of the Tiger



You share your birthday with at least another 9 million people



An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain

Some people are like that too


It is estimated that at any time around the world 0.7% of the population is drunk

Wine glass


“You” is the most spoken world in English.

        You know?

Birthday wishes

The greatest living human being is having his birthday today. Mr President, Nelson Mandela, happy happy on your 95th birthday. We love you. I hope you get better soon, but even if you can’t, you gave enough to our country to deserve peace. You are the example of everything that is right in this country.


Nelson Mandela day is becoming a popular event across the world. People are urged to give 67 minutes of their time to the less fortunate, to honor Mr. Mandela’s 67 years as a political prisoner. The Company I work for has chosen to help paint a hospice, and today we will head deep into Soweto to go help out the needy.

If you are doing something to help someone today, let me know J

PS: Congratulations to my little sister, Melissa, who is turning 17 today! I love you, and I am hoping you love your gift, little hipster 😉