Book Review: At Risk (Patricia Cornwell)

At risk book

Book: 73/100

While perusing the books in my favorite second hand bookshop, I discovered a (freaking awesome) special – Three books for 50 bucks. No self-respecting book reader shall ever walk away from such a thing.

One of the books I chose was At Risk by Patricia Cornwell. I’ve never read anything of her before, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore. I enjoy really good crime novels and I hoped this would be one of them.

It was not. I found the first person writing to be confusing and the writing style sketchy. Most of the time I wasn’t sure what was happening to either of the leading characters. The end was unsatisfactory and didn’t clear up my confusion.

What is it about?

At Risk is about Defense Attorney Monique Lamont, a fierce feminist who hopes to become the new governor through the work of a new initiative. At Risk states that any crime is important at any time and new technology for DNA identification makes it possible to solve old cases. While a good idea on paper, implementing it would make the solving cases a nightmare, with current cases never getting solved.

To endear the initiative (and her) to the public, Lamont employs the help of Win Garano, an attractive detective. Win has issues of his own, including his ego, and is angry that he is being forced to take the job. He starts investigating an old case chosen by Lamont to prove that the idea works. When Lamont doesn’t answer his phone calls one night, he heads over to her house and finds her tied up and raped. He kills the intruder, and there is immediate public frenzy. Lamont has no scruples taking Win down for killing her rapist, even though he saved her life. What will happen to Lamont, Win and At Risk? And who is behind Lamont’s brutal attack?

Rating: 5/10

Just a solid Meh. I couldn’t enjoy this book if Chris Hemsworth read it to me in that gorgeous voice. I couldn’t enjoy it sitting on a beach in Mauritius with a cocktail next to me. I just couldn’t. Both leading characters are selfish, egotistical and harsh. Lamont’s imitation of a strong business woman irritated me to no end. I felt slightly sorry for her after her rape, but honestly, that is the only kind emotion I felt at all. Win is this selfish, overly confident cop who has no morals or courage. He seems so surprised to find himself on a case, and flustered when everything goes wrong.

At least I read a new author for my challenge.