Book Review: Nightshade (Nora Roberts)


Althea Grayson is a top notch cop. She works hard, is loyal and trustworthy, and even con-men seem to sense that she is a good and honest person. When one of her snitches is shot dead, Althea feels personally responsible even though she wasn’t even on the scene. Althea spots a man at the scene that clearly doesn’t belong in such a seedy part of town – Colt Nightshade.

Colt, a man of many talents, chooses to spend some of his time looking for Lizzy – a friend’s teenager daughter who took off after a tiff with her parents. After her parents received a letter from an anonymous prostitute telling them that Lizzy is in deep trouble, they request Colt’s help and he accepts. Captain Boyd Fletcher, an old friend of Althea and Colt, tells them to work together to find Lizzy and hopefully break the deadly pornography ring.

Althea and Colt start working together, and through fits and starts form a bond stronger than they could have imagined. Althea seems to know about too much about what Lizzy’s is going through, but she won’t open up to Colt and that frustrates him. Can they find the young girl and bust the horrific prostitution ring? Will Althea share the story of her miserable youth?

Rating: 7/10

I purchased this book without realizing that I had previously read someone else’s copy, so I was just a bit bummed about not ultimately reading new material. BUT, it was a good read and I had read it a while back so some of the things I had completely forgotten.

I really enjoyed Nightshade. It is a quick read, fast paced and not cluttered with unnecessary events. The big plot line made me really sad, because child pornography is probably the most horrific thing ever invented.

I really enjoyed Althea’s character. Save her very weird name, she was a powerful woman who was capable of taking care of herself. She excelled at her job, had a passion for it, and didn’t need a man to save the day. Colt Nightshade was entertaining and charming, and I liked that he had so many interests in life. I also liked how he had to deal with the fact that he couldn’t always be her night in shining armor!

I’ve discovered that there are quite a few books in this series, and I can’t wait to get to them and read the rest!

Double Review: One Summer and Second Nature by Nora Roberts

Books 34 and 35 of my 100 book challenge


Second Nature

Lee Radcliff, a composed celebrity journalist, is set to interview reclusive horror writer Hunter Brown. She heads to a literary festival where she pretends to be an aspiring writer in order to get close to him. He catches her out, somewhat ridiculously, and is furious with her for not being truthful about her intentions. He refuses to do an interview with her unless she agrees to go camping with him. She grudgingly accepts, but now the question remains: will she be able to withstand their attraction, and survive the outdoors?

Rating: 4/10

Really, I keep telling myself not to read mindless rabble, but I always do. My only excuse is that it is truly easy reading, and demands no spectacular display of concentration after a day’s hard work. Lee Radcliff contains more substance than the characters in the usual gushy romance novels Roberts used to write, but she is still pretty dependant on the thought of a man in her life.

One Summer

The sequel to Second Nature, One Summer has quick reappearances by Lee and Hunter. One Summer tells the tale of celebrity photographer, Bryan Mitchell, and Shade Colby, a photographer who made name for himself by taking action photos in the warzone. They are commissioned to travel across America, chronicling the summer together. Even though they disagree on everything, they remain attracted to each other. Will they be able to survive the summer together?

Rating: 5/10

Superior to its prequel, I enjoyed this book more. Shade is truly a messed up guy, and his struggles are achingly real. I felt for his scars, and his inability to act on his emotions. The main characters’ journey to each other seemed realistic, and even possible. Of the two books, I would recommend this one to people.

Book Review: The Next Always (Nora Roberts)


Book: 28/100

The Next Always is book one in the Boonsboro trilogy. It focuses on the lives of the Montgomery brothers, and in this book in particular, Beckett Montgomery. He and his brothers, Ryder and Owen, own Montgomery Family Contractors with their mother. Their current project, a dilapidated inn in Maryland, is situated in Boonsboro, where they grew up.

Beckett’s attraction to Clare Brewster stems from their youth, but he considers the now widowed mother of three out of his league. Clare, whose husband died while on duty in Iraq, moved back to Boonsboro to raise her children. Even though she has a lot of support, she obviously deals with a lot – not only is she raising three boys on her own, she also owns Turn the Page, a local bookstore.

After the help of the resident ghost at the inn, Beckett and Clare start to act on their attraction. It is difficult with the children around, but Beckett starts including them in his life as well, making it easier for Clare to manage hers. After many bumps, they start a relationship, and things start to become serious between them.  However, when Clare repeatedly ignores the advances of Sam Freemont, a small town bully, he decides to get nasty and starts to threaten and stalk her. No matter what, he persists, and eventually Beckett warns him off, which results in Beckett’s truck’s tires getting slashed. When he stops his stalking, Clare relaxes, thinking he got the message. One night, she finds him in her house. Beckett and his brothers are tipped off by the ghost, and rush to save her.

Rating: 6/10

The Next Always really is typical Nora Roberts. There is the usual initial resistance, the denial of feelings, the obstacles, fights and love scenes. Even though it isn’t original, at all, it really is interesting and fun to read. Romance novels aren’t often read in the search of original material, but like with this one, it works out fine. I am already done with the second book in the trilogy, and nearly at the end of the third. Read this if you like romance novels!