Wednesday thoughts

It is Wednesday right? I woke up this morning thinking it is Friday. How depressing to discover the truth. In all honesty, I had good reason to be confused. Who thinks straight at 6 in the morning with sub-zero temperatures? Word of advice to tourists around the world: NEVER come to South-Africa in the winter expecting warm weather. You would be so sad to discover the truth. It is freeze-your-ass-off-cold right now. My claim of “loving winter” is under severe strain while I ingest numerous sources of caffeine to jump start my brain.

Last night I finally decided to bring out my heater to heat up the freezer that is impersonating my room, only to discover it didn’t work. Sadly, I put it away, but discovered later on that I had accidentally turned off my plug in the last week – A really intelligent moment. I can only justify it by expressing how busy I had been during the day – it was the craziest in a while.

The dieting is going really well, partly because I am too busy during the day to eat any junk. I have impressed myself with my exercise routine lately. Even yesterday, when I felt I had run a marathon during the day, I managed to get my but on my bike and do a full 60 minutes. I am currently in that phase where exercise is fun, and I really enjoy the satisfaction of knowing I am improving myself afterwards.

The book I am currently reading is not compelling me at the moment. It is very good, from one of my top five authors, but it just feels less impressive than her previous books.

I started on Season three of Supernatural. That season really started off with a bang. The second episode, which I watched last night, nearly made me throw my tablet across the room (again). Man, that show taught me never to trust children. They are creepy.

Anyhow, here is some inspiration for today. I hope it is a good one!




N 🙂