2014 Movies: Part Three

Welcome back to the third and final installment of the rundown of the movies released in 2014 that I got to peek at. Some of it has been good and some has been really, really bad. Let me know what you think of these, my opinions on them, and any other additional ones you might have seen!

22 Jump Street

Sequels aren’t often on the same level as its predecessor, but 22 Jump Street managed that for me, and more. Who knew that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum could be so hilarious together, or even that Tatum had such a hilarious streak to him? These movies are silly and fun and exactly what you need after a really bad day.


Hmm, even though I enjoyed this movie, I have eternal beef with Hollywood because the second they have a big lady in a film she is naturally stupid and dirty. You can do better, guys.

Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit

Oh, Chris Pine. It is good to watch you no matter what. It took me a while to finish and get to this movie, but it wasn’t bad. The first half hour is slow enough to be a cause for serious points deduction, but further on it picks up pace and becomes entertaining.

If I Stay

If I Stay is the vastly inferior tear jerker of 2014, because TFIOS was so major and amazing. It was good though, and I will probably watch it again.

Mockingjay Part 1

I liked it. Can’t wait for the second part!

The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies

I think this may have been my life’s biggest disappointment, ever. It insincere, rushed and exploits a fandom that didn’t deserve this.

Sex Tape

Yeah, another Cameron Diaz film where she does the minimum work and still wants a pat on the back and to hear that she is good at what she does. I am unsure whether she will ever be capable of doing more than things like this though, so well done at least in that sense.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

This movie is definitely on my favorites of the year. Everything was just so right about it.

What have you seen this past year and loved? Tell me!

Marvelous Mondays: X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

xmen poster

Professor X: “So many battles waged over the years… and yet, none like this. Are we destined to destroy each other, or can we change each other and unite? Is the future truly set?”

Plot: The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants. (IMDb)

Rating: 8.5/10

As the first Marvelous Mondays post for 2015, I am actually bringing a post to the table. Yep, me! Zoë has already reviewed this movie here, and I am happy to agree with her that it was an excellent movie.

X-Men: Days of Future Past wasn’t a movie I was rushing to see or anything. I chose to watch it on a long road trip to make the time pass, and man, am I happy that I did it! I can’t recall seeing any of the other X-Men movies, and I was thus very surprised that I could follow appropriately. I do think if you have more knowledge of what went down in the other movies it would enhance the impact of this one, but there is enough information in to make sure you are able to understand the Mutants have lost basically everything.

It is a rare thing of beauty to witness two of the greatest actors of our time together on screen: Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan. They have so much class and I really enjoyed how their characters can’t help but convey a sense of smugness when recalling their youth.

charles xavier

As if the two legends mentioned above are not enough, you get the unbelievable talent that is James McAvoy on screen as the young Professor. I have always been slightly indifferent to him even though rumours of his brilliance have always been rampant. He was so good and multi layered and real that I now desperately need to watch more things with him in it. He is definitely my pleasant surprise of last year!

I loved the graphics in here. The portals right at the beginning is just too cool and I wasn’t overwhelmed with CGI (hem, hem, HOBBIT). That scene with Quicksilver where he puts on his earphones was really a wowzer, I won’t lie. I also found the concept behind the Sentinels very sinister and really well thought out (yes, I know that they come from comic books but remember that I’ve never touched on the X-Men franchise before)


Even with my limited knowledge I found the entire cast well capable of their roles and well chosen. I really do like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and found those bone claws just intense looking overall. I thought Michael Fassbender was excellent as well as Magneto, at once very charming but it was also obvious that he was very dangerous and that it wouldn’t be a good idea to mess with him.


I think I can admit that I really don’t get the hype around Jennifer Lawrence, but I do find her a very good actress. She wasn’t my favorite in the movie but I liked what they delivered on her past and how she had to realize her decisions would ultimately make or break the Mutants’ future.


It was a lot of fun seeing Peter Dinklage as Trask. I do think that he was underused and it would have been very powerful to see why he hated the Mutants so intensely, whether he was just a complete racist (because that is how I perceived him in here), or if he had a possible reason for doing what he did.

I guess you can all see that I was very impressed with this movie, and that I think you should watch it if you haven’t already.