5 Things Friday: The Five most annoying things people do on Facebook

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you twit face

Asking me to play your games

I have a life. I have no urge whatsoever to sit and play Animal Farm. I thought people would grow tired of inviting me to play (like when you send out plenty of emails in the beginning of your email life but then get tired of it) but no, I am receiving just as many game requests as I did in 2009, when I joined Facebook. AND I HAVE NEVER ACCEPTED ONCE.

Tagging me in dumb shit

Tagging me in posts about war-ridden countries, cancer patients or “Share if you love your mother and don’t want her to die”* things will 1) not solve middle Eastern conflict, 2)cure cancer and 3) keep my mother alive.

*Inspired by a true story

Adding people (me) to open groups

This is also inspired by a true story.

1)      Who else thinks open groups are rude? Here, I don’t care if you want to join my group; I am forcing you to view (shit) Harry Potter fan fiction. NO I DO NOT WANT TO SEE SEVERUS SNAPE AND HERMOINE GRANGER KISSING FFS.

2)      Leaving a group is so much work you need to be truly inspired (I was VERY inspired). But still – don’t add me to things I am not interested in and not even have the courtesy to ask me if I am keen to join.


The six thousand nearly-exact shots of you… in your bedroom

We all know you love your new haircut, but really, the billion pics of your duck face aren’t nearly as endearing as you might begin to think.

Jumping on the bandwagon

If I see one more post about Oscar Pistorius, or loadshedding, or the rain in South-Africa, I will honestly start crying. It is NOT new news. How many versions of “the power is out at my home” do I possibly need to see to still not care?

What are the most annoying things people do on your Facebook?

Friday’s five things

Happy Friday!

This week has been extremely slow. I don’t want to wish time away, but man, can weekends go slower and weekdays faster? Yes, I do understand the 2:5 ratio, but still.

My dog is sick. He is 13 years old, so I guess it comes as no surprise, but I am still heartbroken. He is the sweetest animal out there, and friendly to anyone. I hope he makes it 😦

The diet has been going well. I lost a kg, so at least I saw progress. Still peeved from last week though. I just need to stay dedicated and then I will continue seeing results.

So here is my list of 5 thoughts this week (the best thoughts of the week)

I wish cash was a non-issue

Everywhere I go, people are discussing financial problems and management. Everyone’s conclusion – money basically sucks. I just wish I could happily live off the earth right now. Just need nothing.


PS: I made this pic myself

This quote blew my mind so far away that I am still searching for it.

“The unhappy person resents it when you try to cheer him up, because that means he has to stop dwelling on himself and start paying attention to the universe. Unhappiness is the ultimate form of self-indulgence. When you’re unhappy, you get to pay a lot of attention to yourself. You get to take yourself oh so very seriously.” ― Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

You better have a good blog, since I accidentally pressed follow

And now I am too lazy to unfollow.


Facebook is just irritating right now

My sister commented that I am always irritated when I am finished browsing through Facebook.


So many irritating people on Facebook.

And yet when I am not able to get onto Facebook, I get so annoyed.


This week, I had to not wear any eye makeup – I suddenly developed this eye condition, making my eyes super sensitive and irritable. My eyes have always been a bit dodgy, swelling up for allergies, dust, and wind. Being barefaced at home is fine, but I felt completely naked while walking around like this. I felt unpolished and lazy. I had to deal with the fact that make-up is just another form of hiding from the world. I am back to wearing a bit, but it was a good lesson to learn that I am me, with or without gunk sticking to my eyes.