Book Review: River’s End (Nora Roberts)



Can you believe that this is my 40th book in my book challenge? I am really happy that I am getting along. Sometimes I want to move faster, but I don’t want to lose track of why I am REALLY doing this – my love for books and a good story.

Book: 40/100

The Story

Julie MacBride and Sam Tanner was the reigning Hollywood couple. Outrageously beautiful and talented, their daughter Olivia only completed their happiness when she came along. That was until Sam got addicted to drugs, which fed on his weak personality and jealous streak. When his wife was brutally murdered with scissors in their living room, he was arrested and imprisoned.

Frank Brady, the cop who investigated the case, never really got over the injustice of seeing such beauty destroyed. He made sure her daughter was safe at her maternal grandparents in a nature reserve in Washington, and made sure Sam never had his parole granted. Frank’s son, Noah, became a journalist, always remembering Julie’s murder, but never having fully committed to writing the book.

Noah’s first adult meeting with Olivia turns disastrous when he falls in love with her when upon first sight. She finds his notes and thinks he is stringing her along for the story. She shoves him out of her life, and he focuses on becoming a successful writer of other crime stories.

Years later, Sam Tanner finally gets his release from prison. He is dying, and only wants his story told before it is too late. He contacts Noah, and together they travel back in time to relive his life, and the tragic love he had for his wife. Noah is immersed in his story, and slowly starts to doubt whether Sam was really capable of killing Julie. Just when he starts to think Sam innocent, he disappears, and Olivia starts receiving phone calls from an unknown caller.

Noah goes to Olivia to try and convince her to cooperate with his book. She finally relents, knowing it is the only way she will ever be able to make sense of the violence that tore her family apart. As their relationship starts functioning, they have to face the danger that became unleashed with her father’s release.

Is Sam guilty of the crime he was locked up for? Will Olivia and Noah be able to move past his mistakes as a young man?

Rating: 8.5/10

This was the first Nora Roberts book I ever read. It seems like fate, as it is one of her best. Other books might not have caused me to become such a loyal follower. Now, I’m addicted. It is such a good book. It is ripe with emotion and detail, and draws you into it so quickly you don’t have a chance to realize what is happening.

Noah Brady seems the type of guy every woman falls for. Smart, attractive, loyal, loves his mom, and when he falls in love, fiercely protective. Olivia is strong and capable, and never the victim. I really have so much respect for Ms. Roberts for penning such characters.

You really want to read this book. Go do it.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: River’s End (Nora Roberts)

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  2. I’m in the middle of reading River’s end right now… your review was really helpful 🙂
    Have you read ‘Three Fates’ from Nora Roberts?
    That was the first book I read of her and thought that it was one of her best work!

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