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So after what seems like forever, I’ve finally managed to align my life perfectly to sit down at my laptop for five minutes and attend to my blog. I’ve missed it so much – I’ve been able to check a few blogs here and there, but as we all know scheduling posts takes ages.

SO, as I have a few seconds right now, here is something I’ve wanted to do for a while – post about the interesting posts I’ve read – both news worthy and blogging posts. This will hopefully become one of those installments that pops up from time to time – I read a lot of interesting articles and would love to have it up here for those who are interested to check out.

Leading the awesome news this week was the discovery of Homo Naledi at the Cradle of Humankind. I think this might be my favorite news titbit of the past week.

Now this is awkward: This post about Getty images suing a blogging site for the use of the Socially Awkward Penguin (Getty has the copyright on it) was very interesting. It is another subject that interests me – where bloggers should draw the line on images and whether large scale companies should lighten up a bit.

Ellen De Generes responded to Caitlyn Jenner’s not so nice comments about gay marriages. I personally find Caitlyn Jenner now the most irritating of the Kardashian clan and find it extremely rich that someone who underwent such a public and massive change in life would even think of judging what makes others happy.

The Syrian refugee crises had me captivated like everybody else on the planet. It humbles me and reminds me that the troubles we have in South-Africa are not really as bad as I would love to make it. This post from Buzzfeed about how Germany welcomed the Syrian refugees into their country really made me smile and think well of humanity for a moment.

Huffington post put up their weekly 20 funniest tweets from Women This Week again, and it was as hilarious as always (seriously one of my favorite installments of them)

The Telegraph had a really nice post about the Queen of England loving Downton Abbey #class #TheQueenandILoveTheSameThings

Cracked had a post about 6 Iconic Movie scenes that weren’t even planned to happen that way – right up the alley of everyone who reads this blog!

This Buzzfeed post had me go to it twice in stubbornness – the fifty characters in Harry Potter who are named the most.

Blog posts:

This blog post from Mushy Peas on Toast sums up my current feelings so well.

Five things Friday: 5 things that happens when you stop reading the news


I’ve always been a news junky. To use a phrase my hairdresser loves using, I am just that type of a person. You know, the type of person who follows catastrophic events like it’s the Oscars and Leonardo is finally getting one.

It is a horrendous habit. Not only does it take away a chunk of your time, and in my case severely limited personal time, I find it constantly emotionally depressing. Between ISIS, the destruction of historical statues in SA, babies getting raped, temperatures rising and the petrol price, the little bit of happy news out there is drowned under the constant flow of terrible things happening in the world.

So after being bombarded the last few weeks with depressing news, I decided to take a break from entering news sites. I allow myself entertainment news, because even when it’s bad news they are still ridiculous and make me laugh. I unfollowed every news site (sorry guys) and unsubscribed to email updates.


Herewith a list of things that happen when you stop reading the news:

  1. News will seep through. It may be on the radio, it might be a family member or a friend, it might be your enemy at work trying to make you like her. You will invariably hear some report of some event and it will seem like you took precautionary steps for no reason whatsoever.
  2. Your crazy aunt will feel the urge to keep tagging you in posts on Facebook about supporting right wing lunatics. I have come to really dislike the presence of older relatives on my Facebook. The young ones I can deal with and to be fair my hipster-grandma is really quite okay on social media. However, I have these two spinster aunts that are the bane of my existence for a number of reasons:
    • Their spelling. It is the worst I’ve ever seen and it makes me want to cry.
    • Their weirdness. If I see one more thing like “just because I like herbs and magick doesn’t mean I’m a witch” post I will book myself into a ward in a hospital and just rock myself to sleep tonight.
    • You can’t delete family off of Facebook. It is asking for familial dramas and petulant Facebook statuses.
    • I am so over rightwingers in this country already from both sides, I do not need my crazy family tagging me in posts. EVER.
    • These are the people who created a group for Snape and Hermoine fanfiction, remember those, Zoë?
  3. You will have to stop going on Twitter, a.k.a. the fastest way on earth to get breaking news.
  4. Stop listening to radio and Stop watching television. Okay, delete humanity and social media altogether in your life.
  5. You will find ways to be on social media without ruining your day – here is a link to my Instagram account, where I am finally getting into the swing of things (I have four pics up, HELL YES FOR ME)


Ultimately, you will be happier. I love having general knowledge and keeping abreast of the current events, but it isn’t worth the irritation and distress the news is causing me. I might soon delete my Facebook account, becoming part of the large amount of people who just won’t deal with other people’s drama anymore.

Bonus: Your email inbox will decrease in volume and you will get to the emails that need attention, for reals.

Happy weekend!