5 Things Friday: Five Things South-Africans can talk about except Oscar Pistorius

This case is driving me nuts! It is nonstop on the radio, television, newspapers, twitter, bars, clubs, the queue in Woolworths. Seriously people, can this just stop? I wish he could be either convicted or let loose because I can honestly not survive another day of hearing his name or Barry Roux or Gerrie Nel or stories about fans on balconies and people who are overly affectionate of guns.

So here are 5 topics you can discuss should you feel the need to discuss things of actual importance:

The upcoming elections

Because 99.99% of South-Africans are either dumb or blind sighted by misplaced loyalty, it is a given that the ANC will win this year’s elections. However, feel free to discuss Helen Zille’s ridiculous attire, Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s eternal hope that he will become president and Julius’s “trust-fund” to clear the money he owes to SARS.


Remember that ridiculous estate our President claims he didn’t ask for? Yes, talk about why we are paying so much tax, which brings us to the next point for discussion.


That thing road users in Gauteng are paying obscene amounts for? Mr. President, I did not ask for E-tolls so I am not paying them. Let’s all talk how we will rather go to prison than pay more taxes to our corrupt government so that more fire pools can be built.

Shrien Dewani

Who finally arrived in SA but is now in the loony bin, taking more of our tax money.

Many Other Topics

The Weather, rugby, cricket, soccer, loadshedding, how many chocolates you are planning to eat for Easter, what you will do for easter, etc. etc.

So now that you have topics, please stop talking about Oscar.



PS: My brand ne laptop is BROKEN, so I am planning a few posts ahead while it is being fixed. Because April is sucking, that is why.

5 Things Friday: The Five most annoying things people do on Facebook

5 things friday pic

you twit face

Asking me to play your games

I have a life. I have no urge whatsoever to sit and play Animal Farm. I thought people would grow tired of inviting me to play (like when you send out plenty of emails in the beginning of your email life but then get tired of it) but no, I am receiving just as many game requests as I did in 2009, when I joined Facebook. AND I HAVE NEVER ACCEPTED ONCE.

Tagging me in dumb shit

Tagging me in posts about war-ridden countries, cancer patients or “Share if you love your mother and don’t want her to die”* things will 1) not solve middle Eastern conflict, 2)cure cancer and 3) keep my mother alive.

*Inspired by a true story

Adding people (me) to open groups

This is also inspired by a true story.

1)      Who else thinks open groups are rude? Here, I don’t care if you want to join my group; I am forcing you to view (shit) Harry Potter fan fiction. NO I DO NOT WANT TO SEE SEVERUS SNAPE AND HERMOINE GRANGER KISSING FFS.

2)      Leaving a group is so much work you need to be truly inspired (I was VERY inspired). But still – don’t add me to things I am not interested in and not even have the courtesy to ask me if I am keen to join.


The six thousand nearly-exact shots of you… in your bedroom

We all know you love your new haircut, but really, the billion pics of your duck face aren’t nearly as endearing as you might begin to think.

Jumping on the bandwagon

If I see one more post about Oscar Pistorius, or loadshedding, or the rain in South-Africa, I will honestly start crying. It is NOT new news. How many versions of “the power is out at my home” do I possibly need to see to still not care?

What are the most annoying things people do on your Facebook?

Thoughts 3.1

I feel as if it has been ages since I wrote one of these. February flew past me with the rush to complete my book challenge, getting bogus assignments submitted (I still fully maintain that it is bogus because I simply don’t agree with the way the subject in question is compiled) and focusing on not eating a ton of nonsense (I failed spectacularly). So here goes:


March is usually the beginning of most assignment submissions for Unisa. That means sitting my butt down and working (on real assignments)

It’s done

That is, the book challenge. I’ve been posting books throughout the year. I am likely to continue (I really do read a lot) but I’m going to reread tons as well and won’t be posting those again. I actually can’t wait to reread all my favorites.

New direction

I don’t think I will be posting specific challenges, though obviously I am not ruling it out. I think my only goal this year will be new things. New books, new music, new places, new movies, new experiences.



Weight, diets, exercise and exhaustion with my brain

Apparently, thinking constantly is part of my personality and star sign. It is true – I cannot stop my brain from incessantly thinking and frustrating me senseless. I just want a switch at night – can I possibly stop all these thoughts running havoc in my head?!

I am exhausted by the constant pressure of eating correctly and exercising. So I’ve essentially given up. I try to eat as healthy as possible, but I am starting to send thoughts to my brain dictating that I am not allowed to be mad at myself anymore if I fail. It is a constant process.

The Oscar Pistorius case

It really feels that everything South-Africans are proud of gets taken away. Look, we have a disabled athlete competing in the Olympics. Oh look, he shoots his girlfriend four times through a closed door on Valentine’s Day.

My opinion: It is a loss. Two beautiful, talented people. One is dead and the other one is on trial. There is no proper justice because nothing is bringing Reeva Steenkamp back. Is he guilty? I don’t think he was planning to shoot her. Is it possible he completely lost his temper and went after her? That is another question completely.

My opinion on the journalists in South-Africa: You suck. You are like a bunch of hungry dogs with a bone and have no respect or decency anymore. There is this one particular journo that is irritating me incredibly – I am not naming him – but he isn’t even remotely unbiased in anything. I am barely reading news or going on Twitter because everything is just being blown out of proportion these days.

Speaking of which

As I hope you know, South-Africa has one of the most successful youngest democracies in the world. Unfortunately though, our political parties are mainly jokes just like any other countries’. The leading party and the leading opposition (that isn’t difficult to figure out) are being complete and utter fools these days. Just grow the fuck up, please.


I’ve finally seen 500 Days of Summer (depressing) and Safe Haven (relatively good and a decent adaption of the book). I also re-watched Sleeping Beauty (the classic) and it is as awesome as my childhood memories dictate.

This one delivery guy at work

Smells like weed all the time. Honestly, who smokes weed while transporting medical samples?!

Excited about

CA winter soldier

The new Captain America movie coming out. Can’t wait!

A bit disappointed

That Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get his Oscar. Sigh L

The most irritating thing of all time:

Girls playing the I’m a wilting flower routine. How can anyone find this attractive? I want to slap people so hard that does this. Fuck man.

I should stop writing since I’m using the word Fuck a lot right now.



And a pic:

3.1 ecard


This whole Oscar business.

No, not the Academy Awards. That, and everything else (like meteor showers in Russia) are taking backseat to the drama in the South-African courtroom regarding Oscar Pistorius, and the alleged murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. To explain the situation to readers in other countries, please see my attempt at explaining what the hell is going on.

The story

On Valentine’s day, police received a call from concerned Silverwood residents, where Pistorius also lives. Residents claimed they had heard gunshot sounds. Upon police arrival, Oscar’s girlfriend and model, Reeva Steenkamp’s body was found, with three gunshot wounds to her body. Pistorius was arrested as he was the only other person in the house, and the gun belongs to him.

Pistorius claims that he thought that Reeva was an intruder, yelling for Reeva (who he believed was still in bed) to call the cops while he fetched his gun.

Reeva was cremated on the 19th of February 2013 in an intimate ceremony.

Who’s who

Oscar Pistorius

Really? Only the greatest Paralympian of all times. He competed at the 2012 London Olympics as well as the Paralympics, becoming the first double amputee to qualify in the Olympics. I have always seen him as one of the greatest modern day South-Africans, and his dedication and perseverance is an inspiration to all.

Oscar Pistorius

*Image from guardian.co.uk

Reeva Steenkamp

Now deceased, Reeva was a model who was making a name for herself. By all accounts she was intensely loved and an amazing person.

Hilton Botha

Lead investigating officer of the case. Botha is currently also due in court (in May) for allegedly killing 7 people during a drunken rampage with friends. Botha is currently under unwanted attention, for contaminating the crime scene, presenting evidence that has not been proven accurate.

Desmond Nair

Judge in case. By all accounts, Nair is honest, no bullshit and unbiased.

Gerrie Nel

Prosecutor in case.

Leading defence lawyer

Barry Roux. Roux is already known as one of the best lawyers in SA, and he is proving himself again by ripping Botha’s already shady testimony to shreds.

South-African Police Service

This is not SAPS’s shining moment. Botha is already under the spotlight for incriminating the scene, and the SAPS failed to find one of the bullet casings left behind in the toilet.

South-African journalists

Are at this point in disgrace. Shuffles for space in the courtroom, false stories being widely published, photos taken in direct violation of a court ruling. I am SO glad I am not in that profession.

My thoughts

At this point, I honestly think Oscar did not know Reeva was at the other side of the bathroom door. South-Africans are gripped by fear, as we live in a country with the highest rape statistic in the world, with the most violent criminals and high crime stats as well. Fear can blank your mind. It is obvious that Oscar is going through the worst time of his life, barely in control of his emotions. Seeing him in court depresses me – I only read the reviews of the trial at the end of the day.


But sadly, we have to wait for this laborious trial to end before we know what will happen to our star athlete. I only see the visible destruction his family and the Steenkamp’s are going through. It breaks my heart.

Thoughts on a Tuesday


When you have on a lab coats or gloves, your nose will invariably start itching, your eyes will water, or you will sneeze.

It is always the lab’s fault.

Dipping a balloon into liquid nitrogen is the coolest thing I have done in a while.

Burning hand in said Liquid Nitrogen is not so cool.


The country, and its newspapers, are OBSESSED with the whole Oscar Pistorius case.


Companies have the most ridiculous names.

One Direction should change their name to One Contraception. Because that is about the appeal they have to grown-ups.

Movies will never beat books.

You can only cheat or steal for so long before it comes out.

Once you get over the costs of doing a BSc degree, you need to face the costs of the handbooks.

Somewhere, someone still believes everything they read on the internet.

No electricity in the morning makes getting ready adventurous.

There is nothing happier than planning a wedding/baby shower (for two different people!)

Valentine’s Day crapathon.

I am so sad. This year so far is not living up to the excitement I had to finally finish the disaster of year I had in 2012.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. (I suspect everyone knows this, since you either need to be blind, deaf, and have no social contact with the world to not know this). I suspected it to be terrible, for numerous reasons. And it was

Valentine’s Day will always be a testimony to my bad judgement.

Yesterday, a year ago, I started dating a man who was so completely wrong for me, because I was bored, and bowed to pressure from our friend group. I shouldn’t have done it, since I never admired him, and now I will always face V-day with the reminder that I allowed someone like that into my life, and let him fester himself into a core group I thought unshakable. Yes, I obviously still have a lot of anger towards myself and him, but I am in a much better place about it than I was.

Driving license test

I am renowned for stressing my ass off. Yesterday, I was supposed to do my driving test. My dad helped me wonderfully, and I was somewhat confident upon arrival at the test centre. Just when I started my pre-trip inspection, the instructor failed me on my brake lights that didn’t work – lights that had worked half an hour earlier. I do not know what made the brake lights to fail, either someone put a voodoo spell on me, or I have incredibly bad karma, or I really am bad luck Brian. I didn’t even get to test.

Vampire diaries season 4 sucks.

Enough said about that. 

Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp

South-Africa suffered another incredibly sad shock yesterday. When I saw on my twitter feed that our golden boy, Oscar Pistorius, had been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, I refused to believe it. I went onto a reputable news agency’s website, and there it was. Reeva was shot in the early morning on the 14th of Feb, by the Paralympian wonder boy. At first, rumours started that he thought her an intruder. Then, after SAPS confirmed the rumours false, it came to light that there had been domestic disturbance calls from their neighbours to Pistorius’s home that night.

It is heart-breaking. SA already has such a bad rep across the world. Recently the spotlight in this country has been on the atrocious sexual and domestic violence that dominates in South-Africa. We as citizens of this country lost another hero. I do not know any South-African that wasn’t shaken by the news.

So all in all, it was a terrible day. I am in serious need of some happy today.