#100HappyDays: Days 31 – 37

Happy Monday everyone! Back today with my weekly updates on the #100HappyDays challenge. So far, so good.


Day 31:

I… bought shoes again. Oops. Actually they just jumped into my car window and I had to take them home. What’s a girl to do?


Day 32:

Had this delicious halloumi salad at work. It was so NOM.


Day 33:

Had a lovely run at the Kliprivier Nature Reserve and some thinking time with a friend.


Day 34:

These clouds while I was running. Sometimes it is so wonderful to realize how insignificant the human race is.


Day 36:

So. I started drinking herbal teas instead of a straight dose of caffeine through the day. It hasn’t been easy, but rooibos is delicious and it makes life somewhat better. I’m not completely insane and am still drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. But. I might growl at people in the afternoon due to severe lack of caffeine.


Day 37:

Spent the day with a lovely bride to be, celebrating, and eating way too many fudge brownies. I am not eating ANYTHING next week. Okay, I’ll eat. But not brownies.

What made you happy the past week?

PS: Did you pick up the mistake?


I read an article suggesting that mosquitoes target blondes more than brunettes. This is a LIE. I have been tortured senselessly the last couple of nights by those little buggers.

My sister broke her computer. Apparently it is not only me who has that dubious talent in our family.

Burned my toe on my straightening iron this morning, which fell on the floor and I didn’t notice.

The file that held all the books I’ve read for the book challenge has been corrupted. I can recover what’s on there by going through all my previous posts, but still not happy about it.

Speaking of books, I am currently in a slump. Just not in the mood to read, and I really need to get through the last twenty books of my book challenge. I really want to the read the Great Gatsby, but have yet to get myself to do it.

Need to register with Unisa ASAP.

Best business idea ever: Take down other people’s Christmas trees. No one likes it – it is difficult to detangle the mess you made putting it up and depressing to take down something that symbolizes the best part of the year. RICHNESS! (Note that this business venture is hopefully only feasible in late December/Early January)

Ways to increase sleep:

Drink less coffee

No phone for half an hour before sleep

Don’t watch Suits till eleven at night

Move to Antarctica

And lastly, a weight loss pic to motivate you all




New Year’s resolutions 2014


To be thankful

I am so blessed. I have friends, family, people who love me and whom I love. I have clothes to wear, food to eat and a job. I live in an amazing country that defies everything people have ever thought about Africa. I am literate. I can read as much as I want. I have the capacity to understand what I read and apply it. I have no disabilities. In 2014 I want to complain a little less, love a little more, and appreciate what I have.

Explore new things

I want to be able to sit as an old lady and say that I have lived the best possible life, and tried everything. I want to see new places this year, read new books, listen to new music, and talk to new people. I don’t want to get stuck in a comfortable bubble, content to slip into routines and never

Get a car

My biggest obstacle in life was not having a license. I finally got my license in June 2013 (WHOOP) and now my next goal is a CAR – the next step to freedom. Watch this space!

Be better with my finances

Which means no new debt and saving for the next independence move – my own place.

Building up a good wardrobe. I want a functional wardrobe that is appropriate for any occasion. I always feel that my wardrobe has good ideas for parties, but generally less for normal life. Sigh.

Being the healthiest I can be – by this I mean content with my size, feeling healthy and energetic. I also really want to do the Warrior Race, so I need to get into shape for that.

Pass 7 subjects with Unisa

*If they actually release my results before 2058

Travel to a new place.

Develop my blog and get a new, customized theme.

Start my fashion blog.

Stop swearing so damn much (haha)

Relevant things right now



My exams are starting this week. I have been preparing for ages but I am still stressing because I am writing the delightful subject Chemistry. It is extremely important to pass because I need this subject to be able to take another bunch next year. Please send through positive vibes!


My eternal warfare with being healthy

Stop making excuses

I am only focusing on being healthy now. Losing weight is not my main plan right now. I am drinking Decaf instead of real coffee, continuing with drinking plenty of water, and cutting out a lot of carbs. We will see how it goes. I have been excising a lot and am feeling a difference with my clothes. It is exciting, although I haven’t seen a change on the scale.

Life in South-Africa

I’ve had this pic for ages and think it is particularly funny, as many people don’t have a clue how life in South-Africa is. Especially the US Government, it would seem, since they arrest apartheid heroes as terrorists. Nice going, guys!


Weekend 11-14 October 2013



Friday night I babysat my friend’s daughter. She is six months old, and an absolute sweetheart. I am sure that she is the sweetest, most well behaved baby on this planet. She may be the reason that will convince me to have one of my own one day. Sneaky little thing, I tell you.


Saturday we went to Gilroy’s brewery. It had the most wonderful atmosphere. The place was packed, and it was enormous fun. It is sadly too far away to go frequently.

I am really enjoying summer. The weather has been great – it is not scorching yet.


My new obsession at the moment is Friends. I am now at season two. I have seen bits over the years, but have never made a real effort to follow it. It is so amusing.




The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. It is good, but I find myself vacantly staring into space sometimes. Perhaps it is one of those books who would have been great had it been better edited. Finished the second book last night, Frostbite, and took out Shadow Kiss to start on if I have time today.

Eating and Exercising

I have mostly gotten my outrageous need for food under control. Mostly. Some people tell me it is the heat; some tell me it is the frequent exercise. But the truth is, I need to plan my meals better then I won’t be hungry all the time. Starting today, I am eating better, and keeping up with the exercise, which is going great.


Exams are getting close – my first one is the 1st of November. It is chemistry, so I am stressing and studying to the maximum. I try to put in at least an hour each night, and have so far been {mostly} successful.


Men. In general. I’m sorry, but dating and relationships are just frustrating. Contemplated giving it up permanently, then remembered that I don’t want to be old with fifty cats and a bad attitude (I already have a bad attitude, just scared of the fifty cats)


Not a huge blogger on religion, but I have thinking about all the different types and what it means a whole lot lately. Am told that it is normal with my current age to question everything. So at least I am normal in the sense that I question everything. Will let you know my conclusions.

Charlie Hunnam is not Christian Grey anymore

He dropped out. I am happy because I love that man, and I loathe those books. Yes, Charles, you do not want to lose your badass persona from Sons of Anarchy because of this. No, you don’t


Not feeling the writing bug today, which is weird since I had it the past two weeks.

Nearly voting time

In South-Africa, we vote around April. A relatively new democracy, SA hosts a bunch of the most ridiculous political parties you can imagine. The latest one now is the EFF, started by the suspended ANC youth league president Julius Malema. I cannot accurately describe the antagonism I feel towards this man. I have very ugly thoughts about him and his ideas. Read about the joke of the DECADE here.

To sound off, here is a motivational pic, because we all need it on a Monday.


(image source)

October Love


Welcome to the second post of the day. It is October! We can rant for a few seconds about how quickly the year went. It went FAST. From the first of October it is approximately 85 sleeps till Christmas (Whoop! Mom, Dad, buy me a car :D). And December is closer than ever, which means sun, and holidays (Sun for us Southern Hemisphere folks, in any case ;)) I love this time of the year in SA – it is warm, but not as hot as January till April (scorching time)

Here is my to do list for October


This is the most important thing I have to do this month, as I am writing CHEMISTRY the 1st of November. YUCK. I am telling myself if I could pass Statistics (the greatest achievement of my life) I can do Chemistry. I am refusing to fail. Then at the end of November I am writing again, but I am not overly stressed about that subject.


I want a car by January. It will be a birthday present to me, from me. BUT, I need to save cash first. Which leads to the next point on my to do list.


Like, stop spending money on all the stuff you spend money on. I need to curb my shopping appetite, and I will not spend anything if I can save it. At least until December.


I am exercising like a boss at the moment, but I really am focused on not losing momentum.


I am NOT dieting like a boss right now, so I need to get back to that. ASAP. Or all the running in the world wouldn’t tone me up.


Read 10 books. I know it sounds steep, but I have proven to myself that I can read a lot fast.


Finish Sons of Anarchy Season Three and Start on Four


Halloween isn’t such a big holiday here, but I still think it is fun and deserves a party. And who doesn’t like dress-up?

What are your goals this month?

What happened this weekend, feeling sorry for myself and such matters


Image source

Truly, nothing much happened this weekend. I devoted my entire Sunday to reading. More on that to follow.

Saturday I saw my one uncle. My extended family aren’t close, and I really don’t care much for it, but I arrived to say hi on my grandmother’s request. Which she turned around so it seemed I was dying to see him. Queue extreme irritation.  It was nice to see him, but also very obvious why my mother isn’t interested in staying connected with them. I am content with the family I have, as cold as it sounds. I don’t need people who only deign to show their faces every seven years.

Afterwards, I went to the shops, spent money I shouldn’t have, and got a new book. My little sister found a DVD she has been searching for ages for – Letters to Juliet. We also got Breaking Dawn Part one. That night we watched both. I will be posting reviews sometime during the next couple of weeks.

Books read

Last week I read about four books, and turned towards madness when I read Nora Robert’s the Witness the entire day yesterday, and finished it. 488 pages.

I think I will be giving reading a break, even if it is only for a few days.

PS: it was an amazing read

Feeling sorry for myself

My newly married sister and her husband are returning from Mauritius from their honeymoon, and it means I am back at home. I love home, but it is very crowded at the moment. I will miss my freedom and quiet so much. It is true motivation to get in a place where I can live in my own place.

Diet, exercise and studying

The three things I really need to get done. Like right now.

Starting with exams the first of November, and it is extremely close.

Chemistry, here I come.

Weekend and stuff


This weekend was so busy. At the moment it feels that there will never be something like a quiet weekend again. It is just so crazy right now.

Friday I went to the gym, and then watched movies with my sister, whose fiancé went away on his bachelor’s weekend. She was stressed so we spent the night watching movies and series. We watched some 2 Broke girls, which is always ridiculously funny and stupid, and we watched Silver Linings Playbook again. It is probably the most messed up and accurate portrayal of most relationships.

Saturday we had my sister’s kitchen tea. It was really nice. I love when people just click and have great conversation when they just meet. I can’t wait for the wedding! Two week countdown. My gran and uncle are arriving this Saturday. It will be amazing to have them here with us.


Sadly, my book challenge went nowhere this weekend. Just had no time. I am still working through the most depressing book on the planet, Wuthering Heights, and also started on the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. So far, I can confess it completely unique and well written.

 Wuthering Heights quotes

My dieting and exercise is just an uphill battle. I am exercising really well, but not seeing any results on the scale – no running away from a bad diet. I thought the wedding would motivate me enough, but alas, it hasn’t. I just need that final push to get my mind in the correct way of thinking.


What did you do this weekend?

Read my review on Silver Linings Playbook here.

Weekend and stuff (And the MOST AMAZING SHOE FIND EVER)


This weekend was pretty darn amazing. I didn’t do anything spectacular, but I really enjoyed it.

Friday at work we participated in Reach for your slipper Day. It is organized by the Reach For A Dream Foundation. Paying 10 bucks enabled us to wear our slippers for the day (and who doesn’t like that?)

reach for your slippers

Their campaign:

‘Over the past 25 years the Reach For A Dream foundation has been fulfilling the dreams of children fighting life-threatening illnesses. The work of Reach For A Dream enables children to experience a fun aspect of life, which they often don’t get to participate in because of their illness. It also inspires hope and courage and helps them believe that tomorrow is worth fighting for. The Reach for Your Slippers campaign is the latest initiative to help make dreams come true. All you need to do is buy a R10 sticker and wear your slippers to work, school, the shops – or wherever you want – to show your support for Reach For A Dream. If you are unable to wear your slippers, then wear your sticker with pride. By doing this, you are helping to fulfill dreams for children in hospitals and homes across South Africa. Join the rest of South Africa by wearing your slippers on Friday, 2 August 2013.’

Their Website: http://www.reachforadream.org.za/

Friday night we went to our local Ster-Kinekor cinema to go see Pacific Rim. I mainly wanted to go watch the movie because I wanted to see Charlie Hunham in something else other than Sons Of Anarchy (I am getting to that) but I really didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. It is a fantastic movie. It was edge-of-your-seat stuff. Really, go watch it.

On Saturday I went to get my study material from Unisa so that I can start studying again – and I need to really start now, as I need to submit two assignments on the 19th. I also went to Vodacom, to sort out my data plan. I thought I would have to wait for ages – it was very busy. I was so pleasantly surprised by the staff as well as the new revamped shop. I waited about 20 minutes (I don’t think that is an unreasonable amount of time to wait in a busy shop) and then received help from a very efficient consultant.  I wish I had thought of taking her name, so that I could properly send thanks through the correct channels. Anyway, good job Vodacom Southgate.

I also purchased cover for my tablet. I think it is about time, as I am notoriously known for dropping the poor thing. It is pink (jay me) and has really nice detail. Am very happy.

Sunday I became victorious in my hunt for the perfect beige pump low heeled shoe (incredibly specific, I know) My search came to an end at Woolworths, and I thank them kindly for stocking the shoe I have been searching for FOREVER)

Court Shoe

*Won the shoe search

I started watching Sons of Anarchy this weekend. It is really good, but much more violent than I usually watch. I am impressed with the storyline. I am enjoying it right now, but will have to wait and see if it is enough to take me through all the seasons.

On the book front, I am currently reading Nora Roberts’ River’s End. It is one of my favorite books.

In my first attempt to give up bad habits, I gave up coffee. Well, I am limiting it to one cup a day. I am already feeling better. I am planning to say goodbye to sugar on Thursday, so please keep me in your thoughts. Last week I managed to exercise three times – not good or bad. This week I want to increase the amount to at least four times, as exercising is my main way to losing weight right now.

What did you do this weekend?