Book Review: Key of Knowledge (Nora Roberts)

Book: 89/100

The second book from the Key trilogy picks up directly after the Key of Light, where Malory Price did her part of the deal to get one of the three keys to unlock the souls of three goddesses who got trapped by an evil sorcerer Kane for 3000 years and are waiting to be released. Malory also got her guy, Flynn, who is stepbrother to Dana, the leading protagonist in Key of Knowledge.

Dana, a librarian, is irritated when one of Flynn’s best friends and her first love, Jordan, arrives back in town. She wants nothing to do with him, but he is persistent and wants her back in his life. He tries to make her understand that he left town to become a successful writer and prove himself to the world after the death of the woman who raised him.

After Dana is chosen to be next in the Quest Kane starts visiting her regularly and when he starts getting violent they know he doesn’t care anymore about breaking the rules.

Dana and Jordan start working towards reconciliation and getting through their past. He feels insecure that she never read any of his books, but has no idea that she read them all and hid that information from anyone. He eventually tells her that the heroine of his first novel was based on her and the Peak, and together they realize that it could be a clue to finding her key.

Kane takes her back into Jordan’s book, because it was the book he wrote for her, and she is hunted by him in the world created by the book. Jordan begs Rowenna and Pitte to send him in as well, and he arrives to help her out. Will they get the second key? Will Jordan and Dana end up together? What is Kane willing to do to stop them from success?

Rating: 6/10

Another mediocre book by a brilliant author, Key of Knowledge is decent as fantasy material. I enjoyed Dana the most as such a dedicated book reader and lover of knowledge. I liked the way every key was incorporated by a part their respective finder’s character traits – Malory through art, Dana through knowledge and eventually Zoe through Valor.

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Book Review: Key of Light (Nora Roberts)

Book: 87/100

Malory Price accepts an invitation to Warriors Peak, an old mansion. Even though no one she knows received the invite, she is on the verge of losing her job because she told the boss’s trophy wife what she thinks of her and her bank balance looks ridiculous, she decides to go.

She meets the only other people who received invitations, Dana and Zoe at the Peak. Their hosts, Rowena and Pitte, ask them to embark on a journey – each of them will need to find a key. It sounds very simple and very rewarding – even if they don’t succeed they get 25 000 US Dollars for the effort. After a short debate they all agree- it would seem they are all mysteriously in the danger of losing their jobs.

Malory meets Michael Flynn Hennessey when his dog knocks her over. He apologizes and she leaves in a huff, only to realise that he is Dana’s step brother.

Mal starts searching for her key and realizes that the she and her two new friends are searching for keys that will unlock a box that holds three gods’ souls. As they continue searching, she must face her sudden and startling love for Flynn and focus on the task at hand, which includes not getting hurt by Kane, the sorcerer who had captured the souls in the first place.

Will Mal find her key in time? Will Flynn make peace with Mal’s declaration that she loves him and reciprocate her feelings?

Rating: 6/10

It is honestly not a bad book if you can look past the ridiculousness of the plot. I’ve read better and worse by the author, which means this book floats somewhere in the middle. The trilogy/quartet setup is often used by Nora Roberts (Three Sisters, the Calhoun series, The Bridal Quartet series, The Chesapeake Blue series, The Quinn legacy, the Calhoun’s, etc.) and works well most of the time.

I enjoyed Malory as a character – she keeps herself together, is sure of who she is, has no problem going after she wants and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Flynn was enjoyable and not overly manman which always scores points.

Have you read it? What did you think?