Book Review: The Next Always (Nora Roberts)


Book: 28/100

The Next Always is book one in the Boonsboro trilogy. It focuses on the lives of the Montgomery brothers, and in this book in particular, Beckett Montgomery. He and his brothers, Ryder and Owen, own Montgomery Family Contractors with their mother. Their current project, a dilapidated inn in Maryland, is situated in Boonsboro, where they grew up.

Beckett’s attraction to Clare Brewster stems from their youth, but he considers the now widowed mother of three out of his league. Clare, whose husband died while on duty in Iraq, moved back to Boonsboro to raise her children. Even though she has a lot of support, she obviously deals with a lot – not only is she raising three boys on her own, she also owns Turn the Page, a local bookstore.

After the help of the resident ghost at the inn, Beckett and Clare start to act on their attraction. It is difficult with the children around, but Beckett starts including them in his life as well, making it easier for Clare to manage hers. After many bumps, they start a relationship, and things start to become serious between them.  However, when Clare repeatedly ignores the advances of Sam Freemont, a small town bully, he decides to get nasty and starts to threaten and stalk her. No matter what, he persists, and eventually Beckett warns him off, which results in Beckett’s truck’s tires getting slashed. When he stops his stalking, Clare relaxes, thinking he got the message. One night, she finds him in her house. Beckett and his brothers are tipped off by the ghost, and rush to save her.

Rating: 6/10

The Next Always really is typical Nora Roberts. There is the usual initial resistance, the denial of feelings, the obstacles, fights and love scenes. Even though it isn’t original, at all, it really is interesting and fun to read. Romance novels aren’t often read in the search of original material, but like with this one, it works out fine. I am already done with the second book in the trilogy, and nearly at the end of the third. Read this if you like romance novels!

Weekend and Stuff

Hello! I hope you had a perfectly nice weekend. Here in South-Africa, we got graced with the presence of President Barack Obama, and everyone seemed very excited. Furthermore, we kept praying for our National hero and first democratic president, President Nelson Mandela, who is currently still in hospital for a recurring lung infection. He is so loved and revered across the world, and yet it seems that they only understand a little bit of the love we as South-Africans feel for him. I hope you are in no pain at all, Madiba, and that you can go on if you must. You deserve peace after all this time.

Friday, as mentioned in my previous post, was dedicated to the Body Worlds Exhibition in Johannesburg. It was amazing and educating. The exhibition highlighted to me the power of our Heavenly Father, and the amazing work He did in creating us. It motivated me to continue my healthy lifestyle – seeing how obese people’s organs look is a sure way to inspire motivation.

My tablet miraculously survived its crash to earth. The screen is a bit chipped, and the buttons had to be replaced, but it is working, and for that I am endlessly thankful. I am now overly cautious about where I put my baby, so that it survives.

On Saturday we drove all the way to Greenstone shopping mall to go and watch Man of Steel, the new instalment in the Superman franchise. I will hopefully manage to get a review on later this week, but I can honestly vote that it has been the best film of 2013. It was amazing and epic and everything. Henry Cavill is Superman. He perfectly portrayed the sad hero that was called for. I would have been unimpressed with a happy, perky performance – Kal-El is after all the last of his race. If you haven’t seen this film, make the time now. It is worth the expense!


On the book challenge front, I finished one book and started another. Both are part of a Nora Roberts trilogy, and I am really enjoying the frothy romance.

Most of my Unisa results came through, but I am still waiting for one examination result. I will share everything when I know for sure. But I can mention that I am happy so far J

I kept on exercising through the weekend, and will continue today. I am really excited with my progress. I want to start looking into doing a 5km walk around Johannesburg – any ideas?

Enjoy your day!

Some quotes for the inspiration needed on a Monday 🙂