Movie Review: I, Frankenstein (2014)

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The creation Frankenstein created in 1795 has lived the centuries hiding from humanity and chasing the demons the gargoyle queen Lenore (Miranda Otto) warned him about shortly after his creation. Convinced he has a soul; Lenore names him Adam and sets him free, despite the protest of her commander Gideon (Jai Courtney). Adam (Aaron Eckhart) proceeds to hunt the demons while searching for the demon prince Naberius (Bill Nighy) who is trying to find Adam for his own mysterious plot reasons.

jai courtney
                                                                                         At least something to look at!

Naberius, who lives in the human world under the alias Charles Wessex, has employed the brilliant researcher Dr. Terra Wade (Yvonne Strahovski) to research the creation of life. Terra has only been able to start bringing back mice, and her research is advanced but too rudimentary for Naberius’s plans to bring back a hoard of demons the gargoyles had sent back to hell.

Lenore is taken captive and Gideon must either take Adam to the demons or reveal the diary Frankenstein kept about creating Adam. Will Terra be able to bring bodies back to life with this priceless information of Frankenstein? Can Lenore be saved? What will happen to humanity if all the demons are set loose?

                                                                         AT least the monster was not ugly…

Rating: 5/10

I, Frankenstein was completely a “Dafuq am I watching?” experience. This movie may just be the disappointment of 2014, and after seeing Vampire Academy, that is saying plenty. I, Frankeinstein could have been so much more than what it turned out to be. There is barely a plot, the actors are in way over there head, the graphics resemble a shoe-string-budget and it isn’t even worth the one and a half hours it took away from my life.

Major Plotlines:

Deep manly voice:Ol’ Adam makes sure you know what is cooking with his polite voice-overs and that was a miracle, because if you had to watch it without the voice overs, you would have no clue.

Darkness: The film was desperately trying to be dark and thoughtful and couldn’t even manage to give me some nightmares later on.

Improbable scientific theories Overall it wasn’t the worst theory about how Frankenstein’s monster could have evolved, but I still rolled my eyes at the “let’s do science” vibe they tried to create.

Gargoyles. I mean, GARGOYLES?!Of all the creatures in all the land. . I DID like how the gargoyles looked, but the demons were incredibly Meh and a been-there-done-that thing.

The plot was so mysterious not even the actors knew what was going on.The storyline could have worked with some development, but there was none and it felt like the director worked with a bullet pointed spreadsheets of things that had to happen, but no one had written any paragraph under his headers.

The action scenes were forced and drawn out and the graphics were highly questionable

It was nice seeing Miranda Otto again in something and Yvonne Strahovski, but Jai Courtney and Bill Nighy both disappointed, even though they were probably doing their best with the material they were given.

This is worse than the remake of Priest my ex-boyfriend made me watch, and I usually used that as the benchmark for crap supernatural movies.

Thoroughly not recommended.Eww