Book Quote for the Week – And an Idea

wuthering heights


For today’s Book Quote I am posting one of Wuthering Heights – That dark, broody and intense novel that is such an excruciatingly sad read. I do this with a specific reason – I have been thinking about bringing a small new feature to this blog – I will be reviewing the classics. I need some direction in my reading again, especially for on here. What do you think? Let me know!

Quotes for the week


You know,

I was feeling quite out of it and irritated with men in general when I googled “What do men want?”. I clicked on images (in hindsight this could have been traumatising), but found nothing in particular… because guess what? No one fucking knows what they want **


Then I Googled “Why are men such idiots?”


Obviously, there are many a lady wondering exactly the same thing.


Okay, since I’m feeling marginally better, I will state that I 1) did not google what women want, and 2) I know not all men are asses.

**It’s true, no one does