Series: Vikings Season 1

Vikings poster

What I liked:

The show is presented as a documentary, but works exceptionally well because the characters are developed and it isn’t a dried and dusted tone that sets the scene.

The characters develop well: I love the relationship between Lagertha and Ragnar: they are partners on every level, she is his equal and he values her input in every area of his life. The relationship between Ragnar and Rollo: how Rollo’s insecurities are explored and fleshed out, the relationship starting well and turning sour and how they really did love each other. Then there is the fascinating relationship between Ragnar and Athelstan – the coldness of their first meeting, Athelstan’s introduction into Ragnar’s world and how he becomes a valued part of their household.


Ragnar Lodbrok: Played by Travis Fimmel, Ragnar Lodbrok is everything. I am such a fan (except for the last episode, STUPID MAN).  Fimmel does the best Viking I have ever seen. He is utterly terrifying when he puts on his war face. The madness that seeps into his eyes.. sheesh. I also now have a new contender to compete with Khal Drogo for the sexiest cave man alive – I’m pretty sure Ragnar can talk me out of my pants with “HELLO”

Things I like about Ragnar Lodbrok, PART 1

The eyes

The hair

The fuck all attitude

The voice

The torso

The way he looks at his wife

His adoration for his children

The whole package

The eyes

The madness

(this will obviously not be the last time I drool talk of him)


Okay, back to pure thoughts – Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is one seriously badass woman. She has the ability to be powerful and a mother figure – something that is rarely portrayed correctly on screen. She is fierce and strong and sexy AND a mother – love how they layer her character from the start.

Rollo (Clive Standen) – this guy has such grey areas. I think he lives in a world where he is both good and bad and can’t really decide when to act on which side. It must be hell to be related to Ragnar though.

Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) bat shit crazy but totally awesome. Love

Bjorn (Nathan O’Toole) – what a cute little Viking kid.


The story. I just love a good and intelligently written story. I know very little about Norse mythology, so I can’t really discuss the accuracies or inaccuracies of Vikings, but I really enjoyed the story and the intricacies of it. The religious aspect is fascinating – the religion of the Vikings, their sacrifices and offerings, their amazing version of Armageddon, their very scary seers and priests. I have to say that I truly find the primal energy to their religion extremely fascinating. Then there are the Christians, who at that stage of the world were still extremely barbaric and uncivilized. I think that Athelstan (I am SUCH a major fan here) is the only Christian character that correctly portrayed what the religion truly means.

The scenery – Vikings was shot in Ireland, and it is breathtakingly beautiful.

What I didn’t like:

Princess Aslaug. I can just tell I am going to loathe her in the next few seasons.

Ragnar’s infidelity – you stupid man. I hope your truly amazing wife roasts your balls and feeds it to Aslaug.

The first episode really doesn’t showcase the show’s greatness. It took me ages to get through the first one and the rest are so amazing.

Rating: 8.5/10

Vikings is intelligent, well cast and excellently produced. Exceptional camera work is not really so important when you have such naturally beautiful landscape at your disposal, but the camera work was done really well and attributes towards the success of the show. I find everything well put together – the solid acting, the contrast between the religions, the love stories, the war, the history. There are some violent scenes, but they are not overbearing, and you will end up enjoying the show if you can work past all the gore.


PS: Please don’t comment spoilers on the rest of the show in the comment section – I have only seen season one! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Series: Vikings Season 1

  1. Bwahahahahaha I love your small thesis on Ragnar that you are starting xD I knew you would be a fan of him.

    Floki ❤ I am a HUGE fan of him. And Athelstan. And Lagertha. And I am stopping now because I will go on for ever and ever and ever.

    Fuck Princess Aslaug. Ugh.

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