Book Review: Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert)

Big magic book cover

Rating: 8/10

It is no secret that I am a massive fan of Elizabeth Gilbert. The woman has penned Eat Pray Love, and even though there really is a fantastic amount of injured white privilege to experience reading it, it is also a shining example of what an excellent author can write and deep emotional growth.

Self-help books irk me. I’m even at the point where I shun religious assistance books – if you are Christian, read the Bible, not ten other books (just my opinion there). The same goes for other religions and a variety of ailments – dieting books, depression assistance, divorce material – why are you reading this garbage? I find it so preposterous that we waste out time reading material where the author tries to tell you what’s wrong with you as a person – they don’t know you, how can they diagnose you?

Now that that cat is out of the bag, I don’t feel that Liz Gilbert is a self-help author, and bless her for it. Her books are all based on her personal experiences and growth, and it comes across in a “hey, this is me, maybe you feel like this too” scenario, and that is something that I can work with.

What I enjoyed the most about this book is the idea that ideas float around as a separate entity waiting to be captured by a willing mind. I was stuck on this for days! The other thing I really loved is that creativity should not be associated with suffering, because it was never meant that way.

Basically, this is what the book made me feel:


It is positive, thought provoking, well written and a book that she obviously spent time thinking about. I would recommend it to people who would like to read something that can activate creative thinking and a change in perspective.

Have you read Big Magic? What did you think?

Thoughts 3.1

I feel as if it has been ages since I wrote one of these. February flew past me with the rush to complete my book challenge, getting bogus assignments submitted (I still fully maintain that it is bogus because I simply don’t agree with the way the subject in question is compiled) and focusing on not eating a ton of nonsense (I failed spectacularly). So here goes:


March is usually the beginning of most assignment submissions for Unisa. That means sitting my butt down and working (on real assignments)

It’s done

That is, the book challenge. I’ve been posting books throughout the year. I am likely to continue (I really do read a lot) but I’m going to reread tons as well and won’t be posting those again. I actually can’t wait to reread all my favorites.

New direction

I don’t think I will be posting specific challenges, though obviously I am not ruling it out. I think my only goal this year will be new things. New books, new music, new places, new movies, new experiences.



Weight, diets, exercise and exhaustion with my brain

Apparently, thinking constantly is part of my personality and star sign. It is true – I cannot stop my brain from incessantly thinking and frustrating me senseless. I just want a switch at night – can I possibly stop all these thoughts running havoc in my head?!

I am exhausted by the constant pressure of eating correctly and exercising. So I’ve essentially given up. I try to eat as healthy as possible, but I am starting to send thoughts to my brain dictating that I am not allowed to be mad at myself anymore if I fail. It is a constant process.

The Oscar Pistorius case

It really feels that everything South-Africans are proud of gets taken away. Look, we have a disabled athlete competing in the Olympics. Oh look, he shoots his girlfriend four times through a closed door on Valentine’s Day.

My opinion: It is a loss. Two beautiful, talented people. One is dead and the other one is on trial. There is no proper justice because nothing is bringing Reeva Steenkamp back. Is he guilty? I don’t think he was planning to shoot her. Is it possible he completely lost his temper and went after her? That is another question completely.

My opinion on the journalists in South-Africa: You suck. You are like a bunch of hungry dogs with a bone and have no respect or decency anymore. There is this one particular journo that is irritating me incredibly – I am not naming him – but he isn’t even remotely unbiased in anything. I am barely reading news or going on Twitter because everything is just being blown out of proportion these days.

Speaking of which

As I hope you know, South-Africa has one of the most successful youngest democracies in the world. Unfortunately though, our political parties are mainly jokes just like any other countries’. The leading party and the leading opposition (that isn’t difficult to figure out) are being complete and utter fools these days. Just grow the fuck up, please.


I’ve finally seen 500 Days of Summer (depressing) and Safe Haven (relatively good and a decent adaption of the book). I also re-watched Sleeping Beauty (the classic) and it is as awesome as my childhood memories dictate.

This one delivery guy at work

Smells like weed all the time. Honestly, who smokes weed while transporting medical samples?!

Excited about

CA winter soldier

The new Captain America movie coming out. Can’t wait!

A bit disappointed

That Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get his Oscar. Sigh L

The most irritating thing of all time:

Girls playing the I’m a wilting flower routine. How can anyone find this attractive? I want to slap people so hard that does this. Fuck man.

I should stop writing since I’m using the word Fuck a lot right now.



And a pic:

3.1 ecard




Firstly, as if you couldn’t notice from that giant pic, I finally managed to get my license yesterday. It feels so unreal. I have been stressing about my license for so long (it is going on three years) and now that I have it, I want to look over my shoulders for the fear that they made a mistake and I must give it back. Lunacy, I know. I told as little people as possible that I was going to test (I cannot shut up when I stress) – in fear of jinxing it, and that I would have to explain that I failed again. But I didn’t. I did it. I am mentally high fiving myself while being gobsmacked that I got out on the road and did it properly. I don’t care what anyone says, but getting a South-African License is extremely difficult and stressful.


My gift from my boss. Awesome boss is awesome.

Next week I will post some book reviews. It feels like it has been ages! I just haven’t had the time to properly review them, and I don’t want to post something that is mediocre. So keep an eye open for them.

My exercising is going really well. I have exercised nearly every day of the past three weeks. I am weighing again tomorrow, and hopefully see the results.

On the series front, I have started on Chuck Season One. I have never really watched all the episodes, so I am really enjoying it. I have also started watching Fringe. I am thoroughly impressed. I didn’t want to start watching it primarily because I work in science, and I don’t want to spend my evenings on it as well. Needless to say, it is not basic science, and the show is really well done.

My book challenge is going good, but once again I am stuck on a novel I can’t seem to finish. The main character is irritating me, and that really demotivates the reading process. I got another Nora Roberts book, and read that in two days. It was really well written, as usual.

Let me know what is happening in your life!


Life lately

It has been so hectic and busy. I cannot believe that it is June already. When did that happen? I guess I have been just working to get through my exams and past it, and I did. I am finally done with this semester. Taking 5 subjects and working is not easy. I really hope I did well, but passing everything will also suffice. The best part of being done with exams is all the free time. I constantly find myself wondering what I should start studying, and then rejoicing when I realize I am done.

I finally bought something I need – a tablet. I need to get a new laptop (mine broke) but I while I save for it I got something to keep me occupied. I have an Alcatel onetouch and I am so impressed. For a fraction of the price I would have paid for the more popular tablets, I got everything I wanted. The only drawback is that it only has WiFi, but I am still so impressed!

My book challenge is well on track now. I am nearly at 30 books, and I have read two books written by new authors (for me) as a part of it. Watch out for the reviews next week!

Here at work I have been struggling to adapt to new personalities. Change means growth, but I am really resisting in this case. I really don’t know why. Maybe we just have such different personalities that it seems impossible at this point?

On the weight loss front I am still working hard, and still seeing no significant changes. I have started really training again, so I will see how that goes. I just really want to focus on being healthy and happy.



weight loss motivation 2

Weight Loss Motivation Question 2


What are your plans for the weekend?