#100Happydays Round 2: Days 1-10

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m sure it is Thursday – WordPress changed my time settings again, and I’m really confused right now with 12am and 12pm. I know, its’ been a long week.

You might notice that I’m busy posting at different times – I’m tracking which times delivers the best traffic to my blog. Most of the readers on here are either in the States or the UK (thanks guys!) and I would like to cater for them, which can be a little bit of a juggling act with all the timezone things.

Anyway, here’s a bit on the actual post: Zoë and I decided that it was high time to do another round of #100HappyDays. I’m enjoying my second run very much, but I can once again not count properly… see the mistake in the pics below. I have to say, it opens your eyes to what makes you happy. This time around I’m posting about what actually makes me happy, things that either boosted my confidence or gave me some real smiles or contentment. Here’s the first week below.


Day 1:
I’m still recovering from my Daredevil binge. It is such an amazing show. Dark, broody, intelligent. I need a third season and I need it now.


Day 2:

I’ve been suffering from a Suduko addiction the last few months. This highly stimulating and addictive game has kept me entertained and I’ve driven everyone around me crazy with intense suduko sessions.


Day 3:

This cup really makes me happy. Combined with my nighttime tea, it makes me SUPER happy.4

Day 4:

Here’s my numbering mistake. We had some crazy crazy rain in Johannesburg, resulting in pot holes, crazy floods (I did mention crazy, right?) and generally terrible driving. The good news is that our dams are full for the first time in two years, and the water restrictions have been lifted off Gauteng. Whoop! The weather made for some really comfy at home time as well.


Day 5:

Still unaware of my numbering error, here I enjoyed my favorite Coke Light. I need a stronger stress ball than the one pictured, but at least it is smiling. 6

Day 6:

I made cheescake for my sister’s birthday. It turned out deliciously #notSuchAHumbleBrag. I’m still experimenting with the amount of flavor I’m giving it, but this is by far the best one I’ve made yet. That Merlot from Longmarket wines was also really amazing.7

Day 7:

This Bahamamama from Essie is the loveliest purple!8

Day 8:

I had some delicious Cappuchinos from Woolies. I wasn’t expecting that they would be so tasty, and I was pleasantly surprised.


Day 9:

I’m really working hard with my eating plan right now, and this turned out to be not only a healthy meal, but a truly delicious one. 10

Day 10:

This was the day I truly ventured out of my comfort zone, which inspired the picture. I went to some clients I dreaded seeing, because I’m such an introvert, we haven’t met yet, and they are on all accounts horrible people. However, I still went out and got my job done, a huge huge achievement for me.

That’s it for now, folks. Hope you enjoyed, and if you ever did something similar please let me know!

#100HappyDays: Days 25-30


We’re back! Welcome to the mundane existence of your work week. I DO hope it is a fantastic one. Here is the continuation of my #100HappyDays challenge. It is coming along very nicely but I must say it has become challenging to keep on. It takes dedication and recording, and I can really suck at both. Well, here we go!


Day 25:

I really like my family. They drive me insane as all family’s do, but I do love them quite a lot. Pictured here from my birthday dinner for immediate family was my sister, brother in-law, younger sister and her boyfriend, myself and my mama too.


Day 26:

The cafeteria was closed for lunch so I had a packet of NickNacks for lunch. Although not the end of the world, it did feel like breaking my diet, and I made sure to go for a run when I got home. I was entertained by some beautiful skies while jogging leisurely through our complex.


Day 27:

Reading some Nora Roberts, even though my 2016 reading list was waiting for me.


Day 28:

Got some lovely thoughtful gifts from a friend as a belated birthday gift, which is always awesome when you are reminded that people that you spend time with remember your dreams, as well as registering for a parkrun


Day 29:

Went for the parkrun (I really need to document these things). The 5km was not easy, I’m not going to lie, but I enjoyed the vibe thoroughly. I went for a movie and dinner with my little sister, and that, and the pictured cappuccino, made for a pretty decent Saturday.


Day 30:

Had a nice family braai at my sister’s house. We have changed so much and it is great – usually our plates would have been filled with carbs and meat, but we actively choose salads these days!

What made you happy this week?

October Love


Welcome to the second post of the day. It is October! We can rant for a few seconds about how quickly the year went. It went FAST. From the first of October it is approximately 85 sleeps till Christmas (Whoop! Mom, Dad, buy me a car :D). And December is closer than ever, which means sun, and holidays (Sun for us Southern Hemisphere folks, in any case ;)) I love this time of the year in SA – it is warm, but not as hot as January till April (scorching time)

Here is my to do list for October


This is the most important thing I have to do this month, as I am writing CHEMISTRY the 1st of November. YUCK. I am telling myself if I could pass Statistics (the greatest achievement of my life) I can do Chemistry. I am refusing to fail. Then at the end of November I am writing again, but I am not overly stressed about that subject.


I want a car by January. It will be a birthday present to me, from me. BUT, I need to save cash first. Which leads to the next point on my to do list.


Like, stop spending money on all the stuff you spend money on. I need to curb my shopping appetite, and I will not spend anything if I can save it. At least until December.


I am exercising like a boss at the moment, but I really am focused on not losing momentum.


I am NOT dieting like a boss right now, so I need to get back to that. ASAP. Or all the running in the world wouldn’t tone me up.


Read 10 books. I know it sounds steep, but I have proven to myself that I can read a lot fast.


Finish Sons of Anarchy Season Three and Start on Four


Halloween isn’t such a big holiday here, but I still think it is fun and deserves a party. And who doesn’t like dress-up?

What are your goals this month?

Life Lately

Hello, dear readers. In whatever part of the world you are, I hope you are having an enjoyable Tuesday. I meant to blog more in detail about what is happening around here yesterday, but it became entirely too hectic at work to justify time spent not working.

The weekend was very busy. First we went bridesmaid’s dresses shopping. Miraculously we found a dress that suits all three of us girls, which is this huge miracle, as we all have different builds. The dress we are wearing looks close to this, in a completely different color:


Afterwards that I worked, and then went to a friend’s celebratory-drinks-coz-its-my-birthday thing. It was very nice – I really enjoyed the company.

Sunday I drove myself (once again) to a coffee shop to go give one of my friends her wedding invite. It was really nice catching up with her. Life is so extremely busy that you really actively have to make time for the people you care about.

What I realized in the last few days:

It is break-up season: Everyone is either having a fight, breaking up or angry at their significant other. I know a lot of people that just went through a break-up, and I am really feeling for them. Whether it is 6 months or six years, it is a terrible feeling, even if you are the person that did the dumping.

Winter decided to be winter:

Suddenly, it is actually winter in Johannesburg. The past month it has only been playing at winter, and has been generally warm. Since this weekend we have had much colder weather, and I am secretly thankful. I rarely enjoy intense heat, and need to have at least a few months of cold to be a happy camper the rest of the year.

Being able to drive around yourself equals the best feeling EVER

I drove around this weekend on my own (courtesy of my sister’s car lent to me) and I felt so incredibly grown up. I can’t wait until I have my own car. Oh the delicious freedom.

Being a grown-up means you do things on time

Like submitting your tax, which I did.

That also means doing your University registration, which I am currently busy with.

Go me.

I finished the Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes. The last book I read by her was a bit of a disappointment, so I am really happy that this one turned out to be fantastic. Watch out for the review sometime!

On the exercise front, I only managed to get three days in last week. It was a disappointment, mainly because at some stage I felt either to sick/lazy to get anything done. I exercised last night specifically so that I can start the week on a good note.

My phone isn’t endearing itself to me at the moment. The CrapBerry just dies. Halfway through its charging life, it kills itself. I am so over using it and I am considering just getting a standard phone until my contract is over, and then moving to another service provider as well.

I am contemplating watching Despicable Me 2 this weekend – I am NOT a fan of animation, but I can watch the minions any time of the day!



Wednesday thoughts

It is Wednesday right? I woke up this morning thinking it is Friday. How depressing to discover the truth. In all honesty, I had good reason to be confused. Who thinks straight at 6 in the morning with sub-zero temperatures? Word of advice to tourists around the world: NEVER come to South-Africa in the winter expecting warm weather. You would be so sad to discover the truth. It is freeze-your-ass-off-cold right now. My claim of “loving winter” is under severe strain while I ingest numerous sources of caffeine to jump start my brain.

Last night I finally decided to bring out my heater to heat up the freezer that is impersonating my room, only to discover it didn’t work. Sadly, I put it away, but discovered later on that I had accidentally turned off my plug in the last week – A really intelligent moment. I can only justify it by expressing how busy I had been during the day – it was the craziest in a while.

The dieting is going really well, partly because I am too busy during the day to eat any junk. I have impressed myself with my exercise routine lately. Even yesterday, when I felt I had run a marathon during the day, I managed to get my but on my bike and do a full 60 minutes. I am currently in that phase where exercise is fun, and I really enjoy the satisfaction of knowing I am improving myself afterwards.

The book I am currently reading is not compelling me at the moment. It is very good, from one of my top five authors, but it just feels less impressive than her previous books.

I started on Season three of Supernatural. That season really started off with a bang. The second episode, which I watched last night, nearly made me throw my tablet across the room (again). Man, that show taught me never to trust children. They are creepy.

Anyhow, here is some inspiration for today. I hope it is a good one!




N 🙂

This Past week

My life

Dieting and Exercising

Currently in a crisis phase. I guess I will have to restart everything. I haven’t been focused on either, with the exams going on. However, most of my papers have been written, so I cannot make excuses any more.


I wrote three exams. Three. It was the most challenging week of the year this far, and I really studied very hard. No matter the results, I really know I did my best.

Three papers of Unisa got leaked and postponed. None of which were my subjects. Go figure.

PS: t was financial accounting subjects – a vocation where you seriously need to be honest, always. LOL.


Weather: It is finally winter. Whoop.


I got a book at a second hand book shop for R20 instead of R50. BARGAIN.

I will be posting a lot of reviews this week! Finally managed to review most of the books I read this last month.

I decided my two favorite magazines are Marie-Claire and Grazia (both South-African editions).  I want to try sticking to buying only them from now on, as it will save me money, and both are great reads.


Laptop crisis has escalated. I need proper internet and computing facilities right now. Dream list of electronics now include: Laptop, tablet, camera and new phone. Sigh.


I have finally accepted I am obsessed with celebrity news. I cannot stop reading it, and really, why should I? It makes me laugh, and it is interesting (At least to me) and is great conversation topics.

Justin Bieber left South-Africa. Halle-fricken-luja. This country had been going insane over him (I have never gotten the point of him, but anyhow). Because letting your daughter queue outside a stadium in Soweto is a fantastic example of good parenting. Legit.

Angelina Jolie revealed she had a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer. Amazing. Really. I just think that every single woman on the planet who either went through a mastectomy, or such preventative measures, should be as celebrated as she is.

In real life, out there

Prof. Cyril Karabus finally landed in South-Africa. He was sentenced in abstentia last August in the United Arab Emirates for the death of a Yemeni girl he had treated for cancer. 1) How do you lock up a doctor for the death of a cancer patient 2) a “Yemeni” girl should have a name, 3) the UAE should be ashamed of themselves, and realize what message they sent out to the world in regards to how they treat the doctors who come to help in their country. Sies man.

Rest in peace Vuyo

The wonderful Vuyo Mbuli, presenter of Morning Live has passed away. I am still in shock. He was a great journalist, and a kind man. It touched me to read all the wonderful news, tweets and posts posted in your honor. It is refreshing to see a man so well loved by the entire nation.


Have a good day!

Happy Friday!

I am so overly happy it is weekend. This week has been extremely challenging, but I can finally claim some leave next week. I will only return on Friday next week to work!

During my leave I plan to do the following:

Exercise – I have been managing 2 or 3 walks each week, but I am seriously craving intense exercise! I am contemplating joining a dance group, and that definitely counts as exercise.

Eating healthy – my main struggles at the moment is Carbs and Caffeine. Although better than I once was, I still constantly run to the coffee pot to get a hit.

Sleep in late – oh, yes. The best thing about winters is when you are allowed to wake up late each morning. It will be the BEST.

Watch movies – tons of them.

Read books – I need to breathe some life into my reading challenge! Still fewer than 20 books and the year is definitely coming along.

Study – Meh. It is nearly exam time. Getting kind of urgent.

Write lots of lovely blog posts. I have been under such stress that I haven’t been producing tons of articles as usual.

Here’s a few fitness and healthy motivational for the weekend – remember healthy eating!



Successful weight loss is like a three legged stool


Enjoy the weekend!

Weekends, books and stuff

Hello 🙂

On Friday night we visited a pub named Gilroy’s. Initially I had misgivings, since I was told I had to drink a beer there (I mean, yuck) but said I would at least try it. I am so glad I did! Gilroy’s is in Johannesburg, on the way to Muldersdrift – even though the road was scary – it was very wet – we arrived safely and settled down. I was immediately impressed with the place. The atmosphere was amazing, and our waiter couldn’t be friendlier. And get this – their handmade beer is actually rather tasty! I would recommend a visit if you are in the vicinity! See their website here.

I finally finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is the most emotionally draining book of the series, and I was thoroughly depressed by the end of it. I have always viewed it as my least favourite book in the series, to the dismay of my friend, but I will now say it is a wonderful book (like I always have), but it still remains the saddest one in the series. I realised I need to start reading to complete my book challenge, but as I am focusing on the studies, I will continue with that in earnest in June again.

On the studying front, I managed to make progress with my Statistics. I did a mental happy dance when I managed to answer questions of the work I studied! Go me go!

Dieting: I didn’t eat as well as I did during the week, but comparing to the way I ate on other weekends recently, I ate like a champ. Weighing later this morning and will post results tomorrow… if I lost that is! 🙂


What did you do this weekend?