Watched, Read, Loved: August 2017


Yay! It’s spring! (I am writing this up quickly in September). The weather has turned me into a positive, upbeat person for the time being. There is something to be said to drive to work and the sun is actually up when you get there, so I am pretty thankful. The saddest thing is naturally not being in the sun during the day, but it makes life worth it.

Life-wise, we went to the Modderfontein nature reserve for a friend’s birthday. It’s quite lovely, and as it is not the one I usually head to for a it-doesn’t-feel-like-the-city feel, it felt like a new place to see in the concrete jungle I live in. Had some amazing cupcakes too, which changed my life – like WOW.

I also watched the international Dota championships – like, I still don’t know how that happened. I hope to have actually played this game by next year to have a clue what is happening.

I also did a Parkrun – naturally the morning was chillier than all the rest, but I did one. I’d love to 1) make better time 2) remember my barcode and 3) get fitter. We are doing an international health challenge at work, starting the 27th of September, and the aim is 10 000 steps a day. It is scary because I don’t think I manage 2000 a day at this stage.

movies logo


Ghost (1990) – I really thoroughly enjoyed Ghost. The effects had me giggling, while the youth of Swayze and Demi Moore was really pretty to look at. Definitely one of the best Blindspots this year, though my selection has been pretty on point if I say so myself.

The intern3

The Intern (2015) – you can read my review here. The Intern is a heartwarming film with a great message, and I had a great time.

Ella Enchanted (2004) – I seemed to have had a lot of exposure to Anne Hathaway this month, but I’m not complaining as I really like both films. Hathaway is joined by Hugh Dancy, who has the most perfect face to play any form of a Prince. So handsome. This is a really fun movie, and I always enjoy it.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016) – yes, again. Don’t judge.

Sully poster

Sully (2016) – probably my favorite watch this month, Sully is inspirational and I was on the edge of my seat. Highly recommended.

Wild (2014) – Wild is a prime example why I don’t like real life adaptions. The lead character was uninspiring and selfish, and a track across the NST couldn’t convince me to root for her.

Mean Girls (2004) – Is Mean Girls the most quotable movie of all time? This movie is definitely one of my favorite films ever. It is relatable, accurate, hilarious and just so much fun.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them (2016) – I have a friend who was really outraged that I talked smack about this film. His attempt to convince me was to have me watch it at home in Bluray with 3D Glasses. I don’t have the heart to say that just because something is pretty to look at it means it is good, but it did improve on rewatch.



Stranger Things – the amounts of hearts I want to draw around this show. STRANGER THINGS IS EVERYTHING AND I NEED MORE NOW. The soundtrack, the premise, the whole I difference of it all, the miraculous amount of kids who can actually act. I was told by ten million people to watch Stranger Things, and now, after watching, my life is richer as a result. I need the second season now. Like NOW.


Game of Thrones Season 7 – I joined everyone and their grandma’s to watch the amazing penultimate season of Game of Thrones. I still need to do a recap of the last two episodes, which are some of the best this show as given us.


Vampire Diaries Season 7 and 8

Season 7 nearly sunk the show for me. The departure of Nina Dobrev proved to be a terrible blow to the show. The odd thing is that Season 7 started fine and halfway just lost the plot. It became so bad that Damon slipped in his number one ranking for me, and was replaced by Enzo. Even after being done with the show, Enzo remains as number one. I need to find it in me to review the last two seasons, but man, some things just can’t be forgiven, DAMON.



The Rise of Nine (Pittacus Lore)

I am steadily working my way through the Lorien Legacies series of Pittacus Lore. I am enjoying the Rise of Nine quite a bit, although I still find the battles way too frequent and drawn out.

The Gunslinger (Stephen King)

Finally, I am also trying to attempt to work my way through The Gunslinger. I really like Stephen King’s way – I’m not always sure whether his books are for me, the man is amazing with words. I was about 5 sentences in when I googled a word to check what it means, and that rarely happens for me. I’ll still have to see what the book is all about, and hope to finish at least the first one.

What have you been up to this month?

Watched, Read, Loved: November 2016 – Most dramatic month ever?


What a month! It’s been crazy. I wrote this long ass post about all my opinions and then I was like eh, don’t need it, not my country, not my cheescurl. So let’s just go on with the usual here and do the rundown of what I was up to this month as usual, shall we?

I finished exams – YAS. So far I’ve passed everything with one result still pending. I’m darn pleased with myself, to be honest. So close to being done I can smell it. I’ve been rather irritated with some things at work, but my eyes have been opened a bit – I am so fortunate to be employed by a stable company where there is a 30% unemployment rate in South-Africa right now, and I should really be more thankful about that. I also broke plates at a Greek restaurant, and I now fully understand why the Greek people are so joyous – it is therapeutic! I also managed to be caught in rain storms quite a few times, and as I’m writing this I have a disgusting head cold going on – sneezing, coughing, basically being the person I’d generally want to murder.

Watched in cinema:


Dr. Strange(2016)

I enjoyed this film quite a lot. It really IS Iron Man on drugs and has the exact same story, but I liked it nonetheless. Benedict Cumberbatch truly is the definition of the term strange, and works superbly in this Marvel film. (and he WERKS that cape)


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them (2016)

I made no secret in my review that I had zero time for this film. What a precious waste of my time and abuse of the Potter world. Ugh.

 Watched at home:


Aliens (1986)

So much epic. I am so glad I sat down and watched this, my 2016 blindspot series has been quite the disaster and I’m scrapping it off the menu for 2017 completely. However, I did enjoy a whole bunch of the watched films, and this was one of them. Ripley is so badass man, so badass.


Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

As mentioned above, I’ve been kicking and screaming trying to finish my Blindspots while totally not in the mood, but this turned out to be so beautiful and heartbreaking. Totally worth the time and paying attention to the English subtitles.



Vampire Diaries Season 5

It’s good, but definitely lacks a bit in terms of my favorite – season 3. However, Elena isn’t the world’s most annoying vampire ever, which can only be an improvement. Review will hopefully be up soon 😀

Books read:


The Dressmaker– Kate Alcott

Despite this being the title of THREE DIFFERENT NOVELS – which lead to a variety of confusion -I have all the love for this book. It is definitely not the same story as the movie that I want to watch with Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth, but I am so happy I took a chance. What a lovely, interesting and thought provoking read this was!


The Power of Six – Pittacus Lore

The second book in the Lorien Legacies is also turning out to be a fantastic read. It is well written and well thought out, something most of these dystopian/alien/teenage books lack completely.


I am Number Four – Pittacus Lore

I reviewed this over HERE, and it was one of the better books I read this year. Very impressed!

Love by Design: Loving Jack and Best Laid Plans – Nora Roberts

I’ll never really review this – it has little to no story line and is essentially just some smooch smoochy stories. Even in my bedraggled study brain mode this was too dumb for me, and I probably skipped quite a few pages because there are only so many scorching kisses that can be read.

Reread:  Convincing Alex – Nora Roberts

A reread that won’t be seeing another review. I find these books fun and vacant, and having met real Ukranians I can assure you that they are not Mikhael and Alexi Stanislaski, ladies.

Reread:  Luring A Lady–Nora Roberts

Same as above. It was fun while it lasted!

Reread: The Obsession (Nora Roberts) – I have so much love for this book and author (as you all know), and I’m enjoying it the second time around – I borrowed it to a friend shortly after finishing it the first time, and I must say, it is as good as my first impression of it.

What have you been entertaining yourself with? Tell me in the comments 🙂

Series Review: Vampire diaries season 4


Rating: 7.5/10

What I liked:


Elena going vampire. There, I said it. The cure was stupid, everything was stupid except the fact that she was supposed to turn into a vampire if she wanted eternity with one of the brothers.

I liked how the show headed into the fact that Stefan was finding a way to accept Damon and Elena was supposed to happen and his happiness was focused elsewhere. He had some moments where I wanted him to stop acting like a tool and grow the hell up, but at the end I liked his choice in taking some time away to deal with his adaption to life.

I also love how the relationship between the brothers have developed. They have become real brothers, and there is love and respect growing between them.


Caroline and Klaus. OMFG, I ship these two like crazy. They have so much chemistry, I love that she makes him such an idiot and that he believes that she is way more than Miss Mystic Falls. CAN THEY JUST KISS NOW? Dammit.

The Originals cross over episode. It worked exceptionally well. I am definitely investing in that show if I ever get the time, because I think I can do with more Klaus and Elijah in my life. Also, that hot guy. Looks like the villain, sure he smells like the villain, but hot damn, I need to see this pan out!

Any scene with Elijah Mikaelson in. The man just works so well on every level. He is so vastly different from his brother Klaus, and it is interesting to see how well both characters are written and developed, and not to mention how simply excellent Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies handle their respective roles.

For the first time in the last million seasons I am enjoying Matty Blue-Blue again. He’s had a rough time with all the vampires in Mystic Falls, and time and again he’s been involved and bitten and compelled and chased and lost friends and family and all manners of unpleasant things. I would have packed all my bags and left after my sister died if I lived there, but it would seem that Matt is very fierce (or dumb). I enjoyed him in season 4  – he wasn’t used so much that he took up too much screen time, and there is something endearingly human about him. I also tentatively approved of his relationship with Rebekah (or the sort of one). She needs someone who can bring the very best of her out, what there is of it, and this guy has been managing it for a while now.

What I didn’t like:

The Silas story.Firstly, I do feel that Mystic Falls have enough creatures to be getting on with. There are vampires, werewolves, witches and hybrids. We do not need the ultimate witch in this story, it isn’t about witches. Shane was Mr. Dodgypants from a mile away – always suspect a university lecturer that tells you to kill twelve people at once, BONNIE. Secondly, the execution sucked. Them trekking off to some island – MIGHT I JUST MENTION THAT THESE ARE HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS IN THEIR FINAL YEAR – finding some shadow bounty hunters/killers, Jeremy dying, Bonnie forgetting about his death, it was all just melodramatic on a level that made me fidget in my damn seat.

Elena switching off her humanity. Actually, Elena this season. Vampire Elena seemed like the logical next step. You can’t love attractive 17 year olds (that look 30) and expect to stay just as attractive as they are for the duration of your relationship if you stay mortal. I am ALL for vampire Elena, no use for her being dead. However, her whiny ass self was a lot to bear when she turned, and the whole switching off her humanity was too much because she was just way more grating, petty and bitchy than I could handle.

The new voice overs at the start of every episode. It makes a bit of sense that it had to change as the story grew, but it felt that a part of the story had fallen away.

Vampire Diaries season four remained a whole lot of fun. There is a slight dip in the quality of the content, but it is still enjoyable and the characters are still very true to each of the characters. The death of Jeremy, then Bonnie, shook me up a bit. I’d come to love them as time went by, but hey, as with all supernatural shows, I’m sure there is some way they can be revived!


Series Review: Vampire Diaries Season 3


What I liked:

The flashbacks to Chicago during the prohibition era. I really enjoy when the show makers do flashbacks – they are really well done in the show. It is good to understand a little why Klaus wants Stefan to travel with him and is the first glimpse that Klaus might have some redeeming qualities to him.


Damon in this season is on fire. He is his usual gorgeous self and as alluring as always, but he has matured and has changed his game plan when it comes to Elena, realizing that the only way he would ever get to her would be through honesty and a fair fight with Stefan.

Jeremy’s shorter hair. Can this count as something I liked? He looks much more grown up and I am so glad that floppy nonsense is gone. The character is much more stable and that can only be a good thing. I’m happy that he leaves for a bit because his story gets a bit much at times.


Caroline and Tyler. This is my second favorite relationship for Caroline. Actors Candice Accola and Michael Trevino certainly have enough chemistry to make their relationship plausible. I also really enjoy how far Tyler has come. He was the world’s biggest high school jock jackass punk in season one, but becoming a werewolf and dealing with everything that went down (and nearly killing Damon, FFS), made him grow up and take accountability for what he does.


Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson. She’s annoying, that is for sure, but the character is the female version of Klaus – powerful and paranoid and worried that no one loves them.

I’m still wishing that Alaric Saltzman was my teacher in high school. Not only would he have been really nice to look at, but he is badass and besties with Damon. I mean really, what more do you want from a teacher? I like that he isn’t the together guy we met in Season one and how he lost most of his ability to cope – not blaming him, his wife and girlfriend have at this point been and been killed as vampires, something that would mess most people up quite badly. His friendship with Damon is still sob worthy and beautiful, and his death made me so mad the first time around – how many people must Damon still lose?! Losing him caused a lot of pain for Elena and Damon, and the lead up to his death was so heart

Klaus – man, after killing Jenna at the end of Season 2 I thoroughly hated him. The hate is still quite strong in the beginning of season two, and his actions remain deplorable, but as the season continues you start getting a glimpse of why he is like he is, and that he is lonely and terrified of Michael. Klaus’ puppy like devotion to Caroline is gut wrenching, and can we just discuss this whole scene?!

Which brings me to Michael –I think he was legitimately badass and worthy of scaring Klaus shitless. But we can hate him thoroughly whilst we admire him, because he is the main reason vampires exist and why Klaus is the way he is. The big reveal that although he isn’t Klaus’ father, he is the father of all the other Originals, was clever and really well done. His death is also really fiery and awesome, and the tension that is in the air with the last standoff between Klaus and Mikhael is electrifying. It is also one of Joseph Morgan’s best moments in the show – the heartache and disillusionment of not being loved by his father figure is heartbreaking to behold.


Klaus and Caroline. I do enjoy Caroline and Tyler together, and the only way I would chose her to be with someone else at this point is with Klaus. She will always speak her mind, and he really is a guy that needs it. The scene below is one of the sweetest in the entire series, and it broke my heart just a little. If you haven’t seen the show yet, I think this is the first real time where you start to wonder if Klaus has redeeming qualities.


Elena – the girl has grown. She’s angrier and feels violent towards her blood bag fate. Her character is so much stronger than in seasons one and two, and we finally see some progression.

This. Kiss.

What I didn’t like:

How many times must Caroline go through the same drama of a parent that wants to kill her? Her father pitching, THANKS CAROL, and trying to exorcise the vamp out of his daughter. At this stage it is feeling quite repetitive and unnecessary. Her father also – there was such a magnitude of possible ideas around him – that repelling compulsion without vervain? That could have been an incredible story line.

Jeremy seeing the dead. Why did the showrunners feel inclined to even include this? I couldn’t cope (again) with all the Bonnie business, and especially seeing Vicki back – I really hated the character. I did enjoy having Anna on again, she was quite cool and I really wanted her and Jeremy to work.

Bonnie – I’m bitching here again as I’ve done in the two previous seasons, but she’s whiney, entitled and really very bitchy towards her friends. She wears her witch crown like it’s a cross and it is too much to bear at the best of times.

Can I just ask why being an evil female is automatically equated with being slutty? Katherine? She’s all over every man available and the same seems to be going for Rebekah. Just an idea, but having an evil agenda doesn’t have to mean you want to bang everyone.

Matt, who is quickly becoming obsolete.

Rating: 8.5/10

I’ve always considered the second and third season of Vampire Diaries my favorites of the lot. The original story line was intact and they didn’t have to do any major modifications to keep things going. Overall this show has always had decent writing and production, and they’ve stayed consistent in the way they depict their supernatural creatures (I’m looking at you, True Blood). My favorite character in this show will always be Damon – so many layers. The third season has him becoming so much better, and it is probably mushy but I like how he can’t help being a better person because of Elena. The only other character that I have come to love almost as much is Klaus – talk about damaged and insecure, and his development throughout the show is fascinating and so good. My favorite female character is still Caroline – I’ve been on her team since season 1. I love that Klaus has a soft spot for her – the only chink in his armor. I really did like season 3!

Series review: Vampire diaries Season 2

VDS23 - Copy

Note: This post is full of spoilers!

The developing friendship between Alaric and Damon caught me right in the feels, and Rick giving Damon something to drink when they all thought he would die was so sweet between them. I love Rick – he just tells it like it is, and has no problem telling Damon when he is being terrible.

425114-the-vampire-diaries-alaric-and-jenna-kiss-gif - Copy

Alaric and Jenna #coupleGoals

Caroline Forbes’ migration to being kickass and powerful. Caroline is one of my favorite characters in the show. Becoming undead was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Damon. Forever. My love for this character is eternal. He gets hurt so much in the season and it is painful, but the way he copes without ripping people to shreds shows that he has evolved.

vds2 - Copy

Elijah – classy, powerful, dressed like a king and sarcastic as hell. What is not to love?

The lead up to Klaus. He is evil, powerful and very strong, and everyone fears and respects him.I love this character so much. He is the perfect example of a troubled villain, and even though he is still a complete bastard in this season, he makes this show entertaining as hell.

vds26 - Copy

The feels – when Tyler bites Damon – HOW did I live through the suspense the first time watching this? Hell, I’ve watched this show into season four and I still have panic attacks. We all saw how Rose ended up dying in season one, it was heartbreaking, and seeing Damon so pale and sickly had me hysterical.

Jenna dying. Man, I LOVED Jenna. She was so blessedly normal – the twenty something girl who is trying to figure out who she is in life and get through college, suddenly expected to take care of people (I can relate more with her situation than you will ever know). Her anger and feeling of betrayal when she found out about Isobel and vampires and that every single person she knows lied to her was completely understandable. Her death was so sad and heartbreaking, and I was really so mad at Klaus at that stage (I still am, he is really not anywhere where he is in redemption with me).

John’s redemption. No one liked John – he was such a tool and obviously the bad guy. At the end he redeemed himself, and although I wasn’t sad that he died (he tried to kill Damon one time too many), it was still a moment where you caught a glimpse of why he was the way he was.

What I didn’t like:

The Matt subplot. He is in the way, his constant insecurities are so annoying and I am heavily invested in watching the rest of the show unfold.

vds24 - Copy

Luca – what an annoying twat. His father was okay, but Luca was just there as collateral damage.

I understand why the werewolves were incorporated and the story developed because it links to Klaus’ identity strongly. It felt a bit too much at time. It was also completely dumped for a couple of episodes then picked up in the end to just make Klaus’ story work out properly.

Isobel – I’ve never liked her. Elena has moments where she is pretty dang annoying, but with parents like John and Isobel, who could blame her?

Bonnie is still over annoying. I swear, everytime I think she will have a use she just screws up, or isn’t strong enough. Essentially, she’s completely useless in the story. Her crying/screaming/upset repertoire was too much to handle, especially in the end.

Jeremy – he is still in the stage where he must get to a place where I can root for him. At least he cut that stupid hair better. I am glad he didn’t die though – the collateral damage was insane enough at the end of Season two without him being added.

Carol Forbes finding out twice about vampires in this season. It is really not the most crucial plot line of the show, and it was a waste of screen time when other big things went down. It also ties in with the Matt story and I just don’t see for the need for it.

Rating: 8.5/10

Vampire Diaries season two is as good as it got in the series. The story is entertaining and gripping and everything falls together perfectly in the last few episodes. The romance, teenage drama, great plot twists and even greater characters entertained me to no end throughout season two.

Series Review: Vampire Diaries Season 1


What I liked:

  • Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert. It had to be a nearly impossible task to cast a beautiful woman in a “perfect girl” role and keep it on a level where people would still like her and not want to cut her up and sell her organs on the black market (that went really dark and violent, sorry). Nina Dobrev walks that line with seeming ease, because I don’t often want to murder her character out of jealous rage.

Elena gif

  • How beautiful the cast is. Seriously, no-one is ugly. Even the hardcore-prototype-cop-mom Liz Forbes is beautiful. They all make me sick. But I need to watch them be beautiful.
  • It is very different from Twilight. This released in the height of the Twilight phenomenon and the only thing it took over was the animal diet and the walking in the sun thing. Elena is blessed with more personality than Bella ever was and the relationship she’s in is neither as controlling nor as oppressive as the Edward/Bella vibe. Also, no man falling in love with baby. There is even this delightful little snarky comment to it:
  • Damon Salvatore – the character, the actor, it all. Ian Somerhalder looks as uncomfortable in the first episode as I do at work birthday parties, but he grows into his character by the third or fourth episode. Everyone hates Damon in the beginning, especially with his killing spree that includes a teacher and his brother’s best friend. But what made Damon the way he is? It breaks my little soft heart all the time! Also, the eyes on Somerhalder makes that grief his grief relatable. YUM.


  • The way the vampire’s eyes look when they change. It is ridiculously hot.
  • Lexi – gosh I loved that character. I can forgive so much from Damon but this is the one thing that I will always be angry at him for. Lexi is one of the only things that made Stefan happy, and Damon’s idea to kill her to cover himself and Stefan was really selfish. I absolutely love Arielle Kebbel, and she would have made the best addition to this show as a permanent cast member.


  • Vampire Caroline. No one enjoyed Caroline as the preppy teenager, but becoming a vampire is the best thing that has ever happened to her.
  • Mason Lockwood. It boggles my mind that this man is engaged to Lady Gaga, really it does. I think the biggest problem between him and Damon was that they were both the same, and that the testosterone driven competitiveness just made them both idiots.


What I didn’t like/wish they explored a bit more:

  • The pilot episode is quite bad for several reasons. The acting is first and foremost godawful. It improves over the course of season one, but that first 45 minutes is painful. Ian Somerhalder looks uncomfortable in his skin when he appears at the end of season one. Poor Caroline (honestly one of my favorite characters of the show) is presented as preppy and awful, and while she’s preppy, she’s not awful.
  • Vicky Donovan – I could never attach to the actress and I still can’t. I was glad when they killed her off. Sorry not sorry.
  • Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett: what a weak and annoying character – you are a witch for Pete’s sake, grow a pair.
  • The whole crow arc that is in the books was touched on briefly and never really taken any further. It is a shame, because it could have been sufficiently creepy/eerie and is about the only thing that works in those terribly written books.
  • Stefan Salvatore is the Sam Winchester of his tribe. Whine whinewhine, blame humanity, whine some more. Ugh. Hearing his internal thoughts at the beginning of the episode makes me feel so violent. Though this scene worked wonders in redeeming the character… I mean oh my goodness.

Rating: 7/10

After a shaky pilot episode Vampire Diaries Season one is so much fun to watch. The characters have surprising depth, there are a few twists and turns that manage to be shocking. The level of teen drama is quite high and everyone is very dramatic, but it is really entertaining and rather intense.


July 2016: Watched, Read, Loved

Gosh I’m glad it’s August! I am over the cold in Johannesburg. For reals man. July was a pretty decent month. I got to see my bestie, and even though the circumstances weren’t that great, I am grateful that I at least got to spend some quality time with her.

Personally I think my eyes finally cleared with a few people in my life – there is a certain level of selfishness I can’t tolerate, and this person finally reached it. I should have cut ties ages ago, but when I bond to someone, you really have to nuke me out of it. Well, I’ve been nuked.

Hmm, what else? I’ve had a couple of hectic weekends and it reflected on my scarcity on my blog, which always happens and always frustrates me. I’m going to do my very best to post more often, as it makes me super happy.

And here’s a rundown of what I’ve been watching and reading. Enjoy, and tell me below what you’ve been up to 🙂


At home:


The Proposal

I saw this film before I opened this blog, and I have always thought that it was an okay film. I actually really enjoyed this so much when I watched it again. Queen Sandra Bullock and a very young and adorable Ryan Reynolds certainly make an interesting couple onscreen, and I thought the dialogue and hysteria was spot on and funny in the film.

Wedding planner

The Wedding Planner

Oh, Maththew McConaughey has a few gems under his belt before he started being all badass in things like True Detective and that other horsey movie that everyone liked. This is a boogy, definitely, and it was silly enough that I got quite annoyed. There were a few pros, which I will mention when I review the film soon, but let it be noted that Jennifer Lopez is a fantastic singer (for her genre) but acting should never be part of her repertoire.

 Valentines day

Valentine’s Day

VD worked well, and it is surprising because the film is packed with actors and actresses, and that rarely works. Mostly it is just a situational feel good film, but there is nothing wrong with that!


Runaway Bride

I’m on such a Gary Marshall/Julia Roberts run, it is not even funny. They do seem to be a dream team, because when they get together there always seems to be some romantic comedy as a result that is actually enjoyable to watch. Between this and Pretty Woman I enjoyed Pretty Woman much more, but I definitely liked this.


I already reviewed here, and if you haven’t read it yet, rest assured that I really liked this Bond film. It’s my second favorite after Casino Royale, and I must say, I am really surprised how much I’ve enjoyed all these films.

 Ugly truth

The Ugly Truth

It’s really ugly, and it’s really bad. The awful dialogue results in awful acting, I’m not really blaming our leads here at all, it’s just a shit film with crap writing and is as believable as anything Donald Trump says.


27 Dresses

JAMES MARSDEN. You have no idea the amount of hilarity this man causes in my family. I really like him, but his dress sense in this film was absolutely awful. Like, AWFUL. It is also a depressing movie – I will shoot myself before I’m a bridesmaid 27 times, it’s just not right or fair. I love our girl Katherine Heigl in here, and thought there were pretty good moments between the rapid romances and problems being solved easily.

In Cinema:

The Legend of Tarzan:


I reviewed this one here. It’s man candy season in this film. I’m not gonna lie. However, it isn’t nearly as bad as the trolls want you to believe, and I am still calling it the most pleasant surprise of 2016.



Vampire Diaries Season 4

I finally switched it back on! It was a time issue, not because I’m struggling to watch it. It is still quite a solid show, but there are a few dips, something that probably can’t be helped when you travel this far into a show. I’ll post all the reviews once I’m done watching, then I can do them consecutively across a couple of weeks : )

Books read:

The Obsession – LOVED this!

Honest Illusions – It was okay – review here

Currently reading:

I’m actually in the middle of way too many books! I am reading Twilight again (the shame, I know) and I am definitely enjoying it more than Blood Bound (Rachel Vincent). I can promise you, when I get through this book, the review will be up here in no time and it will be a bad one – this book is so stupid. It is taking me ages to get through it, a damn shame because it is supposed to be a quick read.

So there it is – I am way behind on everything in life at the moment, but at least I got to do see and read some great material! What have you been up to?

Series Review: Vampire Diaries Season 1


Contains spoilers

The town of Mystic Falls in Virginia is a small community with a rich Civil War past with some mystical rumours also thrown into the mix. What they don’t know is that the rumour that Vampires actually lived in the town is quite true.

Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) is set to start a new school year at Mystic Falls High school. She is still dealing with the death of her parents, Grayson and Miranda Gilbert. Her younger brother Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) has spiralled into a reclusive, drug filled life and everyone that cares about him is very worried. Elena and Jeremy still live in their home and is now under the watch of their aunt Jenna (Sara Canning), Miranda’s sister.

While driving to school, Elena’s best friend Bonnie (Katarina Graham) tells Elena that her grandmother has been telling her that she is a descendant of Salem Witches, and although she mostly chalks it up to her grandma being old and imaginative, she is excited about the prospect. A crow flies into their car, terrifying them, but the crow strangely doesn’t die and seems to watch them as turn onto the road again.

Things are still awkward between Elena and her ex, Matt Donovan (Zack Roerig), who took it hard when Elena dumped him after her parents died. Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) is at school as well and as overenthusiastic as always. They all notice the attractive new transfer, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). Caroline especially seems interested, but Stefan only has eyes for Elena, much to Matt’s discomfort.

Stefan has a secret of his own – he is one of the town’s original founders, and has lived for hundreds of years as a vampire. He has some dark secrets, and his descendant Zack is especially wary of the town discovering that a vampire has returned to Mystic Falls. Stefan only drinks animal blood but there seems to be another vampire in town because there are attacks happening all over the place.

The other vampire is Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), Stefan’s estranged brother. They seem to truly hate each other and Stefan is anything but overjoyed when Damon arrives. Damon calls Stefan on his true motive for being back – Elena Gilbert, who looks astonishingly alike the girl they both had loved when they were mortals – Katherine Pierce (also played by Dobrev). Stefan asks Damon to leave, but he refuses, and after they have a fight Stefan begins to suspect Damon is up to no good, but he has no idea what it might be.

At a bonfire party, Stefan and Elena talk and have a great time, and Caroline gets drunk as she watches yet another guy fall for Elena. It isn’t jealousy, its despondency, and Caroline later asks Bonnie why Elena just seems to always win, hands down. Caroline later spots Damon specifically checking her out, and feels marginally better about life. At the party, Jeremy and Vicky Donovan (Kayla Ewell), Matt’s sister, have a falling out because she won’t be with him because he is younger than she is. She kisses Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino), but Jeremy pushes him away when he ignores Vicky’s demands that he stops his wandering hands. Vicky storms away, and is attacked by Damon. Jeremy and Elena fight when she notices he is drunk and high again, and he trips over Vicky’s body as he turns to walk from his sister.

Vicky is rushed to the hospital, and the vigilant Matt sits with her. When Vicky wakes up she utters one word that threatens to complicate Stefan’s life a whole lot: vampire.

After Vicky’s attack, the town is stressed about a wild animal on the loose. Stefan visits Vicky in the hospital and makes her forget Damon’s attack through compulsion. Matt nearly spots him but he disappears. When Vicky wakes up, she tells her brother that an animal attacked her because that is what she now remembers. Jeremy visits Vicky in the hospital, and Tyler’s absence makes it abundantly clear who cares about her the most.

Elena decides to take matters into her own hands and go visit Stefan at his house. He isn’t there, but Damon is, and they start talking, with Damon telling her that Stefan had his heart broken by Katherine. When Stefan shows up he is unhappy to find Elena with Damon, and is very short with her. Chastened, she leaves, and at the town’s comet sighting, she tells him that it is okay that they didn’t work out, even though there was an initial spark.

After realising that Vicky slept with both Jeremy and Tyler, Matt notices she is missing. Everyone searches for her, and Matt tells Stefan he saw him at the hospital. Stefan overhears Damon scaring Vicky on top of the roof, and he goes to help her. Initially Damon tells Vicky that Stefan attacked her, that Stefan is a vampire, but reverses his compulsion. Stefan only becomes more suspicious that Damon is up to something, but Damon refuses to tell him what.

Later that night Stefan visits Elena and apologise, telling her that he doesn’t want it to be over. They kiss. Damon woos Caroline and they quickly sleep together, ending with Damon feeding on her.

Bonnie, who sensed something off about Stefan the second they accidentally touched, is not so keen for him to be dating her best friend anymore. She won’t tell Elena why but begs her to be careful. Elena asks her to come over and spend a dinner night with her and Stefan, and Bonnie reluctantly agrees. The evening quickly becomes stranger when Damon shows up with Caroline, who is now his new live feeding bag. While Damon is trying to confuse Elena in the kitchen, Stefan notices something is off about Caroline’s behaviour but Damon returns before he can find out what exactly.

Matt is still feeling off about his broken relationship with Elena and Tyler tries to “help” by attempting to embarrass Stefan. He throws a football at Stefan’s back, but he catches it and his return throw is impressive enough that Elena urges him to join the squad. The coach, Mr. Tanner, is a horrible teacher who delights in embarrassing his students, and takes it hard when Stefan seems to know more about history than he does. Stefan gives Elena a beautiful necklace filled with vervain, an herb that is the only thing that can stop a vampire’s compulsion on a human.

At a football rally, Stefan and Damon have words and Stefan tells him that he is convinced Damon still has humanity in him. Damon kills Mr. Tanner to show that he has not one decent bone in his body, and Matt finds the corpse. Damon tries to compel Elena into kissing him but with the vervain she sees it as bullshit and smacks him before storming away.

The annual Founder’s Party is hosted by Mayor Lockwood and his wife Carol, Tyler’s parents. Elena invites Stefan and Damon compels Caroline to invite him. Vicky, who is still stubbornly hoping Tyler will suit up and become a man to date, gets him to take her, but when he sneaks her past his parents she is very upset and realises he is ashamed of her. She storms away to Jeremy, who is only too happy to be with her.

Damon has an agenda as usual and uses the party to get into the Lockwood’s house to retrieve an amber necklace he stored there just after he turned into a vampire. Damon messes with Elena’s head again by telling her the story of the original Salvatore brother’s love triangle, failing to mention that he and Stefan actually are the original brothers. Stefan slips Caroline some vervain in her drink and when Damon bites her again, Stefan is there to catch him in his weakest moment and they lock him up in the Salvatore boarding house.

The Founder’s council includes the Lockwoods, Caroline’s mother and reporter Logan Fell. They know the vampires have returned to Mystic Falls and try to devise plans to catch them, sure that they can only walk around in the night, eliminating Damon and Stefan because they both have rings that were created by Katherine’s hand maiden and witch, Emily Bennet, Bonnie’s ancestor. The Council knows they have to retrieve the Gilbert pocket watch that now belongs to Jeremy, because it is a device that can point out vampires.

car and stefan

Damon is weakening from the absence of human blood in the basement. He manages to get Caroline to free him, killing Zack. Vicky and Jeremy become closer and they visit some of her friends, and when Jeremy disapproves she tells him she is tired of being judged. Jeremy heads home and isn’t there when Damon arrives to kill and feed off all of them. Miraculously, Vicky survives yet another attack of Damon and he takes her to the boarding house.

The school is having a carwash as fundraiser and Bonnie tests some of her growing power. Only Stefan realises the massive fire was made by her and promises to keep quiet. An old man recognises Stefan, and even though Stefan laughs it off, Elena becomes suspicious about what he is because she has noticed things like how his face sometimes change and how quickly he heals. She asks Logan Fell if she can investigate “something” in the town’s television archives, and he agrees, getting her to promise to put in a good word about him to Jenna. Logan manages to steal the pocket watch from the Gilbert house, while Elena sees old images of a man that looks alarmingly like Stefan.

Elena confronts Stefan and he acknowledges the fact that he is a vampire. He asks to tell her the story of how they both became vampires and their love affair with Katherine Pierce in 1953, and how their father immediately betrayed them. Damon turns Vicky into a vampire, and with her unstable personality she is not a very suitable candidate to be a vampire. She flees, and while searching for her, Stefan is nearly killed by Logan Fell and the compass, but Damon saves Stefan and Vicky kills Logan and completes her transformation into a real vampire. Stefan tells Elena that Vicky is now a vampire, but she can’t console Matt or Jeremy about Vicky’s disappearance. Elena tells Stefan that she will keep his secret but that their relationship is over.

It’s Halloween, and Caroline wants Bonnie to dress as a witch. She gives Bonnie the amber necklace and when Damon tries to take it from her, it burns him. Vicky attacks Jeremy and Elena at school, and Stefan kills Vicky with a stake. Jeremy is maddened with grief but on Elena’s request Damon makes Jeremy forget what happened.

Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) is an old vampire friend from Stefan and she comes to visit Stefan on his birthday. Elena is initially suspicious and jealous, and Lexi is shocked with Elena’s resemblance to Katherine. Lexi helps Elena realise how much she loves Stefan. Damon manoeuvres himself into the Founder’s Council by killing her and saying she’s the vampire that has been terrorising town. Stefan wants to kill his brother but Elena convinces him to not do it.

A new history teacher arrives, Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis). He makes friends with Jeremy, who has become his old self since Damon’s compulsion. Mr. Saltzman tells Jeremy to write a paper on the town for extra credit to pass history, and Jeremy chooses the Vampire legend. He meets Anna, a pretty home school student who brings him lots of information on vampires. She is insistent that there are vampires. Mr. Saltzman is impressed with Jeremy’s paper, and he and Jenna seems to really like each other when they finally meet. He tells her about the mysterious death of his wife, Isobel, and admits that the not knowing what happened to her kills him inside.

Bonnie starts having strange dreams about her ancestor and the Amber necklace and her grandmother tells her the story of Emily Bennet. Caroline suggests a séance to speak to Emily, and Emily possesses Bonny. Damon finally reveals his master plan – when all the vampires supposedly burnt in the church in the 1864, Emily Bennet had sealed every vampire in a tomb, trapping them but saving their lives. Damon tells Stefan that he plans to free Katherine and all the other vampires, and Stefan worries about the town safety. Bonnie, now possessed by Emily, succeeds to destroy the crystal that would have freed the vampires. Damon nearly kills Bonnie but Stefan saves her life. Elena finally shares with Bonnie all the secrets she has been hoarding, and realises that she can love Stefan no matter what he is, but Stefan now doesn’t want a relationship with her for her own safety. Logan returns to town as a vampire at Jenna’s door, but she unwittingly keeps her life by refusing to invite him in, something a vampire needs if he wants to enter a human’s house. She tells Elena and Elena tells Stefan, who knows what Logan has become. Sheriff Forbes also knows what Logan is now, but he threatens her.

Caroline and Matt grow closer and bond, and everyone is surprised. Matt tells Tyler to back off about it and Caroline deals with the fact that Matt is probably still a bit in love with Elena. Damon is injured by Logan, who wants to know how Stefan and Damon can walk in sunlight. Logan tells Damon that he knows how to get Katherine out of the tomb, but he is killed by a vampire hunter, the teacher Alaric Saltzman, before he can tell Damon anything.

Elena tells Stefan that she loves him and he decides to stay in Mystic Falls. They sleep together, and when Stefan leaves the room Elena discovers the photo of Katherine, and is horrified by the resemblance. She leaves her vervain necklace on the photo and leaves, and is in a car crash when she tries to avoid a pedestrian. The pedestrian is a vampire, who flees when Damon arrives, freeing Elena.

Stefan is worried when he realises that Elena is now on a road trip with Damon. They head to Georgia to visit the witch Bree, but Damon doesn’t know that Bree is planning revenge on him for killing Lexi. Lexi’s boyfriend shows up and nearly sets Damon alight, but Elena saves Damon’s life. Damon kills Bree after she tells him about the spell in Emily’s spell book that can open the tomb.

Elena returns and talks to Stefan, who admits that he had checked on her month’s before they actually met to make sure that she wasn’t Katherine. He tells her that he was there the night her parents died and saved her first on her father’s orders and that he couldn’t save them all in time. Elena asks Stefan why she looks so much like Katherine and he reveals another shocker – that she was adopted. He asks her to forgive him and she does. At the bar, Alaric recalls his wife’s actual disappearance – the night he walked in while a vampire was attacking her, Damon Salvatore.

Damon and Stefan turn their attentions to finding the vampire that was involved in Elena’s car crash, and the vampire seems to be hunting Elena. Elena starts handing out more vervain filled presents to protect her loved ones. Matt takes a job at the Mystic Grill, and he and Caroline fights when she questions it. Damon harasses Bonnie, but she is saved by Ben, an attractive bar man at the grill. Ben and Bonnie seem to connect and she is excited about the prospect of an older guy.

At yet another school dance, one with a 1950’s theme, Damon and Stefan accompany Elena, worried that the unknown vampire will hurt her. The vampire, Noah (Dillon Casey) is friends with Anna, Jeremy’s new friend, who is also a vampire. They are searching for Jonathan Gilbert’s journal, Jeremy and Elena’s ancestor. Noah lures Elena away from her protectors by threatening Jeremy, but he is killed in the end. Damon and Stefan both notice Alaric’s shadowy presences, but when Damon compels him and hears the truth, they think he is in the dark about things, not noticing Alaric’s peculiar ring. Alaric tells Jenna about his wife Isobel, and Jenna make a mental realisation that Isobel was also the name of Elena’s birthmother. Elena and Stefan offers to help Damon get Katherine out, but they are actually working against him, knowing that all the vengeful vampires in the tomb getting released will be a very bad thing.

Bonnie’s date with Ben turns disastrous when he is also a vampire helping Anna. Anna reveals that her mother is in the tomb and plans to free her. Elena and Stefan try to find the Gilbert Journal, which Jeremy loaned to Alaric. Stefan reveals himself to Alaric and after some mutual distrust Alaric reveals why he is here – to find out what happened to Isobel. Stefan promises to help him, and they realise that Anna has stolen the journal. Alaric gives Stefan a copy of the journal, and he and Elena realises that Emily’s spell book is buried with Stefan and Damon’s father, Giuseppe Salvatore. They find it but are waylaid by Damon, who is furious. Stefan gives up the spell book to save Elena’s life. Elena tells Stefan about Jeremy and Anna, and he recognises who Anna is. He finds Elena’s bedroom empty and Elena is also kidnapped.

Elena wakes up as a captive of Anna and Ben, alongside Bonnie. Stefan begs Damon’s help but he refuses, still angered by their betrayal. Stefan calls on Bonnie’s grandmother and they do a locator spell, and Stefan saves them. Jeremy asks Anna on a date to a party in the woods and she accepts. Stefan and Elena finally truthfully offer help to Damon, but he is still angry. Elena removes her vervain necklace and tells Damon to compel her to hear the truth, and he finally believes her. He tells her that he didn’t compel her on their trip to Georgia because it was fun and he wanted it to be real.

bonnie and grams

Bonnie and her grandmother open the tomb and Damon heads in to get Katherine, taking Elena to ensure they all come out. Anna shows up and takes Pearl out, and the witches seal the tomb after Elena and Damon also exits, without Katherine because she wasn’t there. Damon is heartbroken and Anna eventually tells him that Katherine has been alive the entire time and she knew he was too, and couldn’t bother to find him. No one realises that the tomb wasn’t properly resealed and the remaining vampires escape into the woods.

Kelly Donovan, Matt’s mother, shows up, and she quickly tells Caroline that she prefers Elena as Matt’s girlfriend. Stefan and Elena are worried about Damon’s careless attitude, and Alaric starts pressuring Stefan for information from Isobel and Damon. Meanwhile, Sheriff Forbes asks Damon and Alaric to be in a bachelor fund raising auction. Damon realises what Alaric is up to and taunts him, and Elena realises that Damon turned her birthmother into a vampire. Damon kills Alaric but his ring revives him. Elena is warned by a mysterious man who warns her to stop looking for Isobel.

Anna and Pearl pays Damon a visit, revealing the escape of all the vampires and that they want control over town. Anna visits Jeremy, but Jeremy has been doing some digging of his own and suspects Anna is a vampire. He slices his hand and Anna confirms his suspicions.

Stefan, Elena, Caroline and Matt go on a very awkward double date where they see Jenna, Kelly and Damon getting drunk. Frederick, one of the tomb vampires, call Elena Katherine but he disappears before Stefan can take a look. Jenna leaves when Damon and Kelly start flirting heavily, and she is approached by Frederick, who is unable to compel her because she is wearing one of Elena’s vervain filled gifts.

Matt finds his mother kissing Damon and is furious. After everyone leaves, Damon and Stefan are attacked by Frederick and his vampire girlfriend. Bethanne is killed but Frederick escapes and returns to Pearl with his tail between his legs. Anna returns to Jeremy’s house and a fight with him because she could have killed him, and he reveals that he wants her to turn him into a vampire.

Stefan is captured and tortured by Frederic and some of his friends. Damon and Alaric go to save Stefan but he is incredibly weak and Elena feeds him some of her blood to save his life.

stef and frederick

Caroline finds Vicky’s remains when she gets lost in the woods and everything is in uproar again. Jeremy is devastated because he was sure she became a vampire and Anna learns the real reasons for Jeremy’s desire to become one. Kelly and Matt are unified in grief but when he finds her kissing Tyler he tells her to leave town and she agrees.

Stefan is struggling to deal with having drunk human blood and spirals out of control. John Gilbert Elena and Jeremy’s unpopular cousin shows up in Mystic Falls. He tells the Founder’s Council that there are still vampires in Mystic Falls, and Damon pushes him off a balcony. John survives because he has the same strange ring Alaric has. John seems to know a lot of Isobel. Stefan is still struggling with control and finally begins drinking human blood again but in secret, hiding it from his brother and Elena.

Stefan returns to school and seem fine. Bonnie returns to school and acts very strangely around Elena and Stefan, and she quickly reveals she can’t handle Elena’s association with Damon and Stefan. Sheriff Forbes tells Damon that some vampire robbed a blood bank and Damon realises it is Stefan.

At the Miss Mystic Falls contest, Elena and Caroline are both contestants. Caroline is desperate to win, sure Elena will take the prize. Stefan is completely out of control and Damon tells Elena what Stefan has been up to, and he freaks out. He takes one of the contestants with him when she witnesses him breaking a mirror. Meanwhile, Damon stands in as Elena’s partner when Stefan fails to appear. Anna shows up at the contest and makes amends with Jeremy, not seeing that they are watched by John Gilbert. Jeremy reads Elena’s diary at home and now knows what happened to Vicky. Bonnie, Damon and Elena find Stefan and the girl and Stefan flees the scene while they make the girl forget what she saw. Elena injects Stefan with vervain and locks him up in the boarding house to detox.

delena dancing

Stefan is haunted by memories of his past, and Damon also tells Elena about it, and how horrible Stefan is on a diet of human blood. Damon reveals that Stefan was the one that made them both transition into vampires. Elena manages to convince Stefan to keep on living. Jeremy and Anna grow closer and Anna enrols in Mystic Falls High. Pearl and John Gilbert has an altercation when Pearl tells him that she gave a device Jonathan Gilbert gave her as a apology gift to Damon, and he kills Pearl and Harper. Anna finds her mother’s body and is devastated.

Isobel shows up and she is obviously different from the woman Alaric had loved so much. She demands to meet Elena and asks for the device that Damon has. Elena refuses and Isobel threatens to destroy everyone Elena loves. Isobel kidnaps Jeremy to get the device and Damon says he will give it to her after they realise what it is – a device that kills vampires. Bonnie says she can reverse the spell and she pretends to do it, and they give the device to Isobel and Jeremy is saved. Isobel tells Damon she knew he would give it to her because he is in love with Elena, and Stefan and Elena overhears. Isobel compels Alaric to be able to move on from her, and Damon deduces that John Gilbert is Elena’s biological father. Anna appears and tells Jeremy that John killed her mother.

On Founder’s Day the town is preparing for celebrations. Jeremy is close again with Anna, and she gives him her blood to finally turn. John uses the device to trap the vampires and Damon is stuck in the burning building. Strangely, Tylor and his father are also affected by the device and Mayor Lockwood is also locked in the building that is set alight. Stefan refuses to let his brother die and Bonny helps him get Damon out alive. Bonnie warns Stefan that she helped because she loves Elena, but warns him that if Damon kills another innocent she will destroy him and will take Stefan down if she tries to stop him.

Damon is in deep emotional pain, finally unlocking the feelings he has suppressed for centuries. He tells Jeremy of Anna’s death in the fire and offers to make him forget once more, and apologises for his part in Vicky’s death.

Damon finds Elena on the porch and they kiss, and Damon is very confused. As she enters the house, Katherine reveals herself not to be Elena, and kills John Gilbert.

Rating: 7/10

I really enjoyed Vampire Diaries Season one. It is a solid story that develops at a good pace. Everything is explored quite nicely. I like most of the characters and having seen up until about season four, I can say that a lot of them become very decent and have good character development.

I am definitely a Delena shipper. In the beginning of season one Damon is a really reprehensible character and you sort of side with Stefan’s irritation with his brother. As the season progress you start noticing that Stefan is anything but the decent man he makes out to be and that there are parts of him really dislikeable. I actually find his martyr routine pretty irritating compared to Damon who just accepts his dark side.

Some story plots were underdeveloped and left behind too quickly. Katherine being stuck in the tomb was all the rage and then they pushed the whole breaking of the tomb into one episode. I also think that the tomb vampires deserved more exploration and their sudden deaths were not satisfactory at all.

I enjoy most of the characters. Nina Dobrev can be a bit grating at times but she does become less irritating as the season progress. I didn’t like Vicky Donovan, the character or the actress. Vicky as a character was just way too insecure and selfish for me to associate with and the actress just didn’t bring even a little bit of her personality to life.

Have you watched the season? What did you think?