Links I Love IV

links i love

Rory and Jess moments – Buzzfeed

This Cracked post is very interesting – the power of accents and being well spoken has been on my mind often the last few months.

Celeb passport photos throughout the years – I got this from T9M’s site – super interesting!

31 Photos from Fukushima 5 years after the nuclear disaster – Article by Upworthy

These words for emotions you thought you couldn’t explain

The routines of powerful women

These celebrities that hate their famous characters

Some South-African gems of the past few week

  I swear, these things can only happen in South-Africa

Mrs. South-Africa became Mrs. World

Wayde van Niekerk, a South-African sprinter, became the first runner to break 10 seconds for the 100m, 20 seconds for 200m and 44 seconds for the 400m. He is the favorite to win the 400m this year at Rio. Have I mentioned how ridiculously excited I am about the Olympics coming up?

What did you find interesting article wise the last few weeks?




This whole Oscar business.

No, not the Academy Awards. That, and everything else (like meteor showers in Russia) are taking backseat to the drama in the South-African courtroom regarding Oscar Pistorius, and the alleged murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. To explain the situation to readers in other countries, please see my attempt at explaining what the hell is going on.

The story

On Valentine’s day, police received a call from concerned Silverwood residents, where Pistorius also lives. Residents claimed they had heard gunshot sounds. Upon police arrival, Oscar’s girlfriend and model, Reeva Steenkamp’s body was found, with three gunshot wounds to her body. Pistorius was arrested as he was the only other person in the house, and the gun belongs to him.

Pistorius claims that he thought that Reeva was an intruder, yelling for Reeva (who he believed was still in bed) to call the cops while he fetched his gun.

Reeva was cremated on the 19th of February 2013 in an intimate ceremony.

Who’s who

Oscar Pistorius

Really? Only the greatest Paralympian of all times. He competed at the 2012 London Olympics as well as the Paralympics, becoming the first double amputee to qualify in the Olympics. I have always seen him as one of the greatest modern day South-Africans, and his dedication and perseverance is an inspiration to all.

Oscar Pistorius

*Image from

Reeva Steenkamp

Now deceased, Reeva was a model who was making a name for herself. By all accounts she was intensely loved and an amazing person.

Hilton Botha

Lead investigating officer of the case. Botha is currently also due in court (in May) for allegedly killing 7 people during a drunken rampage with friends. Botha is currently under unwanted attention, for contaminating the crime scene, presenting evidence that has not been proven accurate.

Desmond Nair

Judge in case. By all accounts, Nair is honest, no bullshit and unbiased.

Gerrie Nel

Prosecutor in case.

Leading defence lawyer

Barry Roux. Roux is already known as one of the best lawyers in SA, and he is proving himself again by ripping Botha’s already shady testimony to shreds.

South-African Police Service

This is not SAPS’s shining moment. Botha is already under the spotlight for incriminating the scene, and the SAPS failed to find one of the bullet casings left behind in the toilet.

South-African journalists

Are at this point in disgrace. Shuffles for space in the courtroom, false stories being widely published, photos taken in direct violation of a court ruling. I am SO glad I am not in that profession.

My thoughts

At this point, I honestly think Oscar did not know Reeva was at the other side of the bathroom door. South-Africans are gripped by fear, as we live in a country with the highest rape statistic in the world, with the most violent criminals and high crime stats as well. Fear can blank your mind. It is obvious that Oscar is going through the worst time of his life, barely in control of his emotions. Seeing him in court depresses me – I only read the reviews of the trial at the end of the day.


But sadly, we have to wait for this laborious trial to end before we know what will happen to our star athlete. I only see the visible destruction his family and the Steenkamp’s are going through. It breaks my heart.