Sherlock Season 3

sherlock season 3

*********** contains spoilers **********

What happens (In a nutshell)

After faking his own death to prevent the murder of his friends, Sherlock returns to London after two years. He has successfully broken Moriarti’s crime ring, and can rest assured that no one will be harmed. His greatest challenge is calming down Watson, who is understandably upset, and even more when he learns that some people knew Sherlock was alive. Watson has moved on, he is on the verge of proposing to Mary. After getting over some of his anger, Sherlock and Watson set out to save London from a terrorist attack.


Mary is a lovely girl, she understands that Sherlock has insecurities and is very kind to him. As their wedding approaches, Sherlock is faced with the daunting task of giving the best man speech. His speech solves some mysteries that has been stuck in his head, and Sherlock realises that one of the guests are in danger, and he, Mary and Watson set out to save Watson’s old friend, and they receive help from Inspector Lestrade as well.


As Mary and Watson settle into their new life, Sherlock seems to be settling into the life of a drug addict. His friends are worried, but as usual Sherlock has an agenda – he is trying to catch media mogul and blackmailer Magnussen, who has a shocking secret over one of Sherlock’s friends. Sherlock is critically injured, but he devises a plan that will end Magnussen. Can he stop the creepy and dangerous media mastermind? To what lengths will the detective go to save his friends?

Rating: 9/10

Continuing from Season two and Sherlock’s “death”, I really had high hopes for season three. I wasn’t even disappointed! It is as incredibly good as Season 2 and I never wanted it to end. Benedict Cumberbatch stole the show, nothing new there, and Martin Freeman was brilliant, again. I still adore Mark Gatiss endlessly as he is to my mind a great example of the upper British culture. The show developed its characters – Sherlock got involved with someone, Watson got married, and they both had moments where the flaws in their personalities became obvious. Watson has a mean temper, but it only reveals itself when it is truly justified. I think Sherlock is obviously the more flawed of the two, but I’ve always thought brilliant people are always going to be socially awkward and flawed.

About the only thing I didn’t like about the season is the true lack of a super villain. Magnussen just isn’t Moriarti. He was evil, scary, creepy and disgusting and yet he never reached that level where his madness completely consumed and captivated me. The final scenes with him were successful because Benedict Cumberbatch was there, not because of the brilliance of the villain.

I got used to the length and made the revolutionary discovery that you could turn the show off and return later if you needed to (brilliant, I know). I actually did this (quite freakishly) at the correct moment in episode three. Had I continued watching a few seconds later, I would have seen something that would have kept me up LATE.

My favourite episode by far is The Sign of Three, because it has Sherlock’s speech in, but episode one and three is also exceptionally good.


Sherlock is ALIVE!

Although we knew that Sherlock was alive, Watson didn’t, and England didn’t. I really, really friggin loved Watson’s reaction when he realised that Sherlock was alive, that other people knew and that no one bothered to tell him. The first few minutes of the first episode is probably the hottest damn thing I have ever seen (not telling – go watch it)

Watson marrying Mary and Sherlock’s speech

It is so sweet to see Watson being happy and married. I watched Sherlock’s speech about three times because it was so beautiful and completely unexpected.

Mary’s secret

This lady surprised the hell out of me. I went from loving her, to loathing her, to not understanding her and then to pitying her. It was unfair that she had to reveal what she had kept hidden, because at the end of the day she was a pawn in a major game that didn’t really involve her, but as she was the necessary link, she suffered.

Mycroft’s surprising amount of love for his brother

I love Mycroft Holmes way too much. He is so snooty and funny and his facial expressions make me giggle every time. He doesn’t look like a person capable of intense emotions but you can just see how much he cares about his younger brother, especially in the last episode.

Sherlock showing exactly what he is capable of

Hmmm, this guy. He is insanely smart and sarcastic and I adore him. He has been saying since season one that he is a highly functioning sociopath, and man, did he prove it well. The scene where he finally stops Magnussen was so sudden and shocking I was like what the hell just happened?!

Recommendation: Only sad souls will not like this. It is beautiful!