Blog Plans


My blog just passed the year mark – whoop! It has been growing steadily and consistently, and I am incredibly excited by having it and sending my thoughts out onto the internet.

I thought about how wonderful it would be to have a space where I could write my opinions and what happened in my world. The thought of a blog had been tormenting me for ages, and I kept wondering whether it made sense to start one. I finally did, a little over a year ago, and immediately it was obvious that while it was the correct decision, I still had so far to go.

As a perfectionistic ambisionist by nature, I want to be perfect at a new task immediately. The only way to be better at doing something is to practice a lot, so I started writing articles to become better at writing. It worked, and my blog became strong. I moved over to WordPress. It was the best choice for me, and I am so happy I did. Only then did things start truly happening

This wonderful piece of me is experiencing growing pains. I am not sure whether I like the direction my blog is going in. I write a lot of reviews, and even though it is so much work it is incredibly satisfying. I post reviews twice a week. It is necessary to do to complete my 100 books challenge online. I enjoy the reviews, but it is not the direction I wanted to take. This was meant to be a lifestyle blog.

I have to consider the direction where I am going to go with my blog once I am done with the challenge. I may or may not take on something similar, though not to that extremes. When done, I am considering posting less frequently but more about life and other subjects.

Life of this city girl

I should have thought more about the title of my blog before I created it, but my move to WordPress was done very quickly, and I am not the brightest in the very-quickly department. Before it was Tales of Tash, which is way worse. I wanted it to be Dash of Tash or something similarly ridiculously matchy-matchy, but someone was kind enough to register that name and not actually blog frequently. SIES VIR JOU*

I am working on something better, and even have a tentative blog name for my new fashion blog (which is in the works).

Things I want my blog name to be

–          A brand name

–          Instantly recognizable

–          Awesome

–          Witty

–          Funny

–          And naturally, the best blog name you have ever seen or heard of. Duh

I have issues with the theme as well, but I will leave that for a bit. Changing your theme constantly is a sure way to confuse frequent readers, and I have no desire to be more confusing than I already am.

Things I want to get up and running

–          Blog roll. There are so many fantastic blogs I love and read, and would love to give exposure to them.

–          More guest posts

–          More reviews of books I wouldn’t usually have access to.

–          More fitness and exercise mantras, goals, objectives, thoughts and opinions (and general bitching)

–          More photos of what I do.

–          More articles about topics I find interesting. I love politics, news, sport (I won’t try my hand there though) nature, beauty, exercise and health.

–          Random posts about my culture and heritage. South-Africa is a rich and diverse country, which you have to visit, and I love promoting the good things here.

Xx Natasha

*Sies vir jou directly translated is Ugly for you, but actually just means Shame on you.