Watched, Read, Loved: September 2017

Yay! Spring is here in South-Africa and I couldn’t be more excited. When the weather is so much better I am so much better. Getting to work while the sun is actually up makes me a much nicer colleague.

I’ve been doing a couple of Parkruns. My work gave us all the opportunity in taking part in the Discovery Pulse challenge, which made me realize (again) how little steps I take each day. I’ve been trying to average it at 5000 steps, but that is already a challenge. The challenge officially began on the 27th of September 2017, and I really am working hard to do everything healthier – eating, sleeping, more exercise, less stress (HA!). It runs for three months and I will definitely let you know how it progresses.

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The Fate of The Furious: Continuing the ridicule of series that is the Fast Franchise, Dominic Toretto this time abandons his family for some obscure reason. I really enjoy these films because they are so brain dead and is just easy entertainment, but this one was particularly ridiculous.

Hidden Figures: So.Much.Love. It is heartwarming and beautiful with excellent performances, and I am so happy the film was released in such an important time in history. Not only is it about racial prejudice, it is about female empowerment, determination, love, courage and there are also great scenes of the early days of NASA.

Walk the line

Walk The Line: I was SO proud when I finally watched this – I’ve had the DVD on my shelf for many years now, and I remember hearing people rave about it but I never really made the effort to see for myself. Well, it was great, and a great Blindspot choice for me.


The Girl on the Train: It was okay. I enjoyed Blunt (I always do), and her supporting female co-stars where all very strong. I also really do like Luke Evans. The big plot twist – I caught it half right so I was marginally impressed. Definitely not as good as Gone Girl, but interesting all the same.

Easy A (Official Movie Poster)

Easy A (2010): Emma Stone is one of my favourite young Hollywood stars. She’s just so incredibly talented and really funny. Easy A is some of her earlier work and she’s hilarious as Olive Pendergast. If I ever have daughters I hope they are like Olive – not willing to take bad behaviour from friends, loyal, hilarious, inventive and wildly inappropriate.

Wild Child

Wild Child (2008): Many people wouldn’t necessarily like this film, but I really do. It is one of my favourite teen movies, and although it isn’t as sharp as Easy A, Mean Girls, Heathers or Clueless (other favourites), it still remains one of the nicest things to watch, reminiscent of a time where Emma Roberts and Alex Pettyfer were clean cut, sweet individuals (probably not that sweet).


Australia (2008): One of Baz Luhrman’s work I have had the least exposure to, Australia is a tribute to the wild and terrifying glory that is the continent of Australia. Hugh Jackman is ridiculously attractive, wildly blown out of proportion delicious, and the dainty and unexpectedly hilarious Nicole Kidman impressed me with some of the humour she injected into her character. This was definitely a great watch and I will watch it more in the future


Clueless: Clueless is one of my favorite “high-school” films. It is so silly and sweet and Paul Rudd is so adorable and Alicia Silverstone is so friggin adorable. You can’t feel bad after watching something like this, you just can’t.



gone girl

Gone Girl: Gillian Flynn I actually started reading this after The Girl on The Train, because it made me want to explore more thrillers. I am really enjoying so far and finding the writer pretty good at telling a story.

Hot Rocks: Nora Roberts I can’t decide whether it will be worth my time actually reviewing this. I’ve now successfully proven to bestie that I can actually read and review a book and then just not remember it, and it might very well happen with this novel. It wasn’t bad and I actually had a pretty great time, but it feels superfluous reviewing every single Nora Roberts book I read

Movie Review: Wild Child (2008)

Wild Child

Plot:Since Malibu brat Poppy Moore’s mom passed away, she has pushed her rich, usually absent dad Gerry shamelessly. When his patience wears out, she’s shipped off to her mother’s former English boarding school for girls, Abbey Mount. On her first day she makes enemies of most dorm mates, especially dominant lacrosse school captain Harriet, and of staff disciplinarian Mrs. Kingsley. Unwilling to accept the strict regime, she decides to misbehave and take the blame for everyone until she’s dismissed. The school only appealing feature for her is Kingsley’s dashing son Freddie. When the dream prince transfers his favor from ambitious, uptight Harriet to unruly Poppy, that changes everything

Rating: 7.5/10

Wild Child was released when I was a measly 18 years old, and it made such an impression on me. I can watch this film back to back and won’t complain – it is so much fun and has everything that makes it the perfect teen movie.

Wild Child 4

Poppy Moore is the epitome of brash American at the start – that loud voice, the insufferable attitude and the knowledge that she will have the best no matter what. Still, the attitude is hilarious when thrown into a respectable English boarding school, where class is the rule and not silly outfits and bad boyfriends. Her struggles to fit in with her English classmates and how they are really too nice with her, the ridiculous and improbable teachers, the drop dead gorgeous Alex Pettyfer (why can’t he be in more movies like this?!), who plays the perfect teen heartthrob Freddie and all those hilarious girls makes for a really lighthearted and entertaining two hours.

 Wild Child 2

Team sport? Who wasn’t part of a team at some stage in their teenage life? I used to love that part of school – the events and team spirit. Poppy turning her Lacrosse team around while learning them that it is okay to be competitive and want to win provides a lot of laughs and that little war dance is SO high school!

Wild child 9

A movie with girls being friends and sticking together rather than backstabbing each other? Count me in! The English actresses were all very refreshing – Kimberly Nixon, Juno Temple, Sophie Wu, Linzey Cocker and the Georgia King as the ghastly Harriet were unique and seemed like real high school girls.Who didn’t love them extra much when they decided to help Poppy get out of school?

Freddy is the reason I love Alex Pettyfer so much. He is the perfect high school heartthrob boyfriend, who manages to be sweet, decent, in an enviable position and very handsome at the same time. I wish Alex Pettyfer could be the pretty boyfriend more often! Being so British suits him.

Wild Child 7

The end is perfect – Harriet is caught out, the Lacrosse team wins their tournament, Poppy’s dad arrives to see her become what he knew was under her blonde exterior and Poppy reunites with all her friends. Who didn’t love this ending?

Wild Child is the perfect movie to love because it is so easy to watch. I thoroughly recommend a watch if you want something girly and fun!

March to May: Watched, Read, Loved

march to may

I was all over the place with this post , claiming that I would do some monthly rundowns. I was planning to, I really was, but as you know life is a busy little bastard and all you can do sometimes is hold on for dear life and hope not to fall off the wagon.

In Cinema:

I’ve been to cinema quite a lot the last couple of months. There were a few films I wanted to watch before the internet spoiled everything, and for the most part I walked out relatively pleased.

  1. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

The biggest problem with Batman vs. Superman? It lacked heart. Not all films should be lighthearted, but BvS had no comic relief and no passion – you need either of the two. I didn’t hate it though, but I do think that DC should have worked a little harder if they really plan to have a fighting chance in an environment so dominated by their biggest rivals.

  1. The Huntsman: Winter’s War 

I will definitely watch this again – it is easy, comfortable watching, not necessarily great but it was quite fun. It also contains my husband, and that can’t be ignored!

  1. The Jungle Book

Beautiful and charming, it impressed me with its gorgeous CGI and traditional storyline. Not my favorite Disney live action film, but it was good nonetheless. I am still the most excited for Beauty and the Beast next year. I CAN’T WAIT.

  1. Captain America: Civil War

Woohoo!! This was so great! It probably deserves a higher score from me, because on reflection I had a blast with it.

At Home:


March: Love Actually – it was OKAY. Not really my favourite romantic comedy and I won’t be watching it again.

April: Home Alone – not gonna lie, I hated this. I am way too old for this shit

May: Warrior Sooo good, but not something I’d recommend as a pick me up.

Other films:

Begin Again (2013) – I really enjoyed it! It is surprising and not really as close to a romcom as it might sound, and I especially enjoyed the track.

The Fast and The Furious (2001) – This way Throw Back was the best and entertaining. I had the best time even though it is as ridiculous, gawdy, a murky story line and terrible acting. It’s all about investing in the future films, you see.

Wild Child (2008) – Wild Child is a favorite movie of 2008 for me. It has everything – the teenage drama, the love story, the gorgeous hero, friendship, everything! I had to force myself not watching it again right after!



I’m rewatching The Vampire Diaries at the moment and having a complete and utter blast.  I stopped half way into Season two to focus on exams, but I am so onboard getting my ass to season 7 eventually! Can we just say #teamDamon all the way?!


Last Chance Salloon (Marian Keyes) – hmmm, not my favorite Marian Keyes. It was good in some places but it took me ages to get through it – long, laborious reading.


Me Before You (JoJo Moyes) – surprising and good, well thought out, not overly sloppy.

The Welcoming (Nora Roberts) – for the life of me I can’t write a review on this for some reason. It is very bland, definitely some of Nora’s most basic work. It isn’t bad or offensive, just pretty tame and nearly put me to sleep in some places.

I finally finished Big Magic after months of searching for it! I’d love to read it again, with a highlighter and a note pad.

Currently also reading:

Evening Class by Maeve Binchy. – this book is a real drag, to be honest. I don’t get why the author is compared to the likes of Marian Keyes – Binchy writes books that make me fall fast asleep. I thought perhaps this book was different from the other one I read by her, but it is shockingly the same – the exact same format and story if you take away all the frills.


I reviewed over on T9M’s site The Help (2011) – such an awesome flick!

I also reviewed for Kim and Drew‘s 80’s blogathon – When Harry Met Sally – what a great film, definitely worthy of a classic status.

What have you been up to?

We’re the Millers (2013)

were the millers

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is a small time drug dealer. He lives in an apartment building with the socially awkward Kenny (Will Poulter) and Rose (Jennifer Aniston), a stripper. When he helps runaway Casey (Emma Roberts) when they try to rob her, he himself is robbed and loses his entire stash of weed and backup cash. His drug supplier says if David collects some weed in Mexico, all will be forgiven, and David creates a daring plan, needing the help of Kenny, Rose and Casey to act like his family, and they present themselves as the suburbanite family The Millers.

Will David and his delinquents be able to pull it off? Especially with the surprise presence of a DEA officer and his family?

Rating: 6/10

The Millers was really not a bad movie if you look at it with the knowledge that it is cheap humour and isn’t trying to be something more. The desperate attempts to be very funny and offensive worked in some places.

I personally love Jason Sudeikis – he is cute in such an everyday kind of way and has can be rather funny. Jennifer Aniston usually is either super annoying or tolerable, and in here she is tolerable. She is still astoundingly beautiful and she has some ability as an actress. Emma Roberts isn’t on the level of her aunt in regards to acting but she was fine in here – sulky teenager roles suit her to the ground. I loved seeing Ron Swanson again – he always brings such fun to any project he is involved in.

The story line is naturally ridiculous and makes such a joke of the American police system. It makes inappropriate jokes about nationality, sexuality and crime, the cheap tricks of easy humour. I did actually laugh in a few places, so they didn’t make a mess of things, and while there are some cheesy moments and even more predictable ones, I had a good time.

It is a bit long for comedy – two hours, but fun to watch at the end of the day.

I enjoyed this movie, probably not something I will watch again, but not bad overall.

Recommended if you need an easy laugh.