The Iconic Book Scene – Mailman by the IPC


For today’s book scene, please help me welcome my sweet pappy Eric who blogs over at the IPC. If you haven’t ever visited his site, I don’t really know what to even say to you, except that you have been totally missing out. Go say hello over there and see what he is up to. Thanks, dear Pappy! (and his scene and discussion below)

Mailman 2003 J. Robert Lennon

I found an excerpt from this book in some periodical I was reading ten years ago and liked it so much I decided to order it. For those of you that know me, me interests and actions can be a little “off” because I hate mainstream shit – and this book was RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! Mailman is a little off in his world and I absolutely identified with him in almost every way; this is easily one of my favorite books. As we come to the end of the thing, Mailman looks to his travelling companion and says the following – which sums up exactly how I’ve tried to live my entire life: