Birthday wishes

The greatest living human being is having his birthday today. Mr President, Nelson Mandela, happy happy on your 95th birthday. We love you. I hope you get better soon, but even if you can’t, you gave enough to our country to deserve peace. You are the example of everything that is right in this country.


Nelson Mandela day is becoming a popular event across the world. People are urged to give 67 minutes of their time to the less fortunate, to honor Mr. Mandela’s 67 years as a political prisoner. The Company I work for has chosen to help paint a hospice, and today we will head deep into Soweto to go help out the needy.

If you are doing something to help someone today, let me know J

PS: Congratulations to my little sister, Melissa, who is turning 17 today! I love you, and I am hoping you love your gift, little hipster 😉