Series Review: Downton Abbey Season 2

Downton Season 2 poster

Rating: 8.5/10

What I liked:

The entire cast: Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Michelle Dockery, Dan Stevens, Maggie Smith, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, Dan Stevens and Phyllis Logan (to name just a few) does a phenomenal task with the material they have. The cast works together perfectly and has an intimate connection that gives the impression that Downton Abbey is a real place with real people living in it.

The portrayal of the war. It was ever present with so many of the young men away all the time, but it never completely overshadowed the main plots. I thought it was excellently depicted and the filming of the war scenes was really well done.

Robert’s frustration at being a poster boy for the war but not being able to take part. I LOVE Robert. There is something he did that made me so angry at him but overall I really like his character. I’ve been on a rampage lately that older men and women should always feel like they still have a part to play in society when they retire, and Robert’s frustration at the “there-there” condescending nature of his superiors really highlighted the fact.

Lavinia Swire. I really enjoyed the character even though her sole purpose was to keep my two favourites apart from each other.

That dance scene with Matthew and Mary. Are all British women so wonderfully contained? If Dan Stevens danced with me like that and looked at me like that I would have passed out on the scene.

Downton Sybill

Sybil and Tom. I LOVE both of them so much ❤ ❤

The Christmas episode and the proposal. GAWSHHHHH ❤

Downton Mary and Matthew

What I didn’t like

Ethel. This whole storyline seemed so unnecessary and preposterous. I didn’t like the character’s entitled attitude and even though I had sympathy with her plight, what did she actually think would happen??

Isobel Crawley. What an annoying woman. She started out as quite entertaining and I enjoy her banter with the Dowager Countess, but her perstering attitude quickly got old.

The resurfacing of Patrick Crawley – it also had no point only to highlight Edith’s persistent desire to keep herself unhappy.

Bates and Anna. I love these two and their story but sheesh it gets really melodramatic in this season!

Overall this was a phenomenal season. I am so ridiculously addicted to this show it is not even funny. Even when I’m mad at the characters (I get hopelessly invested) I still can’t turn myself away!

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