August 2016: Watched, Read, Loved

watched read loved


At home:

Bring it on Again. I was in a mood where I felt I could handle cheerleaders, and decided to go down the dark dark road and watch some Bring it On. It really wasn’t bad at all, and I thought this second one was actually way better than the one with Kristen Dunst in.

Bring it on: All or Nothing

Hayden Panateirre and Solange Knowles do the whole face off then friends routine in this Bring it On sequel. This one is the best of the lot, and there is a lot of sneaky humor in if you know where to look.



I am still so impressed with this movie. It is a great cast and an excellent story, and I wish I’d thought to put it on my Blindspot list this year! (if only because I already had it available!)


Blindspot: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This is my Blindspot for JULY, mind you. I have decided that I can’t commit to this exercise next year – it is truly a great concept but I am rather undisciplined and it takes some time and effort sourcing these movies. My plan is to Blindspot you all for a couple of weeks to catch up and end this project properly at the end for the year. Zoe gave me a great idea to do, which I will develop, and tell you all about it when the time comes J As for the movie, I really really loved this film.

In cinemas:


I haven’t been able to get to the movies as much as I’ve wanted to the past few months. I managed to watch Suicide Squad. I liked it, and it seems that a lot of people really hated it. There are some flaws, but it wasn’t as bad as everyone is making. I actually think I will get the DVD when this is released, just to give you an idea of how much I enjoyed it.


I finished the highly entertaining Vampire Diaries season 4. I’m not sure whether I can start with Season 5 before my exams, which is probably not the best idea for anyone’s marks at this point. You can read my reviews of Season 1 and Season 2 in the links. Season 4 felt a very slight dip in quality. I felt however that it actioned a lot of items on its’ plate, and that it followed a natural progression for all the characters. And OMFG the males in this show is so ridiculously attractive ❤


Jessica Jones. WTF? This show went from okay at the beginning and just went downhill as the season went on. So many things went wrong, so many bad writing choices. I am really the Marvel fan, but this was a bad job and no one is convincing me otherwise.


I’m actually reading a lot of books again, and playing around with reviewing them again as I haven’t done them in ages and they were reviewed at the beginning of this blog. I reread Twilight (don’t ask) with the intention of reviewing all four books, but I am struggling with New Moon – it is definitely the most tiresome of the series. I ordered Marian Keys’ latest novel (The Woman Who Stole My Life). I am really excited about that. As usual I have about ten million reads to get through. I made a list here and haven’t really touched that list yet, so I should likely also focus on that. I think when I have my degree it won’t even be the success of completion that will satisfy me the most, it will be the freedom I have to do what the hell I want.

Favorite links:

Zoe sent me this Thor clip to watch. It is so funny! Mjolnir even has his own bed!

What’s been happening in your life?

Thoughts 1.4

dont believe

Happy end of January! I am so happy the month is ending. It feels like this month took ages. Some last thoughts to round the month off with:

This has been coming along for a while: Children are not supposed to take care of their parents. Is thinking like this about people who dedicated their lives to raising you selfish? Probably, just a bit. I don’t really care if it is selfish. I think a healthy dose of selfishness is necessary for happiness. It is not only applicable to me and my parents. Everywhere I look there is some young adult running errands for their parents. I love them a lot and love to help them. Sometimes they ask too much. I am no robot able to do everything they want. I have a life I have to live too. Comments?

Another question: How is it the people who’ve known you the longest have absolutely no idea who you are or how to handle you, and then there are people who know you five minutes and understand you perfectly?

If we believe that everything is set to end in a certain way, do we still have free will?

Enjoying the following songs right now:

Katy Perry: It takes Two

Staind: Everything Changes

Staind: Tangled up in You

How long will I love You (the song is originally by the Waterboys but I am particularly fond of Ellie Golding’s version)

Eminem: “Beautiful”

I’m considering actively starting to write a book again. I have a couple of unfinished novels floating around on my harddrive, but I am not feeling them anymore. One thing is for certain, I will need to improve my attention span before anything like that commences.

Happy about: My 32GB memory card. I worked with a 2GB for a bit, but honestly, who is able to do survive with 2GB?

Things I hate:


Sites labelled: Top ten funny moments then you have to go to a NEW page every time to catch another moment. What the fuck is wrong with you? PUT IT ALL ON ONE PAGE!

Just found out that one of my subjects this year is some bull-crappy-earth-kissy-thing without tests and lots of discussions. DO I LOOK LIKE A HIPSTER?

Really over being so negative. Actively working on becoming more positive, but that makes me look like I’m thinking too hard about something. Cannot win this fight.

What’s happening in your life?