Life Lately

December is AIDS awareness month

Get tested. AIDS is not a death sentence if properly treated. South-Africa has some of the highest infection rates across the globe, so if you live here, it is essential to know you and your partner’s status. Getting tested means you are responsible and smart.

Catching Fire

Everyone is RAVING about it and I really need to watch it. Maybe I can catch it tomorrow. I really want to see how good it is, and have even reread the books to prepare for potential bitching.

Paul Walker

Death is something that reach us all, no matter our celebrity status. The world was reminded of that when Paul Walker tragically died in a car accident this weekend. His death is so incredibly sad. He died doing what he loves, and there should be some consolation there. I’ve always enjoyed the Fast and the Furious movies, and now I will always be sad when watching it – like seeing Heath Ledger in any of his movies.

Warrior Race

We went to support my brother-in-law and his teammates this past Saturday when they participated in the Warrior Race. My sisters and I are contemplating joining them in 2014, which means becoming extremely fit. It seems like a great thing to work towards to – I always need motivation and something to aim for.


It is almost time to see my best friend in the whole wide world, Zoë. I can’t wait!

Vacation time

I’m going on vacation in two weeks. This year has been so long. I can’t wait to do absolutely nothing.

Book Challenge

I am busy reading my 72nd book for my book challenge – Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts. It is a great read. The posts are relatively backed up, so I hope to catch up this week.

Best of 2013.

During the next few weeks I will post some Best of 2013 posts. Look out for it!


Finally finished my exams last week. Now I am just waiting for good news and then it is registering for 2014. Rock on, studies!

5 Things Friday: Five Studying tips

Hello, Study Bugs

The last few months in a year is known for many things – Halloween, new seasons, Christmas and New Years. It is also known for EXAMS. I wrote Chemistry last week, which isn’t fun at all if you are relatively normal. (I’m really sorry for the okes that enjoy Chemistry). I’m writing Business Management at the end of the month (let’s not discuss why Business Management is part of my BSc curriculum, because I don’t know why) so I am once again preparing to study my but off. I am competitive, I like doing good. So here are 5 tips to make studying for exams easier.

Prepare your basic materials.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to stand up five minutes after you have started to fetch something, then again, and again. Therefore, I try to get everything I am going to need ready. This includes




Sticky notes


A Ruler

A puncher and a stapler

Erasers, Sharpeners

Have a basic outline of everything you need to study

Make sure that you have all your assignments, old exam papers and study guide with you. Work systematically through the information and make sure you understand it before you move on.

Find what works best for you

There are so many ways to learn something. Spider diagrams, writing out your work a lot of time, shorthand notes, etc. you have to choose one that makes the information sticks in your head. I simply write out the work I need to know, keep it stacked and work from there. It eliminates working with a thick textbook, and much easier to navigate and to get an idea how much work you still need to do.

A little bit each day

When I am close to my exams, I try to get in at least an hour and a half each day. If you do five out of seven days, it is seven and a half hours, without those exhausting long periods of studying. Obviously, if you are a full time student, you can adapt it to suit your needs, but it remains important to keep the material fresh in your mind.

Stay healthy

Drink water and eat healthy snacks in between. Your brain is incapable of functioning properly if you are sleep deprived or hungry. Minimize caffeine use as much as possible – it can prevent you from sleeping when you are finally done. Take breaks where you stand up and move around, refreshing your brain. Scrolling through your smart phone will give you a bigger headache. Make sure you sleep enough. It is difficult if you are preparing for a large test, but you will feel better if you write with a fresh mind.

I hope this helps. If you are writing, good luck and stay calm!

Relevant things right now



My exams are starting this week. I have been preparing for ages but I am still stressing because I am writing the delightful subject Chemistry. It is extremely important to pass because I need this subject to be able to take another bunch next year. Please send through positive vibes!


My eternal warfare with being healthy

Stop making excuses

I am only focusing on being healthy now. Losing weight is not my main plan right now. I am drinking Decaf instead of real coffee, continuing with drinking plenty of water, and cutting out a lot of carbs. We will see how it goes. I have been excising a lot and am feeling a difference with my clothes. It is exciting, although I haven’t seen a change on the scale.

Life in South-Africa

I’ve had this pic for ages and think it is particularly funny, as many people don’t have a clue how life in South-Africa is. Especially the US Government, it would seem, since they arrest apartheid heroes as terrorists. Nice going, guys!


Weekend 11-14 October 2013



Friday night I babysat my friend’s daughter. She is six months old, and an absolute sweetheart. I am sure that she is the sweetest, most well behaved baby on this planet. She may be the reason that will convince me to have one of my own one day. Sneaky little thing, I tell you.


Saturday we went to Gilroy’s brewery. It had the most wonderful atmosphere. The place was packed, and it was enormous fun. It is sadly too far away to go frequently.

I am really enjoying summer. The weather has been great – it is not scorching yet.


My new obsession at the moment is Friends. I am now at season two. I have seen bits over the years, but have never made a real effort to follow it. It is so amusing.




The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. It is good, but I find myself vacantly staring into space sometimes. Perhaps it is one of those books who would have been great had it been better edited. Finished the second book last night, Frostbite, and took out Shadow Kiss to start on if I have time today.

Eating and Exercising

I have mostly gotten my outrageous need for food under control. Mostly. Some people tell me it is the heat; some tell me it is the frequent exercise. But the truth is, I need to plan my meals better then I won’t be hungry all the time. Starting today, I am eating better, and keeping up with the exercise, which is going great.


Exams are getting close – my first one is the 1st of November. It is chemistry, so I am stressing and studying to the maximum. I try to put in at least an hour each night, and have so far been {mostly} successful.


Men. In general. I’m sorry, but dating and relationships are just frustrating. Contemplated giving it up permanently, then remembered that I don’t want to be old with fifty cats and a bad attitude (I already have a bad attitude, just scared of the fifty cats)


Not a huge blogger on religion, but I have thinking about all the different types and what it means a whole lot lately. Am told that it is normal with my current age to question everything. So at least I am normal in the sense that I question everything. Will let you know my conclusions.

Charlie Hunnam is not Christian Grey anymore

He dropped out. I am happy because I love that man, and I loathe those books. Yes, Charles, you do not want to lose your badass persona from Sons of Anarchy because of this. No, you don’t


Not feeling the writing bug today, which is weird since I had it the past two weeks.

Nearly voting time

In South-Africa, we vote around April. A relatively new democracy, SA hosts a bunch of the most ridiculous political parties you can imagine. The latest one now is the EFF, started by the suspended ANC youth league president Julius Malema. I cannot accurately describe the antagonism I feel towards this man. I have very ugly thoughts about him and his ideas. Read about the joke of the DECADE here.

To sound off, here is a motivational pic, because we all need it on a Monday.


(image source)

October Love


Welcome to the second post of the day. It is October! We can rant for a few seconds about how quickly the year went. It went FAST. From the first of October it is approximately 85 sleeps till Christmas (Whoop! Mom, Dad, buy me a car :D). And December is closer than ever, which means sun, and holidays (Sun for us Southern Hemisphere folks, in any case ;)) I love this time of the year in SA – it is warm, but not as hot as January till April (scorching time)

Here is my to do list for October


This is the most important thing I have to do this month, as I am writing CHEMISTRY the 1st of November. YUCK. I am telling myself if I could pass Statistics (the greatest achievement of my life) I can do Chemistry. I am refusing to fail. Then at the end of November I am writing again, but I am not overly stressed about that subject.


I want a car by January. It will be a birthday present to me, from me. BUT, I need to save cash first. Which leads to the next point on my to do list.


Like, stop spending money on all the stuff you spend money on. I need to curb my shopping appetite, and I will not spend anything if I can save it. At least until December.


I am exercising like a boss at the moment, but I really am focused on not losing momentum.


I am NOT dieting like a boss right now, so I need to get back to that. ASAP. Or all the running in the world wouldn’t tone me up.


Read 10 books. I know it sounds steep, but I have proven to myself that I can read a lot fast.


Finish Sons of Anarchy Season Three and Start on Four


Halloween isn’t such a big holiday here, but I still think it is fun and deserves a party. And who doesn’t like dress-up?

What are your goals this month?

This Past week

My life

Dieting and Exercising

Currently in a crisis phase. I guess I will have to restart everything. I haven’t been focused on either, with the exams going on. However, most of my papers have been written, so I cannot make excuses any more.


I wrote three exams. Three. It was the most challenging week of the year this far, and I really studied very hard. No matter the results, I really know I did my best.

Three papers of Unisa got leaked and postponed. None of which were my subjects. Go figure.

PS: t was financial accounting subjects – a vocation where you seriously need to be honest, always. LOL.


Weather: It is finally winter. Whoop.


I got a book at a second hand book shop for R20 instead of R50. BARGAIN.

I will be posting a lot of reviews this week! Finally managed to review most of the books I read this last month.

I decided my two favorite magazines are Marie-Claire and Grazia (both South-African editions).  I want to try sticking to buying only them from now on, as it will save me money, and both are great reads.


Laptop crisis has escalated. I need proper internet and computing facilities right now. Dream list of electronics now include: Laptop, tablet, camera and new phone. Sigh.


I have finally accepted I am obsessed with celebrity news. I cannot stop reading it, and really, why should I? It makes me laugh, and it is interesting (At least to me) and is great conversation topics.

Justin Bieber left South-Africa. Halle-fricken-luja. This country had been going insane over him (I have never gotten the point of him, but anyhow). Because letting your daughter queue outside a stadium in Soweto is a fantastic example of good parenting. Legit.

Angelina Jolie revealed she had a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer. Amazing. Really. I just think that every single woman on the planet who either went through a mastectomy, or such preventative measures, should be as celebrated as she is.

In real life, out there

Prof. Cyril Karabus finally landed in South-Africa. He was sentenced in abstentia last August in the United Arab Emirates for the death of a Yemeni girl he had treated for cancer. 1) How do you lock up a doctor for the death of a cancer patient 2) a “Yemeni” girl should have a name, 3) the UAE should be ashamed of themselves, and realize what message they sent out to the world in regards to how they treat the doctors who come to help in their country. Sies man.

Rest in peace Vuyo

The wonderful Vuyo Mbuli, presenter of Morning Live has passed away. I am still in shock. He was a great journalist, and a kind man. It touched me to read all the wonderful news, tweets and posts posted in your honor. It is refreshing to see a man so well loved by the entire nation.


Have a good day!

Hello again

Hello blogreaders!

How long has it been since I last posted? Feels like ages ago. I have been in the studying-cave this entire week, with my nerd hat fully on. I wrote yesterday, I wrote today, and I am writing on Friday. It has been so stressful, with me freaking out and studying until late at night. It really is an unhealthy habit. I am turning into Hermione Granger – double checking facts and being very grumpy and distant during exam time.

Some tips and observations to studying:

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could write exams on a computer? I don’t know if any University does this already, but Unisa doesn’t. Seriously, very few people still write so much these days. It feels like my hands are falling off.

Spelling – my spelling seriously goes to the drain while I am studying. And my handwriting. And my grammar. Haha.

Read through your questions after you finished your exam. You will be surprised with what nonsense you can write if you are pushing your brain to give information.

Don’t drink too much caffeine. When you are finished studying, you will be over stimulated and not be able to sleep.

Stay hydrated – with lots of water preferably.

Take breaks, and do something completely different to freshen up your mind. A walk is a great idea, since it stretches your legs and enables you to think again.

Work through old examination papers. You will get a good idea what type of questions to expect during the course.

On the day of the test:

Read through your work a few times, and try to get to those questions you couldn’t focus on last night.

Stay calm.

Quickly scan through your question paper to reassure yourself, then take your time.

So, good bye for now, I am going to (try) loading some scheduled posts.

Au revoir.


Happy Friday!

I am so overly happy it is weekend. This week has been extremely challenging, but I can finally claim some leave next week. I will only return on Friday next week to work!

During my leave I plan to do the following:

Exercise – I have been managing 2 or 3 walks each week, but I am seriously craving intense exercise! I am contemplating joining a dance group, and that definitely counts as exercise.

Eating healthy – my main struggles at the moment is Carbs and Caffeine. Although better than I once was, I still constantly run to the coffee pot to get a hit.

Sleep in late – oh, yes. The best thing about winters is when you are allowed to wake up late each morning. It will be the BEST.

Watch movies – tons of them.

Read books – I need to breathe some life into my reading challenge! Still fewer than 20 books and the year is definitely coming along.

Study – Meh. It is nearly exam time. Getting kind of urgent.

Write lots of lovely blog posts. I have been under such stress that I haven’t been producing tons of articles as usual.

Here’s a few fitness and healthy motivational for the weekend – remember healthy eating!



Successful weight loss is like a three legged stool


Enjoy the weekend!

Freaking out


Lately I have been trying to be more calm about life. My theory that if you became calm, everything would be okay, was working pretty well until last night.

The picture above isn’t me any more.

I am freaking.

I am writing my three most difficult exams in ONE WEEK. wtf UNISA?

Seriously, Microbiology, Physiology, and Statistics.


worst subject EVER.

This means no more fun times for me for about a two months. Oh, the joy.

Now this will be me