Thoughts 5.1

It’s been a while since I’ve entertained you with one of these, so I thought I would share some insights to what is running around in my head.

Firstly, I have to mention that I finally have my laptop back. After a week and a half of ownership, its’ hard drive broke and to say that I was distraught is a severe understatement. HOWEVER, I took it back to the shop where I bought it and they were beyond amazing. CNA was beyond amazing fixing it for me. It took slightly less than the three weeks I was expecting so I am super impressed about that too. WHOOP!

Some blog changes

I’ve finally, with some help of a really good friend, brought some proper search categories and tabs onto my blog. They are currently running only this year’s posts as it takes some time getting them all up but I will be building backwards into 2013. I don’t think 2012’s posts were all that good (I only started this baby then) but will place a few select ones from back then too. Tell me what you think of it!

Elections 2014

The only way South-Africans can change our corrupt government is by voting a new party in or at least scaring the ANC enough so that they start doing their jobs. Voting day is TODAY. It usually takes me all of five minutes each year to go vote and everyone else says it is really easy for them too. Meaning: JUST GO DO IT. I had a long conversation with the ever helpful tech at CNA about voting and I think I convinced him to go make a mark. I can’t obviously reach all Saffa’s, but if you read this, claim your democratic right and go make your crosses!

This guy on the bus back from Nelspruit

I could write BOOKS on how not to behave on a bus sitting next to a stranger based solely on my experience sitting next to him. So here is a fairly short list of the things he did most wrong:

  1. When someone is staring out of the window to the beautiful scenery and has their headphones in, it is a certain sign that that someone wishes to be left in peace.
  2. Don’t freak people out by asking six times where they live. Really, once is enough and when a general description is given you should leave it at that and not carry on and ask “So where exactly do you live?” six times with a leering smile.
  3. Personal space. I could go on for weeks about personal space and its’ diameters and how it should be respected. I really dislike strange people in my personal space. I actually just like people I know well really close to me (I don’t think that is too odd) and if strange guy that keeps on asking me where I exactly live brushes my arm ever so often I am going to get pissed.
  4. Stop staring at my phone screen, you creep.

Series I am planning to watch in the following months:

I finished Bones Season 6 last night. It was quite good but those last few episodes wrecked havoc on my stress nerves and it was emotions flying everywhere. I have to say that I am impressed with the steady pace the series manages to run – I haven’t found one season apart from season two that I found bad.

Game of Thrones (I haven’t even seen season one yet)

Breaking Bad. Everyone is telling me to go watch this.

True Detective. Also, once again, everyone is recommending.

Suits season 4

Pretty Little Liars (I am not even sure on what season they are)

Criminal Minds, from season one.

New girl from season two onwards.


 I am writing on the 20th and 28th of May and then the 3rd of June with my other subject being a portfolio. Naturally I am writing Chemistry first. I am slightly sad that I am taking only two subjects in the second semester – I need to pass them before I can take any related practical so I am blocked right now. I just want my degree!


I am finally reading again. I’m busy with the Deathly Hallows and Nora Roberts’ Tribute as well as A Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter. I want to try John Green again. I enjoyed the Fault in Our Stars very much and am excited to find out if any of his other books comes close to it.

Medical Aid

They are all screwing with you, FYI.


Blog Plans


My blog just passed the year mark – whoop! It has been growing steadily and consistently, and I am incredibly excited by having it and sending my thoughts out onto the internet.

I thought about how wonderful it would be to have a space where I could write my opinions and what happened in my world. The thought of a blog had been tormenting me for ages, and I kept wondering whether it made sense to start one. I finally did, a little over a year ago, and immediately it was obvious that while it was the correct decision, I still had so far to go.

As a perfectionistic ambisionist by nature, I want to be perfect at a new task immediately. The only way to be better at doing something is to practice a lot, so I started writing articles to become better at writing. It worked, and my blog became strong. I moved over to WordPress. It was the best choice for me, and I am so happy I did. Only then did things start truly happening

This wonderful piece of me is experiencing growing pains. I am not sure whether I like the direction my blog is going in. I write a lot of reviews, and even though it is so much work it is incredibly satisfying. I post reviews twice a week. It is necessary to do to complete my 100 books challenge online. I enjoy the reviews, but it is not the direction I wanted to take. This was meant to be a lifestyle blog.

I have to consider the direction where I am going to go with my blog once I am done with the challenge. I may or may not take on something similar, though not to that extremes. When done, I am considering posting less frequently but more about life and other subjects.

Life of this city girl

I should have thought more about the title of my blog before I created it, but my move to WordPress was done very quickly, and I am not the brightest in the very-quickly department. Before it was Tales of Tash, which is way worse. I wanted it to be Dash of Tash or something similarly ridiculously matchy-matchy, but someone was kind enough to register that name and not actually blog frequently. SIES VIR JOU*

I am working on something better, and even have a tentative blog name for my new fashion blog (which is in the works).

Things I want my blog name to be

–          A brand name

–          Instantly recognizable

–          Awesome

–          Witty

–          Funny

–          And naturally, the best blog name you have ever seen or heard of. Duh

I have issues with the theme as well, but I will leave that for a bit. Changing your theme constantly is a sure way to confuse frequent readers, and I have no desire to be more confusing than I already am.

Things I want to get up and running

–          Blog roll. There are so many fantastic blogs I love and read, and would love to give exposure to them.

–          More guest posts

–          More reviews of books I wouldn’t usually have access to.

–          More fitness and exercise mantras, goals, objectives, thoughts and opinions (and general bitching)

–          More photos of what I do.

–          More articles about topics I find interesting. I love politics, news, sport (I won’t try my hand there though) nature, beauty, exercise and health.

–          Random posts about my culture and heritage. South-Africa is a rich and diverse country, which you have to visit, and I love promoting the good things here.

Xx Natasha

*Sies vir jou directly translated is Ugly for you, but actually just means Shame on you.


Hello readers 🙂


This will be my 100th blog post. I am pretty impressed with myself. When I started my blog, I honestly did not imagine I would even get to 50 posts! Writing is an exhausting process, and although I love it, I haven’t always made the time to commit to it. Now I feel a little incomplete if I haven’t published in a day. Thank you for taking the time to read through my blog!