A random list of things I completely despise

Happy Wednesday. Yep, it is the middle of the week. Usually by now I’m pretty annoyed with the world in general, but I’m scheduling this post (in honor of my new year’s resolution to post on specific times – it’s 10:30 am SA time, as a note) but I’m still certain I’m going to be annoyed.

So I made a list with things that really grate on my nerves. I also supplemented it with pics and some quotes to make it seem much nicer. Enjoy!



Ugh. I can get into a rant about these people with amazing passion because they just undermine everything I work for and believe in. I’ve mostly come to terms with the fact that they are a bunch of right-wing lunatics that are conspiracy theorists to boot, because no matter the amount of literature that they are given they will STILL believe that vaccines cause Autism. I would just LOVE to see how anti-vaccine all these people are when Ebola truly starts threatening their loved ones.

People who think Dumbledore and Gandalf were played by the same guy


Except for the impressive beards and similarity in hair color, these two refined gentlemen, are in fact, two different people. 

I have a (former) friend who did this. Inexcusable.

Fan fiction involving Severus Snape and Hermoine Granger

I don’t think I will ever get over the trauma of the day my two PSYCHO aunts invited me to their fan page on Facebook of Hermoine and Snape. It is something you never, ever want to see. Trust me. The photoshop is not even good and it is preposterous.




It tastes disgusting

Bad internet

internet was down

(FYI: This pic initially didn’t want to load because of BAD INTERNET)

Johannesburg traffic

…Taxi Drivers too

The Hobbit Franchise


The trackpad on any laptop. Who works with these atrocious little monsters?!

Anything Kardashian. I’ve honestly tried not to be on the hater bandwagon with this clan but they are all so forced and fake and attention ho’s. What’s up with her ugly ass blonde hair?

The freaky way themesongs to the apps on my phone start playing without the app being open, softly. Have you ever experienced that? I’ve thought a number of times I’m heading to the loony bin. I had an hour long conversation last Wednesday with my Insurance company while the background music of Plague played. Have you played that game? It’s rather freaky when you are talking to Insurance people

Me having to be the grownup in a situation where I’m dealing with a 50 year old person. What are you, five?

Not being able to sleep

Joffrey Baratheon. Can’t ever forget him. 

People who think life is fair. Really, I can’t even properly get into this one but if you think that people will do what you ask them and be nice and treat you fairly I can’t begin to imagine what is wrong with you.

Crocs. Eugh

crocs2 crocs1

There were tons of pics on the whole Croc debate. Overwhelming evidence, I would think. #nasty

Anti-animal cruelty NPOs. 

I initially planned one of those whole “open letters” things to them all but open letters can actually be added to this list because they are so pretentious and pompous and everything but I really don’t like these guys. They are judgemental and have no idea of what reality is like in every day life. I think a reason why so many of these companies struggle to get funding is because they are rude and very bad with communication skills. I am such an animal loving person and completely against animal cruelty but right now I am at a point of disgust with them that I would never donate to a company like that. (That said, I would totally donate to the SPCA, who is very wonderful with advice and consultation and they pass no judgement unless it is called for)

*Although this list is probably not complete as it is an ever growing type of thing, I am now done. Let me know what annoys you on a weekly basis!