51Day 51: Just a basic picture of my lunch. It was really delicious and super healthy though.


Day 52: My bestie came up for a quick pop-in, and we went to watch Beauty and The Beast.


Day 53: Makeup spoils. I really have such a problem. Rimmel is one of my favorite brands, and I am liking Essence quite a lot these days – for a “cheaper” brand they really have quality products.


Day 54: My mom got me these bunny slippers for Easter. They are so toasty and have the additional benefits of being bunnies.


Day 55: Another manicure, this a Revlon one. I’ve really gone for the pinks lately.


Day 56: To get more steps in, I again visited the Nature reserve. It is such a beautiful place and I am always so surprised that it is smack in the middle of Joburg and manages to be so quiet.


Day 57: My favorite snacks. 70% Lindt is as dark as I’ll go, and it is such a delight of tastes. It is really low in sugar, so if you are craving some chocolate, you only need to look as far as this.


Day 58: I watched Warm Bodies for the 100th time, and I enjoyed it. Also see my crochet project here? It is growing super-fast!


Day 59: This was SO good.


Day 60: Had drinks with the work colleagues at the Hogshead in Illovo. It was lovely, and although I didn’t get a picture of it, their Consol glasses look fantastic.

Thoughts 3.1

I feel as if it has been ages since I wrote one of these. February flew past me with the rush to complete my book challenge, getting bogus assignments submitted (I still fully maintain that it is bogus because I simply don’t agree with the way the subject in question is compiled) and focusing on not eating a ton of nonsense (I failed spectacularly). So here goes:


March is usually the beginning of most assignment submissions for Unisa. That means sitting my butt down and working (on real assignments)

It’s done

That is, the book challenge. I’ve been posting books throughout the year. I am likely to continue (I really do read a lot) but I’m going to reread tons as well and won’t be posting those again. I actually can’t wait to reread all my favorites.

New direction

I don’t think I will be posting specific challenges, though obviously I am not ruling it out. I think my only goal this year will be new things. New books, new music, new places, new movies, new experiences.



Weight, diets, exercise and exhaustion with my brain

Apparently, thinking constantly is part of my personality and star sign. It is true – I cannot stop my brain from incessantly thinking and frustrating me senseless. I just want a switch at night – can I possibly stop all these thoughts running havoc in my head?!

I am exhausted by the constant pressure of eating correctly and exercising. So I’ve essentially given up. I try to eat as healthy as possible, but I am starting to send thoughts to my brain dictating that I am not allowed to be mad at myself anymore if I fail. It is a constant process.

The Oscar Pistorius case

It really feels that everything South-Africans are proud of gets taken away. Look, we have a disabled athlete competing in the Olympics. Oh look, he shoots his girlfriend four times through a closed door on Valentine’s Day.

My opinion: It is a loss. Two beautiful, talented people. One is dead and the other one is on trial. There is no proper justice because nothing is bringing Reeva Steenkamp back. Is he guilty? I don’t think he was planning to shoot her. Is it possible he completely lost his temper and went after her? That is another question completely.

My opinion on the journalists in South-Africa: You suck. You are like a bunch of hungry dogs with a bone and have no respect or decency anymore. There is this one particular journo that is irritating me incredibly – I am not naming him – but he isn’t even remotely unbiased in anything. I am barely reading news or going on Twitter because everything is just being blown out of proportion these days.

Speaking of which

As I hope you know, South-Africa has one of the most successful youngest democracies in the world. Unfortunately though, our political parties are mainly jokes just like any other countries’. The leading party and the leading opposition (that isn’t difficult to figure out) are being complete and utter fools these days. Just grow the fuck up, please.


I’ve finally seen 500 Days of Summer (depressing) and Safe Haven (relatively good and a decent adaption of the book). I also re-watched Sleeping Beauty (the classic) and it is as awesome as my childhood memories dictate.

This one delivery guy at work

Smells like weed all the time. Honestly, who smokes weed while transporting medical samples?!

Excited about

CA winter soldier

The new Captain America movie coming out. Can’t wait!

A bit disappointed

That Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get his Oscar. Sigh L

The most irritating thing of all time:

Girls playing the I’m a wilting flower routine. How can anyone find this attractive? I want to slap people so hard that does this. Fuck man.

I should stop writing since I’m using the word Fuck a lot right now.



And a pic:

3.1 ecard


Motivational Monday – Quotes to help you make it through the day


Despite nearly being crushed by a stupid taxi incapable of using hazards/indicators to make a U-turn, I am determined to be positive today. Some quotes:


(Image source)


(Image source)


(Image source)


(Image source)

And lastly: A meme my one friend made for my birthday. Natasha Stander Airways will be explained at a different time.




Thoughts 1.3


This week I turn 24. I feel much older than twenty four, so I am working hard to remind myself that I am still young and free. This weekend I will definitely remind myself of that.

Seeing my bestie again this weekend. So happy!

I finally started watching Pretty Little Liars Season 4. It is so much more entertaining than season three. Also watching Two Broke Girls again. Mindless but fun comedy.

Books: reading Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes again. It is so good. It is my 83rd book for my book challenge. Slowly but surely closing in.

Can’t wait to start studying again. I just want to pass and get a degree and be rich (LOL).

Thinking of squeezing in the Wolf of Wallstreet. Everyone is raving about it and I need to know how it is. Also, American Hustle seems good to watch. It has been too long since I’ve been to the movies. Furthermore, I am ecstatic that the distributor of the Vampire Academy movie in SA has a release date. I am definitely there!

Also, going to check out cars this weekend. I am SO nervous about it, but I want that freedom at the same time.

All the dieting is not going good. I am excellent through the week and then on weekends I suck. So, let’s start again.

What’s happening in your life?


Thoughts 1.2

Happy Wednesday!

“thoughts” posts will now be labelled 1.2 as per month (1 = January) and number of post within that month (.2 is the second one in January so far)

Some completely (and very random) thoughts for this week

I am nearly twenty four. Getting older and older, and I still barely have an idea where I am going in life. I have a basic outline of things I want to accomplish, but that is it

Decent phones are way too expensive! Where were the days when you spent 60 bucks a month for your Nokia 3310?

Speaking of which, exploring phones and specs and what I want. I want a big phone but I also want a laptop, so I need to find the best deal out there.

I have a good layout idea for my blog. So excited!

I finally started rebuilding my book challenge list. Will post it on blog and save three times in different locations to prevent any file losing again. TRIPLE MEH

Kicked the book-block in the ass and started reading again. Finished the Great Gatsby and started another Nora Roberts. Next book will be some Galaxy book thing. I just can’t remember the name (ever).

My war on mosquitoes is still on. I hate them.

It is getting closer and closer to buying a car time. I am excited and terrified in equal measure.

I sometimes feel that the world and I are not friends. Like we move at different speeds and never fully understand each other.

If my family were the leads of Two Broke Girls, I would be Max and my sisters would collectively be Caroline. We are broke too so we are following the plot. Just wish I could date Johnny as part of being Max 😉

And there comes a time where you just have to finally admit that something won’t work out no matter how much you want it or how good the idea was.

I really wish for winter now. I will likely moan about winter three months into it, but this oppressive heat is getting to me.

Getting in shape is a daily struggle. I keep needing to remind myself on why I want to lose weight (I have three holidays planned this year and it helps you live longer). I am cautious about becoming obsessed. I have read way too many articles about weight obsession this year. What people don’t understand is that it isn’t only an obsession when you are bulimic/anorexic/overeater, but also when you constantly obsess and fail and then hate yourself for it.

Some hope for the residents of the Central African Republic I hope.

And a motivational for the week.


What is on your mind?


I read an article suggesting that mosquitoes target blondes more than brunettes. This is a LIE. I have been tortured senselessly the last couple of nights by those little buggers.

My sister broke her computer. Apparently it is not only me who has that dubious talent in our family.

Burned my toe on my straightening iron this morning, which fell on the floor and I didn’t notice.

The file that held all the books I’ve read for the book challenge has been corrupted. I can recover what’s on there by going through all my previous posts, but still not happy about it.

Speaking of books, I am currently in a slump. Just not in the mood to read, and I really need to get through the last twenty books of my book challenge. I really want to the read the Great Gatsby, but have yet to get myself to do it.

Need to register with Unisa ASAP.

Best business idea ever: Take down other people’s Christmas trees. No one likes it – it is difficult to detangle the mess you made putting it up and depressing to take down something that symbolizes the best part of the year. RICHNESS! (Note that this business venture is hopefully only feasible in late December/Early January)

Ways to increase sleep:

Drink less coffee

No phone for half an hour before sleep

Don’t watch Suits till eleven at night

Move to Antarctica

And lastly, a weight loss pic to motivate you all





After three weeks of doing absolutely nothing, I am back at work.

It was wonderful and fun filled.

I need to diet (which I am busy with) to shed all those unwanted extra kilos.

The first week of my leave I pretty much spent every day in the shops hunting for Christmas presents. It was probably the least fun of it all, because as much as I like buying presents and shopping, neither is fun when the entire South-Africa is with you in the mall. I eventually got everyone sorted though. I really do like buying presents, and think it this year I gave out some excellent ones.

I went to see the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, in theater with my dad and sister. To say that I was unimpressed is an understatement. It is basically a three hour tale that is loosely based on the most boring part of the book. When I say loosely based, I mean loosely based. Just where the hell does Legolas factor into the Hobbit? And some elvish-dwarf love story? I was sincerely not impressed with the tale, but the special effect (especially Smaug) is worth mentioning. The scenery was once again amazing. All in all, it is okay to wait for the DVD and not spend money on the cinematic experience.

I spent my second week of leave with my friend Zoë in Nelspruit. It was a lot of fun. Thank you bestest! After returning, I had the best New Year’s party I’ve had in a few years. I really hope that this is an indicator of a great year ahead!

Movies (old and new) watched this holiday:



Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part one)

Letters to Juliet

Stupid Crazy Love

Bourne Identity

I read a very unimpressive amount of books this last three weeks:

Beautiful Creatures

This Charming Man (Marian Keyes)

Sanctuary (Nora Roberts)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (JK Rowling)

The Fiery Heart (Richelle Mead)

I finally finished Supernatural Season 5! It was amazing, and I really, really enjoyed it much more than season four, where Sam irritated the shit out of me. He still was, but at least in five he had some redeeming qualities!

I also (finally) started watching Suits Season Three. I’m really enjoying it.

Some Unisa news: I passed both subjects this semester. That makes it 5/6 subjects passed for 2013. I want to pass 8 subjects in 2014. Let the studying begin!

What did you do this December?


New Year’s resolutions 2014


To be thankful

I am so blessed. I have friends, family, people who love me and whom I love. I have clothes to wear, food to eat and a job. I live in an amazing country that defies everything people have ever thought about Africa. I am literate. I can read as much as I want. I have the capacity to understand what I read and apply it. I have no disabilities. In 2014 I want to complain a little less, love a little more, and appreciate what I have.

Explore new things

I want to be able to sit as an old lady and say that I have lived the best possible life, and tried everything. I want to see new places this year, read new books, listen to new music, and talk to new people. I don’t want to get stuck in a comfortable bubble, content to slip into routines and never

Get a car

My biggest obstacle in life was not having a license. I finally got my license in June 2013 (WHOOP) and now my next goal is a CAR – the next step to freedom. Watch this space!

Be better with my finances

Which means no new debt and saving for the next independence move – my own place.

Building up a good wardrobe. I want a functional wardrobe that is appropriate for any occasion. I always feel that my wardrobe has good ideas for parties, but generally less for normal life. Sigh.

Being the healthiest I can be – by this I mean content with my size, feeling healthy and energetic. I also really want to do the Warrior Race, so I need to get into shape for that.

Pass 7 subjects with Unisa

*If they actually release my results before 2058

Travel to a new place.

Develop my blog and get a new, customized theme.

Start my fashion blog.

Stop swearing so damn much (haha)