Life lately


If you feel a bit depressed about it being Monday, you are not alone. Welcome to the most loathed day in the week. I really hope it goes well for you.

I’ve been planning: My sister’s bachelorhood. I am excited and very nervous at the same time – I really want things to go well. Also, I have been planning how to get everything done that I need to do… so many things, so little time.


I’ve been eating: Muesli and Yogurt for breakfast. It is delicious and healthy. Win
I’ve been dreaming about: Having my own car. It will be the best day of my life, I am sure of this.

I’ve been thinking about: How to live life to the fullest, at maximum happiness levels.
I’ve been spending money on: Make-up and toiletries. They are my greatest weakness when it comes to spending money.
I’ve been reading: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Hunger games book

I’ve been watching: Sons of Anarchy obsessively, and in between the Mentalist Season 4. Both are very entertaining.
I’ve been wearing: Lipstick. It is a habit I have to learn. I really think it is a way to look instantly more groomed.
I’m thankful for: My family, my tablet and my driver’s license.
I’m in love with: Charlie Hunnam. Between Pacific Rim and Sons of Anarchy, he has what it takes.

What have you been up to lately?

Movie Review: Pacific Rim (2013)

*contains spoilers


Colossal beasts, the Kaijus, attack coastal cities in 2013. They rise from a portal on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. The nations on the Pacific Rim beats back the destruction of the human race by building huge war machines, the Jaegers, which are co-piloted by two humans, as the neurological strain is too intense for one person to carry. The two humans’ brains are linked, causing each other to see memories, and fight together. The Jaegers are highly effective, but the attacks from the Kaijus increase and the Pacific Rim governments discontinue the Jaegers in favor of building coastal walls to keep the Kaijus out. The remaining Jaegers are deployed to Hong Kong to protect the city until its wall is built.

Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) is the commander of the Jaeger forces. He makes a plan to end the war by sending a nuclear weapon through the portal. He recalls pilot Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) to return to his Jaeger, the Gipsy Danger. Becket used to co-pilot with his brother Yancy, who was killed during a mission. Becket suffered a huge loss, not only because he lost his brother, but because they were still linked, and experienced his death. When Raleigh arrives at Hong Kong, he meets potential candidates to pilot with him. He demands to pilot with Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) when he realizes she is the strongest candidate. Pentecost initially refuses, as he sees her as his daughter. He eventually relents, but needs to pull Mako from the mission after their initial test run nearly ends in disaster when she relives her childhood trauma.

The Jaegers leave to protect Hong Kong against two Kaiju that are heading for the city. The Gipsy Danger gets sent in after the Kaiju’s destroy two Jaegers and disabling the third. They become heroes after successfully saving the city.


Scientist Newton Geiszler (Charlie Day) is as fascinated with the Kaijus as he is repulsed by them. He assembles a machine allowing him a mental link to one of the Kaiju’s brain fragments. The strain nearly kills him, but he learns that the Kaijus are actually engineered weapons fighting for a race of alien invaders.

Newton sets out to find an intact Kaiju brain. His only hope is finding Hannibal Chau (Ron Perlman), an underground trafficking king in Hong Kong. Upon the attack of the city, Hannibal realizes that Newton is the reason for the Kaijus’ attack, and deserts him. Afterwards, when both monsters are killed, Hannibal and his team strip the parts. The one monster was pregnant, and its spawn eats Hannibal.

Newton and his partner Hermann Gottlieb (Burn Gorman) merge with the newborn Kaiju’s brain and realize that the portal will only open for a Kaiju.

The remaining two Jaegers are sent to execute the destruction of the portal. Pentecost co-pilots the Jaeger carrying the weapon, but they are forced to detonate early, killing themselves and the Kaijus guarding the portal. Raleigh and Mako seize the remaining Kaiju with the Gipsy Danger and enters the portal. Raleigh releases Mako to safety, and goes into the portal. The Gipsy’s portal detonates, destroying the portal and the would-be alien conquerors.

The movie ends where both Mako and Raleigh arrives safely at sea in enclosed caskets.

Rating: 7.5/10

I have to say that I did not expect to enjoy it this much. Pacific Rim may be one of my favorite movies this year. It is a compelling mix of drama, science, aliens, humor, terror and heroism.

The best scene possibly is Mako’s flashback where she witnessed her family’s death by the Kaijus. It perfectly portrays the fear of a terrified little girl – so well that you can almost feel her fear.

Sadly, the excellent acting of the young Mako was not mirrored in the actress that played the adult version of her. Rinko Kikuchi’s performance was sadly lacking. So much more could have been brought to the character than she did. She is completely stilted, and her acting seems very 1960s. I enjoyed that the character in itself was a good idea – an independent woman who isn’t the sexed up doll usually written into moves.

The movie focuses on the budding relationship between Becket and Mori. Both are messed up humans who choose to hide their weakest part. Part of their relationship is the trust and respect they have for each other, being in each other’s minds. The relationship never fully turns romantic, but I found that it was just fine for this movie.

The end relieved me – who doesn’t both the hero and heroine to live? The more I thought of it, the more it seemed unrealistic that Raleigh could survive his travel into the portal and come out alive.

Since starting on Sons of Anarchy, I have wanted to watch another piece of work from Charlie Hunnam. He really did well, much better in fact; than he does in the first season of SOA (I am only there now) He has certainly grown into a better actor. He fits into his character – he appears broken, loyal and fearless.

Seeing another SOA actor was pleasantly surprising. It seems that Ron Perlman can either be completely scary (SOA) or very ridiculous. He appeared as this dangerous type of joke in Pacific Rim. The gold tipped shoes were perfectly revolting and really appropriate.

All in all, this was a fantastic way to spend some money and time, and I think most people would at least find something good in the film.

Weekend and stuff (And the MOST AMAZING SHOE FIND EVER)


This weekend was pretty darn amazing. I didn’t do anything spectacular, but I really enjoyed it.

Friday at work we participated in Reach for your slipper Day. It is organized by the Reach For A Dream Foundation. Paying 10 bucks enabled us to wear our slippers for the day (and who doesn’t like that?)

reach for your slippers

Their campaign:

‘Over the past 25 years the Reach For A Dream foundation has been fulfilling the dreams of children fighting life-threatening illnesses. The work of Reach For A Dream enables children to experience a fun aspect of life, which they often don’t get to participate in because of their illness. It also inspires hope and courage and helps them believe that tomorrow is worth fighting for. The Reach for Your Slippers campaign is the latest initiative to help make dreams come true. All you need to do is buy a R10 sticker and wear your slippers to work, school, the shops – or wherever you want – to show your support for Reach For A Dream. If you are unable to wear your slippers, then wear your sticker with pride. By doing this, you are helping to fulfill dreams for children in hospitals and homes across South Africa. Join the rest of South Africa by wearing your slippers on Friday, 2 August 2013.’

Their Website:

Friday night we went to our local Ster-Kinekor cinema to go see Pacific Rim. I mainly wanted to go watch the movie because I wanted to see Charlie Hunham in something else other than Sons Of Anarchy (I am getting to that) but I really didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. It is a fantastic movie. It was edge-of-your-seat stuff. Really, go watch it.

On Saturday I went to get my study material from Unisa so that I can start studying again – and I need to really start now, as I need to submit two assignments on the 19th. I also went to Vodacom, to sort out my data plan. I thought I would have to wait for ages – it was very busy. I was so pleasantly surprised by the staff as well as the new revamped shop. I waited about 20 minutes (I don’t think that is an unreasonable amount of time to wait in a busy shop) and then received help from a very efficient consultant.  I wish I had thought of taking her name, so that I could properly send thanks through the correct channels. Anyway, good job Vodacom Southgate.

I also purchased cover for my tablet. I think it is about time, as I am notoriously known for dropping the poor thing. It is pink (jay me) and has really nice detail. Am very happy.

Sunday I became victorious in my hunt for the perfect beige pump low heeled shoe (incredibly specific, I know) My search came to an end at Woolworths, and I thank them kindly for stocking the shoe I have been searching for FOREVER)

Court Shoe

*Won the shoe search

I started watching Sons of Anarchy this weekend. It is really good, but much more violent than I usually watch. I am impressed with the storyline. I am enjoying it right now, but will have to wait and see if it is enough to take me through all the seasons.

On the book front, I am currently reading Nora Roberts’ River’s End. It is one of my favorite books.

In my first attempt to give up bad habits, I gave up coffee. Well, I am limiting it to one cup a day. I am already feeling better. I am planning to say goodbye to sugar on Thursday, so please keep me in your thoughts. Last week I managed to exercise three times – not good or bad. This week I want to increase the amount to at least four times, as exercising is my main way to losing weight right now.

What did you do this weekend?