Life lately, links and quotes, why I’m broke this month, some blog sites I love and the Versatile Blogger responses


Wow, lengthy title! I love doing these catch up posts – they are a nice way to tell everyone what is happening in my life, because I can never keep my mouth shut when something is happening to me! So here is a rundown of basically everything that is happening right now in my life. Enjoy!

Loving. My pretty couches, they make me really happy. My new job, because even though it is demanding it is so much less worries than my old job. The fact that Trevor Noah is the new host of the Daily Show, he’s hilarious, talented, hardworking and someone South-Africa can be proud of. The fact that it is April and in SA that means Public Holidays everywhere AND I get to see my bestie at the end of the month!
Soweto. Not the best smells, but a girl needs to earn a living!
Writing.I have an idea for a story in my head that I want to try and get out. I haven’t actively attempted writing literature since a teenager so I am rather nervous about it. Trying to get all my blog posts out as soon as I’m done watching/reading because then it is much fresher.

The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes. It is odd but compelling. Although it isn’t Eleanor and Park, I am enjoying it. It is a mammoth book so I hope I can get it done by next week!
Watching. Mostly movies.Planning to do a little marathon one week soon. Keep those eyes peeled!
Craving. All things healthy. Bread has suddenly become the antichrist because it makes me feel sick. Want veggies and loads of it.
Life, getting assignments done and submitted, insane data usage (pretty sure my service provider is up to something illegal), the fact that Game of Thrones Season 5 is happening, sleeping early because I know it is important, getting time to relax, breathing more, getting into nature.
Wishing.That we won the Cricket World Cup. We are one of the best teams. Although the team really did do better and I’m hoping for the best next time.
More time to study and the motivation to do it.
A GHD hair straightener and for my hair to grow again.Over the whole short do again.I want to do an updated list of my favorite books and movies – some new entries!
Nothing in particular, although getting my life in order counts. Nearly done with a scarf I have been crocheting for MONTHS AND MONTHS. Obviously not a hobby I will ever be obsessed about, but it is nice to do it once in a while.
Lots of salad because bread sucks right now.
Coffee, water, Dry Lemon, Wine.

Why I’m broke this month:

The following movies are being released and I need to see them

The Fast and the Furious 7

Avengers: Age of Ultron!!!!


Versatile Blogger:

Thanks to Justine and Alex who nominated me for this. You two have wonderful blogs and I have such a great time reading it (To the other readers – get your ass in gear and go follow them).

I’m not passing the VB relay on to other bloggers, but I did think it would be nice to share 1) Ten things about me and 2) some really cool sites that you might want to check out.

Ten things about me:


  1. My dog’s name is Nicky Noodle because she looks like a noodle. She’s the best thing in my life and I always think she’s a little cartoon character. She’s living with my sister now because my new place won’t take dogs, and I miss her so much I feel like I’ve lost an arm.
  1. I am working full time and studying part time. I also get extremely dramatic during exam periods. Think wild eyes, scattered and incoherent sentences, mumbling, walking around with a trailing blanket. I truly go cray-cray during exams. I’m currently busy with some crazy ass assignments that is stressing me out about exams.
  1. I consider Queen the ultimate band of all time but AC/DC is not too far behind them.
  1. I am a news and general knowledge junkie. I am always on news sites and Buzzfeed and every possible site for random information you can imagine. I like little known facts and big political dramas. I get drawn into the hype and drama all the time and can discuss it for hours.
  1. I hate South-African Taxis more than I can ever accurately state.
  1. I have never been able to say for certain that THIS song is my favorite or THAT movie is the best movie out there. There are tons and tons of movies, songs and books I can listen to say that they are definitely some of my favorites.
  1. I think napping is the answer to every problem out there.
  1. My favorite spot in Johannesburg is Montecasino. The interior itself looks like I would imagine Hogsmead would look. It is stunning and seems very Romanesque. There are a ton of amazing restaurants and the most amazing bookshop on this planet – Skoobs. (Hint: It is a coffee shop and a bookshop = ADDICTIVE). I love spending time there and having fun. If you aren’t a casino person, that is fine as well – there’s a cinema and a place to tenpinbowl and like I mentioned before, amazing restaurants.
  1. I am absolutely horrid with these “Ten things about me” discussions. See how they get worse and worse? LOL

15 Awesome blogging sites you need to visit:

Zoë (my best friend in the entire world) from The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger

Eric (also known as My Sweet Pappy) from Isaacs Picture Conclusions

Rob from MovieRob

Melissa from Snapcracklewatch

Emma from emmakwall (explainsitall)

Tom from Digitalshortbread

Cinema Parrot Disco

Kim from Tranquil Dreams

Sherise from The Girl that Loved To Review

Drew from Drew’s movie Reviews

Anna from Filmgrimoire

Justine’s movie blog – Already mentioned but take a hint and go visit it because it’s awesome

Alex – Same as Justine’s explanation

The Cinematic Frontier

Canadian cinephile

Links to some great articles (because this post isn’t mammoth enough already!)

Very realistic YA plot lines. I laughed for days.

This Hello Giggles post about things that make people irrationally emotional. I agreed with them all!

Finally, a little quote to end it all. Enjoy your Friday (we have a public holiday in SA right now AND Monday… WHOOP!)