5 Things Friday: Five Songs I am listening to right now

 Happy Friday! I haven’t been on year for a ginormous amount of time, and I have really been missing it. Now is NOT the time to get into everything that has been going on in my life as I am squeezing this in between meetings, but here’s a couple of songs that I have been listening to on repeat lately:

Roan Ash is an incredible South-African artist on the rise. Absolutely loving the song and how well he sings. Definitely of international standards and when this guy breaks the global stage, I will be happy to say I was there from the start!

I think this song is quite old, but I recently found it again. It gets a little loud in the end, but I do love the lyrics

I am so sad I couldn’t get to see this film in cinema. How incredible is Lady Gaga’s voice? Who knew Bradley had that voice in him? I AM SHOOK

I have been listening to this song on repeat since I watched the movie. So beautiful and the reactions of the cast is incredible

To round things off, I am pretty pleased with this song from Sigrid – especially when I am feeling extra dramatic, which happens to be quite a lot.

What have you been listening to?