I read an article suggesting that mosquitoes target blondes more than brunettes. This is a LIE. I have been tortured senselessly the last couple of nights by those little buggers.

My sister broke her computer. Apparently it is not only me who has that dubious talent in our family.

Burned my toe on my straightening iron this morning, which fell on the floor and I didn’t notice.

The file that held all the books I’ve read for the book challenge has been corrupted. I can recover what’s on there by going through all my previous posts, but still not happy about it.

Speaking of books, I am currently in a slump. Just not in the mood to read, and I really need to get through the last twenty books of my book challenge. I really want to the read the Great Gatsby, but have yet to get myself to do it.

Need to register with Unisa ASAP.

Best business idea ever: Take down other people’s Christmas trees. No one likes it – it is difficult to detangle the mess you made putting it up and depressing to take down something that symbolizes the best part of the year. RICHNESS! (Note that this business venture is hopefully only feasible in late December/Early January)

Ways to increase sleep:

Drink less coffee

No phone for half an hour before sleep

Don’t watch Suits till eleven at night

Move to Antarctica

And lastly, a weight loss pic to motivate you all