Movie Review: The Longest Ride (2015)


Plot: The lives of a young couple intertwine with a much older man, as he reflects back on a past love

Rating: 6.5/10

I have this big embarrassing weakness for any movie that comes from a Nicholas Sparks novel. It is so bad. The movies are so bad and you know exactly what is going to happen. Latter day Sparks is not as poweful as The Notebook or as heart wrenching as A Walk to Remember. Those are movies everyone can agree that while they are formulaic and predictable they have things going for them.

So, I HAD to watch the Longest Ride. It’s Sparks, Scott Eastwood was there and I really enjoyed Brit Robertson in The First Time.

It’s not bad. I enjoyed it much more than Best of Me, the offering Nicholas Sparks delivered before this one.

This is the same pic as above basically... but still good :D
This is the same pic as below basically… but still good 😀

I really, really enjoyed Scott Eastwood. Yeah, he sure looks like his daddy but the difference is that Scott is HOTCAKES. Like, WOWZER. I think he has some charm in his role as Luke Collins, the country boy with the dangerous profession of jumping on angry cattle.

Brit Robertson was semi enjoyable as Sophia Danko – preppy, pretty and totally deep art student at college who meets Luke on a wild night that she was totally not in the mood for but got forced – MOST ORIGINAL PLOT LINE EVAR. What really irritated me was that giggle. Sheesh, it was giggling everywhere. Look, if Scott Eastwood was around me and I did not pass out from hyperventilating I would probably also be giggling, but at least I don’t have an annoying giggle.


The camera work is highly suspect and really focused on Eastwood’s face. A LOT. Not that I’m complaining, but he his beauty was so over captured that I sometimes felt I would have to get my binoculars just to see the other cast members.


The flashback storyline of Ira Levinson’s relationship with his wife Ira (Oona Chaplin) was something that could have been really beautiful. Jack Huston made a good young Ira and Oona Chaplin would have been much more effective if she hadn’t employed that absolutely terrible attempt at an accent. The story was poorly incorporated and used as an entrance to a predictably ridiculous end, but there were moments that worked out decent enough.

The Longest Ride is definitely not for everyone – if you generally dislike love stories, give this one a skip because it is not going to convince you to love the genre. However, if you are looking for an easy way to spend two hours, this is something you should explore!

Movie Review: The First Time (2012)


Plot: A shy senior and a down-to-earth junior fall in love over the weekend.

Rating: 8/10


Ah man, I really like this movie. It is so cute and young and fun, what’s not to like. Stars Brit Robertson and Dylan O’Brien are charming as young couple Aubrey Miller and Dave Hodgman. Even though Aubrey has an older boyfriend, Ronny (James Frecheville), an “adult” who seems to think he understands the messed up world in all its glory, she hasn’t slept with him yet. She meets Dave when he’s prepping himself to tell Jane (Victoria Justice) that he likes her, and Dave is really quite embarrassed when Aubrey finds him in the middle of his dialogue. Their romance happens quickly and soon Aubrey and Dave have to deal with the realization that “The First Time” is not the romantized experience they had been expecting.

First time

The First Time is a quick enjoyable watch and a really cute look into teenagers and their messy hormones. I really adored Aubrey – she’s so cranky and unsure about where her life is heading, she’s constantly thinking about how her life is going and where it should be heading. Her irritation with the general human race made me laugh and relate. I really did marvel at her excellent make-up skills – are American teens so adept with the make-up brush? I also thought Dave Hodgman was so adorable and young and found his initial insecurities really cute.

This is a fun movie, probably not for everyone, but very sweet and funny at times.