Life Lately


I feel like life hasn’t been all that kind to me lately. It just seems as if everything is going wrong, and I can do nothing to stop it. Since I got my license (the greatest achievement of this year) it just seems like nothing can live up to it and nothing is working out properly.

For example, this morning my month old tablet fell and the buttons dislodged. I will try and fix it, but it just seems so unnecessary for it to happen. I mean honestly, is this really necessary?

But, as always, there are positive things happening to me as well. This morning I went to the Body Worlds exhibition in Johannesburg at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in New Town. When I first heard that the exhibition was coming to South-Africa, I was super interested. However, being me, I didn’t book any tickets. As a teambuilding excersise the company took all the laboratory staff there today, and it was really just amazing. I have rarely been as fascinated with the human body. We really are wonderfully made! The exhibition is excellently done, and very educating to walk through. They are in Johannesburg until the 21st of July 2013 if you want to go take a look. Check out their website here:

This weekend I am planning to just rest. I am so tired of this week! And maybe go watch Man of Steel. It really looks amazing!

Some inspiring quotes for the weekend:



Have a good one!

Book Review: Divine Evil (Nora Roberts)

Book: 27/100

Divine evil

I reread this book (again), and really enjoyed it (again). The storyline is generic – you know that Clare will eventually end up in the hands of the cult, that she will be saved, and end up with her high school sweetheart. Even though I knew what would happen, I always fear a little for the sub characters – will they and their loved ones survive? As the book progresses, all the members of the cult are made known, except one. I kept crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t be him, but alas, he had also practiced the devious ways of the cult. Despicable.

Many people claim that the satanic rituals used in the novel was not even remotely plausible, but it should be mentioned that these characters altered the practice to suit their needs. I am not a fan of any satanic material in books – it glamorizes Satanism, and makes it seem like intelligent people steer towards it because it is another exploration. This book followed that entire pattern – the town mayor, one of the cops; most of the members were highly intelligent and wanted new adventure. Nora Roberts loves to trash Christianity in her novels, and in this one she slights the Roman Catholic Church as one of her main themes (once again). It just seems unnecessary – it doesn’t make the book more readable.

Clare Kimball has managed to build up her career as a sculptor. Her work is a huge success in the art world, but personally, Clare still struggles to move on from her father’s death as a child. Haunted by images of his death, and cult activities she witnessed as a child, she returns to Boonsboro to try and deal with her memories. She finds that the school bad boy and her childhood crush returned and is working as town sheriff. She and Cameron Rafferty start a relationship. When Cameron’s stepfather, Biff Stokey, is viciously carved up and left alongside a road, the town starts to suspect Cameron, as their tense relationship was well known. Cameron investigates, but continuously finds puzzling clues. Clare finds satanic material in her father’s old cellar, and shares this information. Slowly Cam starts to piece together the puzzle of the cult.

Ernie Butts, an angry young man, is recruited into the cult. What he witnesses makes him realize that he is not made out to do such things, but realizes that leaving might kill him. Eventually, he saves Clare’s life before the cult sacrifices her, and Cameron arrives in time to arrest all the cult members.

Rating: 5/10

I enjoyed this book eventually, even though it was written mostly for shock value. Nora Roberts has included rape and severe violence into many of her more crime orientated novels, and it is getting old. I love her, but she needs to be able to write a compelling story without employing stupid tricks. This is not my favorite Nora Roberts book at all. I would only recommend this book if you are a fan of violent reading material, but not if you love old school Nora Roberts.

Movie Review: After Earth (2013)


Thousands of years after the human race has abandoned earth, General Cypher Raige (Will Smith) comes into conflict with S’krell, aliens intent on conquering Nova Prime, where the human race has settled. Their weapon of choice is the Ursas: blind monsters that hunt by sensing fear. The Rangers fight a losing battle until Cypher learns how to destroy them. He learns that by repressing his fear, the Ursas cannot find humans at all, thus making it possible to be killed.

At home, Cypher’s son Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) blames himself after his sister is killed by an Ursa. Kitai’s application as a Ranger is rejected because of his own recklessness, and his father considers him a failure because.  Kitai sets out on a mission with his father after his mother manages to convince Cypher. During the flight, the spaceship is caught in an asteroid shower, causing the ship to crash-land in the now quarantined Earth. The only intact beacon to send off a distress signal is in the other half of the ship, a hundred miles from the half where Cypher and Kitai is in. Kitai must venture into the habitat alone, as both Cypher’s legs are broken. Kitai is warned of the evolved fauna and flora that will kill humans, and also the drastic temperature changes. He is given six capsules that enhances oxygen intake so that he is able to breathe in Earth’s low-oxygen atmosphere.

Kitai travels through dangerous terrain, and some of the capsules gets broken. When he finally confesses to Cypher, he is ordered back to the ship. Kitai refuses, and a disagreement ensues. He sets off to the ship, miraculously makes it there alive, and kills the Ursa when it attacks him. He manages to fire off the beacon, and they return to Nova Prime with a better relationship.

Rating: 4.5/10

For a movie with tons of potential, it turned out to be a bitter disappointment. It is a sentimental sci-fi stint designed to push Jaden Smith in as action hero, and his acting capabilities sorely fail him. He simply isn’t at the standard where his father is, and I doubt he could ever mature to that level. A word to the young: you don’t have to follow in your father’s footsteps.

Book Review: Death duJoir (Kathy Reichs)

Book: 26/100


When my good friend Zoë mentioned that the series of Kathy Reichs is readable, I decided to give it a try. The material is fascinating – is there a more riveting field than Anthropology? I always appreciate a strong female lead, and Dr Temperance Brennan certainly qualifies.

Leading the Anthropology department in Quebec, Doctor Brennan is ordered to exhume the bones of a young nun set for saint hood. When she sees the facial structure of the skeleton, she starts to investigate Sister Elisabet Nicolet’s parentage. Her research is disrupted when she has to investigate bodies in different parts of Canada, and she slowly starts to make the impossible connections that bind these bodies.  She and police officer Andrew Ryan discovers a network of religious fanatics who plans to commit suicide before the “end of the world”. Temperance realizes that her sister’s new enlightenment course is part of this extensive cult, and when Harry goes missing Tempe races against time to not only save her sister’s life, but other innocent members as well.

Rating: 6/10

Getting to know a new author is always a tricky process – especially if you are exploring a new genre as well. I struggled to get into the book – it is as if there wasn’t enough editing done, and the events felt really loosely tied together. All the French phrases that weren’t translated also frazzled me. I found it unnecessary, as the book was in English.

The book was entertaining enough, and the attention to detail made things interesting at times, but also extremely lengthy otherwise. It just seems that the writer uses six pages to describe a scene that could have been done in two, if that makes any sense. I am planning to eventually read the other books in the series, but it is not the types of books that compels me to read them.

Have you read them and what did you think?

Movie Review: Thor (2011)


At the beginning of the movie, it is 965 AD, and the king of Asgard Odin (Anthony Hopkins) wages war against the Frost Giants to prevent them from conquering the nine realms, of which Earth is a part of. The Asgardians are victorious, and take the Casket of Ancient Winters, the power source of the frost giants.

Back in present times, Odin’s son Thor (Chris Hemsworth) prepares to become king of Asgard, but the Frost Giants try to take the Casket, and prevents it from happening. Thor ignores Odin’s orders and travels to the Jotunheim to confront Laufey (the leader of the Frost Giants), and a battle ensues. Odin intervenes to save Thor and his company, but the fragile truce between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants are broken. Thor is stripped of his godly power and is exiled to earth, along with his hammer Mjolnir, which is now protected by an enchantment that can only be broken by someone worthy enough to wield it.

Thor falls out of the sky in New Mexico, where astrophysicist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), her assistant and Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) and Dr. Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) finds him. Agent Phil Coulson arrives to inspect the Mjolnir after it becomes a local attraction. Thor tries to retrieve his hammer, but is heartbroken when he is unable to remove it from stone. With the help of Dr. Selvig, he is freed from S.H.I.E.L.D’s scrutiny and resigns himself to life as a mortal, even going through the beginning stages of a relationship with Jane.

Back at Asgard, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) learns that he is in reality Laufey’s son, and was adopted by Odin after the war. After Loki and Odin fight, Odin falls into the “Odinsleep” to recover. Loki seizes the throne, and offers Laufey the chance to retrieve the casket and kill Odin. Thor’s companions, Sif and the Warriors Three, are unhappy with Loki’s rule, and attempt to return Thor from exile, convincing Heimdall to allow them to travel to earth. Loki learns of their plan, and sends the Destroyer to pursue and kill Thor. The warriors find Thor, but when the Destroyer finds them they are defeated. Nearly dead, Thor offers himself for the safety of the humans, and this sacrifice prompts the Mjolnir to return to its master. He defeats the Destroyer, kisses Jane, and returns to Asgard to confront Loki.

Back in Asgard, Loki betrays and kills Laufey. Thor arrives and fights Loki to prevent Loki destroying the Jotunheim through the Bifrost Bridge. Thor destroys the Bifrost Bridge, destroying his only way back to Jane. Loki falls into darkness when Odin reject his plea for approval. Thor and Odin makes peace, and back at Earth Jane searches for a way to get to Thor.


Rating: 7/10

Thor is such a good film! I would recommend it to most people, particularly if you love superheroes. It is good to watch each film that leads up to the Avengers, and understand who is who and why they became like they are. Thor is one of my favorite films, partly because I discovered the awesome Chris Hemsworth here. Not only is he super attractive, he can luckily act as well (a rare occurrence) Watching it the second time around alerted me to some characters I hadn’t noticed before – Kat Dennings (who plays Max in my favorite comedy Two Broke Girls) and Josh Dallas (Prince Charming in Once Upon a Time). Natalie Portman made a really good Jane, looking intelligent and wholesome the entire time.

On the Avengers note, I would place it after the Iron Man trilogy but before Captain America. Overall, I would say that watching Thor is not a bad way to spend nearly two hours of your time.



Firstly, as if you couldn’t notice from that giant pic, I finally managed to get my license yesterday. It feels so unreal. I have been stressing about my license for so long (it is going on three years) and now that I have it, I want to look over my shoulders for the fear that they made a mistake and I must give it back. Lunacy, I know. I told as little people as possible that I was going to test (I cannot shut up when I stress) – in fear of jinxing it, and that I would have to explain that I failed again. But I didn’t. I did it. I am mentally high fiving myself while being gobsmacked that I got out on the road and did it properly. I don’t care what anyone says, but getting a South-African License is extremely difficult and stressful.


My gift from my boss. Awesome boss is awesome.

Next week I will post some book reviews. It feels like it has been ages! I just haven’t had the time to properly review them, and I don’t want to post something that is mediocre. So keep an eye open for them.

My exercising is going really well. I have exercised nearly every day of the past three weeks. I am weighing again tomorrow, and hopefully see the results.

On the series front, I have started on Chuck Season One. I have never really watched all the episodes, so I am really enjoying it. I have also started watching Fringe. I am thoroughly impressed. I didn’t want to start watching it primarily because I work in science, and I don’t want to spend my evenings on it as well. Needless to say, it is not basic science, and the show is really well done.

My book challenge is going good, but once again I am stuck on a novel I can’t seem to finish. The main character is irritating me, and that really demotivates the reading process. I got another Nora Roberts book, and read that in two days. It was really well written, as usual.

Let me know what is happening in your life!


Monday, er Tuesday


Good morning

I am so confused. We had a public holiday yesterday and now I am struggling to remember it is Tuesday. How confusing.

This weekend was awesome. I love long weekends. I read, I slept, I watched movies and series. I didn’t want to come back. But I am here today, because I need a salary. And I like my job.

But I am living on coffee right now, as I overslept and am so foggy right now. Love coffee.


Series Review: Supernatural Season 2

SN season2


My previous experiences with series’ based primarily on the supernatural have been more in line with Vampire Diaries. When my friend recommended that I watch Supernatural, I initially thought I would watch a few episodes and then it would phase out for me. I have to admit that I have rarely been this impressed with a series.

Supernatural revolves around the lives of two demon hunters, brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). In season two their focus is tracking down the Yellow Eyed Demon Azazel, who is responsible for the deaths of their parents. Azazel visited Sam as a child, like many other children, giving him the ability to see into the future, and killed Sam’s mother when she caught him in the act.

The first episode opens with Sam, Dean and their father John in the hospital after a car crash caused by Azazel’s henchmen. John (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Sam only sustain minor injuries, but Dean lies dying in a coma. Meanwhile, Dean has an out-of-body-experience where he walks through the hospital as a “ghost”. He witnesses a Reaper taking people away as they die, and he himself is visited by the Reaper. Dean is saved from death when his father trades in his own life in exchange for Dean’s. John dies after whispering something in his eldest son’s ear.

After the cremation of their father, Sam and Dean struggle to deal with their loss. They continue to work as demon hunters, and end up at Harvelle’s Roadhouse, a place frequented with hunters. They meet Ellen and Jo Harvelle and the highly intelligent Ash, who uses his skills to track demons. Dean and Sam investigate the murders of visitors of a carnival, and discover that a demon of Hindu mythology takes the form of a clown and then murders the parents of the children who invite them into their homes. While not appearing as a clown, the demon takes the form of a blind knife thrower. They kill the demon with a brass pipe. Afterwards Dean starts to deal with the loss of his father by beating up his beloved Impala.

In the next episode the brothers investigate cattle mutilations and find that is was vampires who chose to live off the blood of cattle rather than humans. They meet another hunter, Gordon Walker, and Ellen warns them that Gordon is dangerous. Sam is taken captive by the vampires, and learns that they are reformed, and do not kill humans. Sam tries to convince Dean that the vampires should be left in peace, but Gordon starts to torture the vampire to prove that they remain evil creatures. Gordon tempts the vampire with Sam’s blood, but after she refuses, Sam and Dean save her and leave Gordon behind after tying him up.

The boys visit their mother’s grave to bury their father’s dog tags, and they become suspicious when they notice that the ground surrounding another grave is completely dead. They discover that a woman named Angela Mason had been brought back from the dead as a Zombie, and are busy killing everyone who wronged her as a mortal. They kill her with a silver stake. Dean apologizes to Sam for his behavior and reveals his troubles with dealing with his father’s death.

Sam has a vision where he sees a man committing a murder-suicide, and Ash helps them track Andy Gallagher. Andy’s mother died in the same way as Sam and Dean’s, and they head over to Guthrie where they manage to prevent the man committing crime, but is unable to stop committing suicide. They learn that Andy has mind-controlling abilities, and that his twin brother, Ansen is responsible, not Andy. Ansen almost kills Andy’s ex-girlfriend, but is killed by Andy. Sam starts to worry that he will end up evil, as everyone like him does eventually, but Dean assures him that he won’t allow that to happen.

After Ellen refuses to allow Jo to investigate the disappearances of blond women in an apartment building, Sam and Dean head to Philadelphia to investigate. Jo secretly follows them and offers her help. They realize the ghost of America’s first serial killer H.H. Holmes is behind the disappearances, and Jo is taken captive by him. They find Jo and other victims in a sewer system under the building and free those alive. They trap the spirit with salt and seal the chamber’s entrance with concrete. Jo reunites with the furious Ellen, and she reveals that Jo’s father died while hunting with John Winchester.

Next, the brothers travel to Baltimore to investigate murders. They are arrested on a previous (false) murder charge of Dean, where a shape shifter impersonated him. Sam manages to escape. One of the detectives, Diana Ballard (played by Linda Blair) sees the apparition of a murdered woman, and sets out to help Sam track the missing heroin dealer when Dean’s insists. The spirit leads them to her body, so that she can be burned and laid to rest, and upon the retrieval of the corpse they find a necklace incrementing Diana’s partner, Pete Sheridan. Pete drives Dean from the police station planning to kill him to clear his own name, but is tracked down by Sam and Diana, and admits to killing the woman and the lawyer and his wife. The spirit distracts him, and Diana kills Pete. She lets Dean and Sam go and tells them to continue saving people.

When Sam and Dean find out that hellhounds are behind an alleged suicide, they realize that the man sold his soul to a crossroads demon in change for success. They track down another man, who made a deal with the demon to cure his wife from cancer and now he is being hunted. Sam stays behind to protect him, and Dean sets out to summon the demon. He traps her, and only releases her when she sets the man free from his terrible fate. She does so, but taunts Dean by revealing that John is suffering in hell.

Sam has a premonition of Dean killing a man, and they travel to Riversgrove to find out what is going on. They soon find that al communication has been cut off, and that the town’s people won’t allow anyone to leave. They head to the doctor’s office, where she tells them that the town’s people are infected with a sulfur containing virus. They deduce that it is a demonic plague, and when one of the nurses become violent because of the plague, Dean kills her, but she has already infected Sam. Sam proves miraculously immune to the virus, and they are able to leave town.

Dean finally reveals that on the night their father died, John told him that he either had to save Sam, or kill him. They head to the roadhouse to try and find more psychic children like Sam, and end up finding Scott Carey, who had been murdered the previous month.  They meet Ava Wilson, who, like Sam, is able to see into the future, and predicted Scott’s death. She “sees” Sam being killed in an explosion, and it turns out that the crazy demon hunter Gordon is behind it. Sam nearly dies, but is saved once again by Dean, but then Dean is taken captive by Gordon. Sam saves Dean, and Gordon is arrested when the police find him. The brothers goes to check that Ava is fine, but find that her fiancé has been murdered and she is gone, probably taken by the demon.

During the next episode Sam and Dean investigate murders at the Piermont Inn. It is run by Susan, a single mother, who lives there along with her ill mother (Susan) and young daughter Tyler. Tyler has an imaginary friend, Maggie, who turns out to be the ghost behind all the murders. They discover that Maggie is the ghost of Susan’s deceased sister who died as a child.  Susan had been practicing hoodoo to keep her away, but Maggie had returned after Susan became too ill to practice it anymore. Maggie attacks Rose, and Rose is saved by Sam and Dean. When Maggie tries to kill Tyler, Susan offers up her life to save Tyler.

Sam and Dean head to Wisconsin to investigate some robbery-suicides.  A former guard thinks it is a Mandroid (half man, half machine), but the brothers realize that it is once again a shape shifter causing havoc. They manage to locate the next target, and head to the bank to try and catch the shape shifter. Hell breaks loose when the security guard arrives to capture his “man-droid”, and takes the people hostage inside the bank. Sam and Dean employ Ron’s help, but before they can catch the shape shifter it morphs into someone else. Ron is killed by the police when he moves out into the open. FBI Agent Victor Henriksen arrives at the scene, telling Dean that the SWAT team will swarm the place inside an hour. Sam and Dean kill the shape shifter, and manage another miraculous escape when they get away by posing as SWAT members.

In Providence, when murderers claim that they were sent by angels to do so; Sam and Dean find that the victims weren’t exemplary citizens, and they set out to find if there is any connection. They find the common link is a shared church, and find out that one of the priests were killed outside the church. Dean is a skeptic to whether it really is an angel, and he summons the spirit of the priest. The spirit believes him an angel, but another priest convinces him otherwise and puts his soul to rest. Dean finally considers the presence of God when he witnesses a man being impaled in a truck after Dean chased him when he attacked a woman.

Dean finds Sam covered in blood after being missing for a week, and discovers he murdered another hunter. Sam runs away from Dean after knocking him out, and tracks down Jo where she is working in a bar. He plays mind games with her, but Dean arrives before he seriously injures her. Afterwards, Sam goes to visit a friend of their father’s, Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver). Bobby traps Sam when he gives Sam beer to drink that has been laced with holy water, and together with Dean they force the demon to leave Sam’s body.

Bobby helps Sam and Dean identify a Pagan trickster that is loose on a college campus in Springfield. They find that the trickster is the janitor, and he fakes his own death and escapes.

Next, they meet a woman, Molly, whose husband is missing after they crashed in the road to miss hitting a man. The man chases after her, and she meets the Winchesters on the road, begging them to help her. After a while, they reveal to her that they are chasing the spirit of Jonah Greely, and burn his corpse when they find it. They tell Molly that her husband is alive and well, and that he has married again, because she is also a ghost. After accepting that she is indeed dead, she moves on.

The brothers head to San Francisco to investigate werewolf attacks, and meets Madison, a secretary to the latest victim. They suspect her obsessive ex-boyfriend Kurt of being the werewolf when she discloses his violent streak. Dean searches for the werewolf, and Sam stays with Madison to protect her, ignoring their attraction. That night, Madison becomes a werewolf and injures Dean while she tries to kill her ex-boyfriend. They realize that Madison knows nothing of her nightly activities, and attempts to save her when they find out that it is possible for a werewolf to be saved if his sire dies. They kill the man who turned her, and when Madison doesn’t turn into a werewolf the following night, she and Sam sleep together. She later turns again, and when she realizes that she hasn’t changed, and begs Sam to kill her.

The Winchesters head to the set of a horror film to investigate the killings there. They find out that a slighted screen writer put Latin summoning rituals in the film’s script, and are summoning the dead through it. They confront him, but he is killed when the spirits turn on him in anger for what he has forced them to do.

During their next supernatural hunting stint, Sam and Dean purposely get locked up in prison to find a ghost. Agent Henriksen shows up again and tries to extradite them. Their public defender believes in their innocence, but says that they can only stall the extradition for a week. Dean is attacked by the vengeful spirit, and they find out from another inmate that she is Nurse Glockner, who used to kill infirmary patients. Dean convinces the public defender to find out where she is buried, and after escaping, they head to the cemetery to burn her corpse.  Their informant gives false information to Henriksen, and the FBI heads to the wrong cemetery and Sam and Dean escapes.

During the third last episode of the season, Dean is attacked by a djinn, and finds himself in a world where everything is perfect. His mother is alive, Sam’s girlfriend is still alive, he himself is married, and his father died a natural death. Even though Dean enjoys his new found happiness, he is haunted by a young woman. He discovers the djinn’s lair, and forces himself to return to the real world where Sam saves him.

In All hell breaks loose, Part 1, Sam is taken captive by the yellow eyed demon and left in an abandoned town. There he meets Andy and Ava again, along with Lily and Jake Talley. Dean and Bobby head over to the roadhouse to find clues, but find it burnt to the ground, along with Ash’s ashes, and Ellen nowhere to be found. Andy, who has mind controlling abilities, is able to tell Dean of Sam’s location through telepathy. Sam is visited in a dream by the demon, who tells him that they have all been bought together with one purpose: the last survivor gets to lead Azazel’s army. He shows Sam many things; like how his mother and girlfriend died. Afterwards, Ava reveals how evil she had become by setting a demon loose on Lily and Andy. Jake kills her, and then attacks Sam in distrust, but Sam manages to knock him unconscious. Bobby and Dean arrive, and see how Sam is killed by Jake.

In the last episode, the devastated Dean sells his soul to a crossroads demon in exchange for Sam’s resurrection, and is given one year to live before the collection of his soul. Ellen arrives at Bobby’s house, and after she proves that she isn’t a demon, she gives them a map that Samuel Colt, the creator of the only gun that can kill Azazel, created a giant devil’s trap using railway lines. Jake goes to the center of the trap, where an old cowboy cemetery is, and opens a doorway to hell. Sam kills Jake, but it is too late – the demons climb out. Azazel enters, and tries to kill Sam and Dean, who is now in possession of the Colt gun again. Azazel gets the gun again, but when he tries to kill them, the ghost of John Winchester appears and the distraction causes Dean to get possession of the gun and finally kill Azazel. John’s spirit moves on, and the boys can see he is going to a better place. Sam promises to save Dean’s life, as Dean has done it so many times for him. Bobby and Ellen tell the boys to prepare to hunt again, as so many demons are now set free.

Rating: 8/10

I simply cannot describe how phenomenal this show is. I am constantly amazed how well it has been written, acted out, produced and executed. It is rare to find fresh material in the overpopulated supernatural genre, and even though this season is actually quite old, I am so impressed with it. All the emotion in the show is one of the factors that make this show so fantastic. Sam and Dean’s relationship is certainly so profound because of the chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. They manage to appear as true siblings, teasing and irritating the hell out of each other frequently. It is so sad how neither of them ever manages to find true happiness. I nearly cried like a baby when Sam had to kill Madison, after finding out she is still a werewolf. How unfair when he finally managed to connect to someone after Jessica! Dean’s relationship/little sister affection with Jo saddened me. Why couldn’t he just date her and be happy?

Their only venture into popular mysticism, it would seem, was the one episode where the vampires were trying to live morally. I enjoyed even that, and it portrayed another thing; that all hunters weren’t necessarily good. Gordon is such a tool, and I really enjoyed seeing him cornered. I have to say, I cannot wait until he meets his end.

It is a good thing that Sam and Dean are finally being hunted by the FBI. It would be completely unrealistic to commit so many crimes and not get cornered.

I would definitely recommend this show to everyone!