Five Things Friday: PEOPLE, I agree with you

Happy Friday friends of mine!

Soooo…. Today is my last day at the office for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. I can’t really think of it right now because I might just start weeping of happiness. Next week I only have to write one teensy test to get to complete holiday mode. I will be heading to the South-African coast and I seriously can’t wait. (I will have some posts scheduled but I might be a bit delayed in comments and such)

BUT, the big reason for this post is that I finally agree with People magazine for once in my life. They selected the delectably delicious Chris Hemsworth as their hottest man alive. EEK!!!!! I know that Table Nine Mutant understands my devotion perfectly, and I have decided to brighten up your Friday with some evidence that this data is in fact, correct and just. ENJOY!!!


He looks better than I do with long hair!chris_hemsworth_by_masterofmuscle-d6sq2a2.png

Hells yeah!




Disclaimer: This pic was not photoshopped in any way!


Okay bye now!

8 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: PEOPLE, I agree with you

  1. Good lord!!!! What amazing pictures 🙂 🙂

    He is so handsome isn’t he, a real rugged, handsome MAN!!!! He’d definitely be in my top 5. His brother is okay, but I’m sorry to say……it’s all about Chris! Perfect and deserving winner 🙂

  2. Kindest Kidney,

    NICE work, obviously. You needed your five things perve before embracing your freedom. Great work hahaha. I hope that you enjoy it. Don’t forget about the little people while you are gone (that would be me).

    Best Bkushi

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