Movie Review: One for the Money (2012)


What happens?

After losing her job, Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl) is in need of a job and a life change. She starts working as a skip tracer for her cousin Vinnie (Patrick Fischler). Her big job is to apprehend Joe Morelli (Jason O’Mara), a cop wanted for shooting someone off the job. Stephanie has her own interpersonal issues with Joe – he took her virginity in school and never called back, and Stephanie really isn’t too pleased about that.

Joe Morelli’s apprehension and subsequent justice is naturally more difficult and complex than it initially seems. After their first run in, Joe makes it clear that he is innocent and plans to clear his name. A trail of dead bodies makes Stephanie scared and worried that the real culprit is incredibly dangerous and now she is on his radar as well. Can Stephanie catch the real killer, help clear Joe’s name, cash in on the bond AND get herself a life?

Rating: 4.5/10

Romantic comedies generally have very basic story lines. Male heroes fall into the following categories

  • Man is so broken and rude and ill adjusted and woman is the only woman who is able to change him for the better, making him realize that this woman is a fantastic asset to his life.
  • Charming and womanizing man finds woman who changes his ways.
  • Gawky and nerdy guy lives without love his entire life until stunningly beautiful woman hops along to realise that hot men aren’t all the rage and she should love this one.

One for the money is a movie that really doesn’t want to be categorized. It started out as a rom-com, but tried to develop into a comedy/detective story. The problem is that the story line was too flaky to work as either. I couldn’t immediately spot who the hero would be, and while that can be refreshing, you shouldn’t be disgruntled when you do finally learn who the hero is. OFTM had all three categories of men in, and they all looked like they stood a chance. Joe Morelli is not the type of man that should be celebrated on screen – he slept with her, dumped her, and then she tracks him down because she obsessed with him?!

Not to pull out my feminist hat, but Stephanie Plum needs a solid slap for even being remotely interested in the guy who slept with her and then failed to call back for roughly fifteen years. This movie is worse than traditional Disney – it tells you to pine after an asshat who banged you then left, and then to hold a grudge strong enough that you will endanger your life later on.

The acting was so bad. It felt like a highschool play with everybody trying so hard but with no success.

I actually really like Romantic Comedy movies, and I don’t care what anyone thinks of that. BUT, with movies like this one it is easy to spot why so many people won’t even give the genre a chance. This is actually worthy of Eric’s Shitfest, and I will probably consider this as an entry when it comes up.

Recommendation: Meh, don’t.

Thoughts 9.1


Firstly, this post was initially incredibly whiney, (sadly not WINE-y). I edited a lot to make it not seem like an incessant moan session, so if you are reading this, know that I love you (in a purely unfreaky way) enough to change a post to positive. It started off one night as I forced myself off the internet (you freaking addictive thing).

It is September, which means Spring. I am so happy it is warmer. To the Northerners reading this, Winter is coming. You all at least get some snow while all we do in SA is get cold. I can’t wait for November, I am going to the coast (major dancing, partying and loafing will be involved, all on the beach)

What is happening quite soon:

I am doing the Colour Run in Johannesburg. It is my first time doing this and I really can’t wait.

I am up for a two week practical Chemistry class. That means two weeks of not dealing with work which is the best thing to happen since sliced cheese.

Speaking of South-Africa, here is a cute article about slang words South-Africans use.

Can people just not be such asshats?

I have this huge confession that I LOVE Kate and William. They are so sweet, and I don’t care if feminists think that she should do more with her life than pop out babies. Some women want that, just FYI, and it is their free choice to make. Anyway, I am super excited that they are having their next baby! So everyone who is moaning about the British money being wasted or whatever bug you have up your ass, just be happy for once that a couple is happy.

Another case of sever ass-ism are the people who left two Labrador puppies in a dustbin. My sister will now adopt one and the brother will go to another safe place. This is not the place to mention what I will do to the people that did that, but let’s just say for now I hope they end up in a dustbin without food or water. Would seem like justice.

Movies watched recently

Not a whole lot, but I saw One for the Money Friday night while drinking wine with my sister (the wine couldn’t even save that plot) and I saw Lucy in cinema Saturday. I also saw THAT was epic and I had such a good time with it, so keep an eye out for the post!

I am busy reviewing some Marvel films for my Marvellous Monday Blogathon. The table with available movies to watch is updated every Monday as the instalment post is posted, so hop over and takes a look.

Reading List:

To finish:

A Faint, Cold Fear – Karin Slaughter

Dead to the World – Charlaine Harris

Angel’s Fall – Nora Roberts. Yep, I am actually re-reading this for the gazillionth time.

To begin:

Dead as a Doornail – Charlaine Harris

A Game of Thrones – George R.R Martin


After finishing the glorious Sherlock, I haven’t watched anything new. I was playing around with Vampire Diaries season three as part of my plan to catch up with all of it, but I am still not finished. I am going to start True Blood soon, with some light-hearted New Girl in-between because I just love that ridiculous show.

A hot guy, because I can


And this one that Zoë sent me. Because we understand that so well