Book Review: Whiskey Beach

whiskey beach

Eli Landon had everything – he came from a respected family, became a successful lawyer, married a beautiful woman and had the respect of all his friends. Then his wife Lindsay was murdered, Eli became the suspect because Lindsay had cheated on him and they were already going through a divorce, and his life fell apart. He was basically fired from his job and had to desperately fight for his freedom, which he eventually got.

Eli goes to his family home, Bluff House on Whiskey Beach, a place that has been in his family for 300 years, to try and rebuild the life he has now. He is depressed, sad and underweight and in desperate need of kindness. Abra Walsh, a yoga instructor slash jewellery maker slash general do gooder, is asked by his grandmother Hester Landon, a woman who lived on her own in Bluff House until she fell down stairs and had to go to Boston to recover, to look after Eli. Abra has survived a crazy stalker and other horrors so she knows how difficult it is to move on. Her caring nature forces her to try and help Eli. She irritates Eli until he eats and works out, she even gets him a dog, and slowly he improves.

Eli is being checked out by a private investigator. He thinks that it is either from Lindsay’s parents, who refuse to acknowledge his innocence or the investigator in Lindsay’s death that harassed Eli so much that he was reprimanded for it. The PI is found dead and Eli is in unwanted spotlight again. He finds that someone has been digging in his basement, presumably looking for treasure rumoured to have been in one of the first Landon’s possession.

Will Eli ever find out what happened to Lindsay Landon? Who attacked Hester Landon in Bluff House? Will the persistent Detective ever stop his man hunt on Eli?

Rating: 6.5/10

Firstly, let it be mentioned that I found this book enjoyable but a little stretched and a bit generic. Whiskey Beach is a long book that didn’t need to be this long. I think taking off about 50 pages wouldn’t hurt the story at all. The story didn”t live up to the expectations I had after reading quite a number of impressive books by Nora Roberts.

Lindsay’s killer was a surprise but I hated that once again, Roberts revealed very early who was harassing the residents of Bluff House.

Abra Walsh was a little unreal. This woman is so damn happy all the time, so forgiving and caring and open, it just didn’t feel authentic. I had sympathy for Eli, because he really seemed sad, and I liked how he recovered. I liked the dog and was mentally cursing every time. I thought something would happen to her.

The book is unoriginal and I feel like I’ve read the plot line in other books way too much for it to impress me. It felt rushed and if you’ve read the Witness, you will support me when I say that Whiskey Beach is not even close to being the best book written by Roberts.

5 Things Friday: On my mind

This post shows some of the most powerful and heart-breaking photos you will ever see.

I’m considering working through IMDb’s 250 Top movies of all time.

I wish South-Africans can calm down about the load shedding. I agree that it is incredibly annoying and unfair but we’ve been through this people. We’ve survived and will again.

The Russia-Ukraine-USA fight. Seems like a place in need of help has been caught between two big bullies flexing their muscles at each other.

Finished Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts and slowly working through Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I must say, it is lovely to read slowly again and revisit all the books I neglected to reread this past year.

Five Quotes for the weekend:

Chuck Palahniuk


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Have a good one!

5 Things Friday: Five books I want to read

The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead - The Fiery Heart

The fourth book in the series Bloodlines continues to tell the tale about Alchemist Sydney Sage and her illegal love affair with vampire Adrian Ivashkov.

The series stemmed from the previous Vampire Academy one. I am enjoying this one much more than I did VA. It is really good, and isn’t a copy of Twilight, as many of the latest vampire books have become.

The Fiery Heart is only being release in November 2013, and I can’t wait to read what will happen.

Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts


I have no particular reason for wanting to read this specific book, except that it is by Nora Roberts, and I love all her books. It has been released already, so as soon as possible I will read it.

The Great Gatsby – Francis Scott Fitzgerald


I made a promise to my friend to read the book before I watch the movie, to fully appreciate how they stayed true to the script. As I really want to watch the movie, I will read the book really soon. It will be my first book by this author.

A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hossini

Splendid Suns

From what I’ve heard, Khaled Hossini is a mesmerizing writer. I really want to try this book. It will be my first novel by this author as well, and it may just start an addiction here.

A new Harry Potter novel – I wish

I have been struck with Harry Potter urges because everyone around me is reading it. Pretty sneaky, because I already read it for my blog challenge, and I am not reading seven books that can’t count. However, if someone named JK Rowling wrote a new Harry Potter novel, and it worked out well, I could read that. All my Potter wishes would come true and I could add to my challenge. #HappyWishes