Blindspot 2015: Final Feedback

As promised, today’s post contains feedback about my Blindspot list for 2015. I am so happy with the list I compiled with a few people’s suggestions – the movies I saw were all either something I’ve been meaning to watch for ages or movies I haven’t seen and really should have seen to be allowed out in public. So, here we go. There are links to the original reviews for these movies if you want to go check them out.

godfather 2 poster


  1. The Godfather (1972): 9.5/10

2. The Godfather Part 2 (1974) 9.5/10

The Godfather Part I and II both appeared on the list when Zoë heard that I’d never seen the two films and threatened to disown me. Well, we can safely still be besties because these two movies are incredible. The incredible acting, directing and story telling makes two incredibly intense movies, and I can cast myself in the fan zone for the franchise – it is AMA-ZING


3. The Prestige (2006) 9/10

Christopher Nolan is a director that was very well represented on this Blindspot list. I’m still getting to know him and while he may truthfully not be my favorite director, he is a fantastic, incredibly intelligent storyteller. The Prestige hurt my brain on a lot of levels, and the film was very well put together. I would really recommend the film to everyone.

Fury poster

4. July: Fury (2014) 9/10

This. Film. Nail biting. Intense. Wardaddy forever.


5.  Pulp Fiction (1994) 9/10

The introductory course to the madness that is Tarantino started here. I am so glad I saw this, because I am hooked by the extravagance of his film making.


6. Interstellar (2014) 8.5/10

Christopher Nolan excelled yet again with a visually stunning film that discusses mind boggling topics. LOVE.


7. Casablanca (1942) 8.5/10

For me the true mark of an epic film is whether it transcends generations. Casablanca is all class in black and white, and is such a wonderful treat to watch.

x-men-first-class-movie poster

8. X-Men: First Class 7.5/10 (2011)

I love a good superhero film. The X-men is by far the movies I know least about, and it has was a great idea to watch First Class. It started my thing for James McAvoy, and it is really worth the time spent.

Romeo and Juliet Poster

9. Romeo and Juliet (1996) 7.5/10

Baz Luhrman is such a grand chap. I love the extravagance of his directing, and Romeo and Juliet is no different. Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio are perfect in here, and the decidedly weird adaption still works very well.


10:  Magic in the Moonlight (2014) 7/10

This was certainly not my favorite film on the Blindspot list, and I think the huge problem is the wasted talent from the cast.

invictus poster

11: Invictus (2009) 7/10

Although not a bad film, the film lacks the passion South-Africans feel towards the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Maybe because it was made by Americans and not South-Africans. #justsaying

A good year poster

12: A Good Year (2006) 6/10

This lame rom-com just bored me. Russel Crowe can do so much more man.